The first time he saw her like that, it scared him half to death. Her clothes ragged and hair messed in a brute manner. She was covered with rashes, open wounds; especially the one that went from her elbow to her shoulder was nasty.

The rain clashing down hard upon both of them, and even with the bijuu inside of him he felt terribly human. Her hard breath told him how hard she had fought, how many wounds she had had to heal, and just how many scars she would get when they got home.
He had promised her that they would go home.

However, what worried him the most was the sword that went through her stomach and out on the other side. She looked horribly bruised and ugly, and it reminded him so much of the Chunnin exam.

She bit down her lip and slowly and carefully pulled the sword out. It didn't help much that he had almost electrocuted her with the Chidori when he stabbed it through her. Sakura just couldn't make herself hate him.

The emerald eyes weren't fixed on her blond-haired friend, but on the body of the snake prince, Uchiha Sasuke. With a swift move she turned her head upwards and closed her eyes.
Naruto was already crying…-

-…So he didn't notice when she slowly began to sob that way. Her whole body shook, the horrible feeling of just standing there fully soaked, with tears streaming down your face, while you cried out loud.

Naruto was even worse; he cradled the body of his friend within his arms and sobbed loudly as possible. A no could be heard repeatedly, he just couldn't bear it.
They could have stood there for hours, while the dead person's body finally lost the remaining warmth and the muscles began to stiffen. Sakura had seen many dead people, but she had never wanted to witness this.

When she stopped crying for just a while she knew that they had to burry him, which meant Naruto had to let go. Rubbing her eyes she tried to walk through the mud towards him, her wounds healed.

She sat down beside him and covered her mouth once more as tears welled up.
"We…we have to bury him…" she said brokenly.

He didn't answer.