Season Changes

Summary: Cordelia gets thrown back in time to face her worst time. Highschool.

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AU Facts: Cordelia is part demon but the visions look the same, the pain just goes away quicker. No Connor. Angel loves Cordelia but she doesn't know.

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Cordelia, Angel, Gunn and Wesely were all fighting three huge reptile demons. Fred was working her gadgets and flinging weapons at the demons.

Angel finally swiped off one of the reptiles head as Fred killed another. Cordelia moved in for the final move and stabbed the last one in the heart.

What none of them were expecting was a bright flash coming from the reptile. It engulfed Cordelia and she was gone.

Angel "Cordelia" he shouted as he ran for her. It was to late and she had already disappeared but to where nobody knew.


Cordelia closed her eyes when the light was to bright. But when she opened them she wasn't in the alley anymore. She was in a a very familiar scene.

She looked up at her arms that were now chained to the wall. She looked over and saw Buffy, she looked like the Buffy who was five years in the past.

Cordelia got sent back in time. She felt like screaming and probably should, since that is what she would be doing but she was to shocked.

She had to hold on to every restraint not to use her demon strength and break out of the chains. She watched as the scene uwraveled just like five years ago. Angel coming in and attacking the frat boys. She had to stop herself from calling out his name.

She thought that it was kinda funny that she was probably the person that knew the most about Angels past but right now she wasn't even supposed to know that he was a vampire.

Buffy finally broke Cordelia out of her chains. Cordelia knew what she was supposed to do but couldn't. She couldn't muster up the preppy bitch. She left her along time ago.

Cordelia "Thanks for saving me and killing the demon that is so in need of a facial." Just for effect.

Buffy and everyone that knew her were a little surprised. "No problem, it's my job."

Buffy started looking around, how were they supposed to explain this to the cops, she wasn't even supposed to go to the party. She thought.

Cordelia remembered that Buffy and her friends would get in trouble. She also remembered what Wes said about time travel. He said that you couldn't change it no matter what you did. So she decided to help Buffy out. After all in a weird way she is the person to thank for her life now.

Cordelia "Why don't you guys go home. Your parents would be worried. I'll make up a story to the police and leave your names out."

The faces of the scooby gang was defitnely shocked. They had never seen her be nice. The scooby gang quickly left when they heard police sirens.

Cordelia "This sucks I have to find a way back to the future. Dammnit." She shouted when they left.

Angel felt like his whole world just was destroyed. Because Cordelia was his whole world. "Wes where the hell is she." He growled

Wes "I don't know I suggest we research the traits of the demon."

Fred "Don't worry Angel it will be okay."

Angel "It better, I just hope she's okay."

Cordelia was in hell literally. Listening to Harmony's chatter about clothes was hell. She defitnely didn't miss Highschool. Just being there brought up so many bad memories.

Buffy, Willow and Xander were all near Buffy's locker. Buffy "Hey there's Cordelia I need to talk to her."

Xander "She'll probably just blow you off since she is now surrounded by her friends."

Buffy "Ya I know." Buffy had fought demons and even the master vampire but going up to Cordelia Chase made her palms sweat.

Harmony saw Buffy coming. "Freak alert." She said and laughed at what she thought was an intelligent comment. Cordelia looked up and saw Buffy coming. Not her favorite scooby but she was better then her sheep.

Buffy "Cordelia can I talk to you for a second."

Haromny. "Hello loser, Cordy doesn't talk to freaks."

Cordelia interuppted Harmony's rant. "Shut up Harm. I, unlike you, actually have a brain and can speak for myself." Which shocked everyone, her voice calmed down when she pointed to the library and said to Buffy. "Yea let's talk."

All Buffy could do was follow Cordelia. Once Cordelia and Buffy were in the library Buffy finally finally got over her shock. "So Cordelia what did you tell the police?"

Cordelia "Oh, I told them that the frat boys were scraficing girls to there god."

Buffy was shocked. "how, .. Did they believe you?"

Cordelia "Buffy, even if the cops don't know about demons, they do know that there are crazy people who scrafice people. I did leave all of your names out."

Before Buffy could respond Angel came in the library. "This school has a real dirty sewer access." Angel said before he saw that Cordelia was also there.

Cordelia decided to have a little fun, Angel was a horrible liar. "Why did you need to go through the sewers."

Before Angel could answer Cordelia said "Is it because if you go out in the sun you'll burst out in flames."

Buffy and Angel just looked shocked they both were surprised she knew.

Cordelia "I knew you were one of those sensitive skin guys. Afraid of a little sun burn, that's why your so pale." She said and had hard time no laughing.

"Yep, that's it." Buffy said but thought Boy this girl is clueless.

Cordelia "Yea, well gotta to go."

Xander and Willow came walking through the library doors. When Xander saw Cordelia he said "Wow if it isn't Satin herself."

Cordelia walked by them "Hey Willow." She said in a suprisingly happy voice, then turned to Xander. "Asswipe."

She then left.

Xander "Well Cordelia is her normal charming self."

Willow "I don't know, she's been acting weird. I mean she didn't insult me, did she insult you Buffy."

Buffy "No she insulted Harmony when Harmony insulted me but was nice to me."

Xander "She wasn't nice to me."

Willow "That's because you were mean to her."

Xander "Maybe it's a hellmouth thing."

Hope you like the beginnig. For those who are reading my other one, I have not yet abandoned it I'll just work on both. Should be done before October by the latest. I also have no clue if I'll do Buffy bashing in this one, just letting the story flow.