The group reached the earth tribe. Aang was relieved to see that they got there before the fire nation.

"You guys go warn the village to get out of here at once! I will go look for Toph." Aang ordered, and they split up.

"Prince Zuko! How will we find this Toph, if we don't even know what she looks like?" The prince's uncle asked unsure.

"Uncle, do you think I'm stupid? I'm not just going to march in on some village and waste my time looking for some worthless teacher. I researched and I asked around. I know who I'm looking for!" The short tempered prince Zuko answered in rage.

"Um Sokka how long do you think we have before the fire nation gets here?" Katara asked.

"I would have to say at least 24 hours."

"Alright then we have just enough time to get the people out of the village."

Sokka and Katara headed for all the houses in the village.

"Toph? … Toph? … TOPH?" Aang yelled while looking for his teacher

"What do you want?"

Aang jumped back a few feet not noticing his teacher was right in front of him.

"Oh uh hello. I'm Aang." Aang said with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Hi Aang. I suppose your looking for me?"

"Yeah, you're my earth bending teacher. And I've come for you. Avatar Roku told me that I had to come here to get you because the fire nation will be here soon to destroy this village because they want to capture you and me."

"Then that is what they will find. You and Me. We are not leaving!"

"But Toph we hav-"

"NO! Don't be a coward, we are going to stay here and fight the fire nation! I'm not going to let them destroy my Tribe just because their in search of the avatar and his teacher." Toph said in protest.

"Aang! We warned all the people of the village! They all got out safely…" Sokka exclaimed while running towards the young air bender.

The ground began to shake beneath their feet. And they could hear tanks in the distance.

"Oh no… Their here." Aang said in fright.

"Aang what do we do?" Asked Katara in a scared tone.

"Run and hide! Take Sokka, Momo, and Appa with you! Toph and I will fight!" Ordered Aang.

Sokka and Katara ran off with Momo and Appa.

"Are you ready for this Toph?"

"More then you know Aang."

The fire nation tore down trees and the stone walls around the village, when they entered.

Prince Zuko appeared in the dust.

"Well, well, well looks like I've got my work cut out for me. Now I don't have to wait for the avatar to come, he's already here!" Zuko blast a fire ball at Toph and Aang. Aang air bended it away.

"You won't capture us Prince Zuko! And you won't destroy this tribe!"

"Oh really? Watch me!"

Aang, Toph, and Zuko fought constantly throwing their elements at one another. Finally Zuko lost the battle and ordered his people to leave.

"Good work Aang." Toph complemented

"Thanks. You did well too."

Together, Aang and Toph set out to look for Katara and the others.

"You must be tired after that humiliating defeat Zuko. A man needs his rest, why don't you go take a nap." Uncle Iroh offered.

"Silence Uncle! I need to be alone!"

"Was it something I said?" The uncle shrugged and went back to playing his game with the other members in the tank.

"Good you guys are safe!" Aang exclaimed when he found Katara and the others.

"Yeah. Good that you're safe Aang. I was worried sick about you." Katara said in relief.

"See what did I tell ya Aang?"

Katara shot a confused look at Sokka

"Guy talk. You wouldn't understand.

"Whatever. At least now there is another girl in the group who I can "girl talk" with!"

Katara walked over to Toph and held out her hand. Toph didn't return the hand shake.

"Hi, I'm Katara."

"Hi Katara, I'm Toph."

Katara noticed that Toph's eyes were a clear white.

Oh she's blind! That explains why she didn't shake my hand.

Sokka walked over to Toph to introduce himself.

"Hi, I'm Sokka."

Sokka held out his hand like Katara did. Toph once again didn't return it

"Um hello! I'm holding out my hand! Don't you have manners? Your suppose to shake it! Are you blind?"

Katara nugged Sokka's arm.

"Hi Sokka. As a matter of fact I am bird brain!" Toph pointed to her eyes. Showing him that she in fact was blind.

"Oh. Uh sorry. I didn't know."

"It's ok."

After everybody exchanged hellos, they all decided to grab a bite to eat.

"I'll go catch some fish." Sokka offered.

"I'll go get some water." Katara offered.

"And I will cook!" Aang exclaimed.

The group looked over at Toph wondering what she was going to do for tonight's dinner. Toph sensed they were looking at her.

"Um hello? I'm blind remember?"

The group all set off on their tasks. And Sokka and Katara returned with their tasks done. Now Aang had to cook. When the group was done eating Aang and Katara both sat out of the tents to star gaze.

"Um Katara …"

"Yeah Aang?"

"I need to tell you something."

"What is it Aang?"

"I uh … I really …" Aang was cut off

"Katara! Aang! Come quick!" Sokka shouted from one of the cliffs near by.

"Uh hold that thought Aang."

Katara ran to her brother to see what he was yelling about.

Never mind … I'll just wait until tomorrow.

The disappointed air bender got up and ran to Sokka as well to see what was going on.

"Aang! The fire nation is coming up over the mountain! What do we do?" Sokka said in fear.

"We leave…" Aang answered

And the group was off on another run from the fire nation.