(A/N: Sorry it took several months to update this story! I was having trouble deciding on the theme of this chapter, so I decided just to torture anyone I could in this chapter…including myself. I'm sorry if this chapter isn't as funny or random as the others, but I was trying to make a point of how bad 4Kids is at dubbing. So, enjoy!)


Let's All Attack Jim!

Johan Anderson, who was poorly dubbed by 4Kids as "Jesse Anderson", was busy banging his head on a desk while trying to drink his coffee at the same time. It wasn't working.

Jaden and Syrus walked over and stared at him for a while. His white long-sleeved shirt with frills at the cuffs was now stained with ugly blotches of brown from the coffee he was trying to drink while banging his head. They stared at him some more.

"What's wrong with Jesse?" Syrus asked.

"Don't call me that!!" Johan screamed as he finally stopped his futile attempts to drink coffee while banging his head on the desk. "I'm not some gay freak with a bad southern accent!!! I'm European!!! I can pull off frills, for heaven's sake!!!" He pushed his frilled cuffs into their faces.

"You can also pull off wearing a Speedo," Syrus declared. Everyone stared at him for a moment.

"…What makes you think I can pull off wearing Speedo?" Johan questioned, breaking the awkward silence.

"I was watching some American show about the beach, and it said that only fit European guys can pull off wearing a Speedo."

"…I have never worn a Speedo in my life, and I don't intend to."

"But I want you to."

"…Syrus, you're gay!!!"

"What do you expect after that episode where I was imitating Alexis's note to Jaden about meeting him in the planetarium so they could duel under the stars?"

"I never saw that episode," Johan explained.

"Oh yeah," Jaden said, coming in-between the two's "bickering". "That was episode 71, and that episode was in season 2. You didn't exist until season 3."

"Exactly!" Johan agreed. "But moving on, this is 4Kids worst blunder ever!!! I'm from North Academy, and they give me a southern accent!! I mean, what the-"

"You think you've got it bad?" Austin O'Brien, strangely dubbed by 4Kids as "Axel Brodie", said as he came into the scene. "Now everyone thinks I'm some wannabe gangster! Just because I have a gun-shaped dueldisk, 4Kids decided to turn me into 'Axel Brodie'!"

"Yeah!" Johan shouted. "And 'Axel' is a Scandinavian name! I should know: I'm basically Scandinavian! They take my Scandinavian name away, and give an African character a Scandinavian name!! I mean, what the-"

"I think mine is the worst," Amon Garam, badly dubbed by 4Kids as "Adrian Gecko", announced as he entered the scene. "They turned me into a surfer-dude!! And what kind of last name is 'Gecko'?! My step-dad does not own a car dealership! In more basic terms, we do not own GEICO or the GEICO Gecko, so why would they do something dumb like that?"

"Because they're 4Kids!!" Johan angrily exclaimed. "What is their problem, anyway? Why can't they just let us be?! I mean, what the-"

"I, on the other hand, believe 4Kids has done an ace job dubbing GX!"

Everyone, dumbfounded by this insane remark, turned around to find out that it was Jim Crocodile Cook, the only character in GX that 4Kids actually dubbed right, who had said the previous sentence. "Huh?!" they all yelled at him.

"4Kids is like family to me!" Jim stupidly told everyone. "They kept my name, gave me an voice from down under, and have been so kind to me! So how about you all stop this earbashing about all the 'horrible' things 4Kids has done to you, mates, because I am stoked about these results! I love 4Kids!"

Jim did not realize his mistake in saying that. "He's a 4Kids-lover!!" Jaden shouted. "Let's get him!" And with that, everyone picked up their torches and pitchforks that seemed to appear out of nowhere and chased after Jim.

"They should've made you a hippie!!" Johan shouted.

"Or a magician!!" Jaden added.

"Or Dr. Phil!!" Syrus screamed.

Everyone stopped chasing after Jim and stared at Syrus. "What?" Syrus asked. "I need a psychiatrist!"

"Cause' you're gay!!" Johan replied.

"Wait," Jaden said. "Syrus, aren't you in love with Dark Magician Girl?"

"Yeah," Syrus answered.

"Then how can you be gay?"

"I'm not."

"…But you said-"

"I was only joking with you guys!" Syrus explained with a grin. "I fooled you all pretty good, now didn't I? I am not gay, for my true love is Dark Magician girl." Syrus pulled out a picture of Dark Magician girl, and kissed it.

"How could you?" Johan asked as his lip began to quiver. "How could you toy with our minds so, Syrus?" And with that, Johan started crying. Jaden, who believed that he and Johan were actually long lost brothers, felt that as Johan was his twin, they should do the same thing. Thus, he started crying, too.

"Nice job, Syrus," Chazz scolded, appearing suddenly out of nowhere. "You made the twins cry. You're as bad as the terrorists who made the twin towers fall."

"Wasn't that a plane?" Amon asked.

"The terrorists were piloting the plane!" Chazz angrily explained. "Man, you're so stupid! Go to Wikipedia if you don't believe me! That's what the author of this somewhat random fan-fiction did cause' she was too stupid to remember exactly what happened!"

I, the author, got extremely angry with Chazz for this remark, thus, sending him back to chapter 2 of this fan-fiction.

"No!!!" Chazz screamed as he was sent back to the chapter containing Dora and Boots. Everyone stared at him as he suddenly disappeared into a funnel shaped portal. Johan and Jaden had stopped crying.

"Cool," Johan and Jaden said at the same time. "Us next! Us next!!"

I sweat-dropped. "You guys honestly want to go hang out with Chazz, Dora, and Boots back in chapter 2?" I asked.


"Okay, then…." So, I sent them into the portal, too.

"Hooray!!!" Jaden and Johan yelled as they were sent back to chapter 2.

"Jaden, come back!!" Syrus cried out. "I need you to hold me!!" He jumped into the portal and spiraled after them.

"Wait, Syrus!!" Amon and O'Brien shouted. "It's a trap!!" They jumped into the portal too, and spiraled after him.

"…It's not a trap," I said to myself in solitude. "The only person left in this chapter is Jim, and I made him run away from them. Best I go round them up for the next chapter…"

So I walked fifty feet away from the portal, and charged at it, dramatically. I jumped through the air, and was about to land in the portal when it abruptly closed. I fell on my face. "Ow," I complained, rubbing my cheek. "I forgot that the portal only stays open for a minute, at most."

So, I opened up another portal, and chased after them.

The end…until I gather up the characters that just went back to chapter 2 and start a new chapter.