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"Am I the only one seeing double. I mean one." Xander said pointing to past Angel "two Angels" he then ponted to the Angel still hugging Cordelia

Cordelia "Angel, you do know we have an audience."

Angel finally released Cordelia but didn't let go of her arms. Angel wanted to make sure she wouldn't disappear.

P. Angel "Who are you?"

F. Angel "I'm You."

Stupid Buffy " Okay, that doesn't make any sense."

Cordelia "He meant that he was from the future."

Xander "How do you know that."

F. Angel "Because she's from the future too. She got sucked into a portal and we followed."

Willow looked ove at the young women (Fred), She must be so confused. She thought and Buffy obviously thinking the same thing said "Guys, maybe we should talk else where, When there isn't an audience."

The past scooby gang all looked at Fred where Cordelia and Future Angel looked confused.

Cordelia and Future Angel "Who?"

Buffy pointed at Fred.

Fred "Oh, me. I'm from the future too. I was supposed to find Cordy. My name is Winifred Burkle, But everyone calls me Fred."

Xander "so your name isn't Peggy Taco."

Angel started laughing at that and the Past Scooby gang looked little scared. Angel never laughed or smiled.

F. Angel "You said your name was Peggy taco, I know Wes said go undercover but they didn't know you, you could've given your real name."

Fred "I wanted to creative and it wasn't as bad as Cordelia's under cover name Corny McCheese."

Angel erupted in a huge smile at the memory.

Cordelia "hey, they bought it. I say if you use a funny name then you automatically have something to talk about."

P. Angel "Okay if your really me. Prove it."

F. Angel "Fine. Come here."

P. Angel hestiantly walked over to where Future Angel was, he was still holding Cordelia and finally let go, but stayed close.

Angel leaned over and whispered something in P. Angels ear.

P. Angel "He's me."

Buffy "how did you know."

P. Angel "only I would know what he just told me."

Buffy "Okay. So you guys are from the future."

Giles "wow. This is really fascinating, jumping time is an amazing feat."

Cordelia "You think fighting a snake demon, then after finally killing it you get sucked into a portal where your put into your sixteen year old body, five years in the past, and chained to a wall facing another snake demon is Fascinating."

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