Darianguardias here,

I will unfortunately have to inform you guys that I am retiring this story. It has been quite some time before I could
update or even work on it due to at the time college. Good news is I graduated from College, got married, and have a son now.
My family comes first so I've been having to work quite a bit to cover bills and student loans which leaves me very little
time outside of my family to write.
The good news is that I remembered just how I wanted the story to go along so that means that Vigilance is up for
adoption. I will allow the new author whomever that may be to adjust and change the story for their own creative purposes as
well as give them the plot line if they need help.
I do however read fanfiction alot so I'm interested in seeing what new and old authors bring to the table. As time
goes by and I get actual time, I will pickup the pen and let my inner muses out on fanfiction but for now I bid you guys a fond