"Curse of the Kitty-Cats"


The Curse Begins

Alexis Rhodes, a 15-year-old Obelisk Blue, could never dream of what was going to happen to her. Well, she was dreaming at the time being, but she wasn't dreaming of what was about to happen to her! In fact, she was dreaming of her brother! He had gone missing a long time ago, and she missed him so. She was dreaming that she had finally found him, and they were reunited once more!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm getting off topic here! Anyway, during the night, when all were asleep, a spirit visited Alexis. It flew into her room, and stared at her. It grew anger for it was not as beautiful as she was! This happened every time it saw a beautiful human, so it would cast a curse upon her victims. The spell began immediately:

This girl has skills, beauty, like a delicate flower,

For I'm not this pretty, she'll feel my power!

Spirits of death, sin, and darkness,

Put a curse on this girl, that'll cause her a mess!

Tonight, this girl may be pretty,

But in the morn, she'll be a kitty!

When this curse begins, it can never be broken,

Unless the true words of love are spoken!

And with those words, it flew away, smiling, gleefully! For the rest of the night, Alexis was still human. But when morning came, she was no longer human. She became a cute, little, blonde kitty, wearing a cat-sized nightgown.

Alexis awoke, still sleepy. She noticed things were bigger than usual. She walked over to the mirror, and looked at it. All of the sudden, her eyes opened big! She looked at the mirror, looked down at herself, and looked at the mirror again.

"Ack!" she screamed. Mindy and Jasmine immediately awoke. So did everyone else at Duel Academy. Alexis couldn't believe it! She was a tiny cat! She looked up to find Mindy and Jasmine staring down at her.

"Jazz, there's a kitty in our room!" Mindy screamed, gleefully.

"Yeah," Jasmine replied. "What should we do with it?"

"We should keep it!" Mindy exclaimed. "Just look at how cute she is!"

"Yeah," Jasmine said. "Wait. It's a girl, right?" They checked. "Yeah, it's a girl."

"Get your hands off of me girls!" Alexis screeched.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Mindy and Jasmine yelled, in horror. "Talking cat!"

Alexis took this as a chance to leave the dorm. She packed all of her things, including her cat sized blazer, skirt, shirt, etc. quickly, and ran out of the dorm. She ran with the luggage on her back, until she got to the Slifer Red Dorm. She knew she'd be safe there, for Professor Banner owned a cat, and loved animals.

She ran until she got to the outside of Jaden and his roommates' dorm. She knocked on the door with her paw. No answer. She scratched at the door with her claws. Still no answer. She was getting pretty ticked off, so she yelled, "Jaden Yuki, Syrus Truesdale, Chumley Huffington, open this door before I knock it down with my two furry paws!"

Jaden opened the door, to see no one outside of his dorm. While she had the chance, Alexis ran into his room, unnoticed. She ran under Jaden's bed, and started to dress into her uniform. Jaden looked again, shrugged his shoulders, and closed the door. By the time he closed the door, she was done dressing.

"Who was it?" Syrus asked.

"Not sure," Jaden replied. "No one was there."

"Weird," Syrus said.

"Hey guys!" Chumley yelled. "I smell a cat in here!"

"Oh boy," Alexis thought.

"Really?" Jaden asked. "I knew I heard scratching at the door! Where is it, Chum?"

"Under your bed!" Chumley replied.

Jaden sat down on his knees, laid on his side, and looked under his bed. He saw a blonde cat, wearing an Obelisk Blue uniform.

"You're right, Chum!" Jaden yelled. "There is a cat under my bed!"

"I can explain," Alexis said.

"It's a talking cat, too!" Jaden yelled.

"It's me, Alexis!" she claimed.

"It claims to be Alexis!" Jaden exclaimed. "How can I tell you're really Alexis?"

"During Tennis, you hit the ball, and it was headed for me, Harrington hit it at Crowler, and you got blamed for it," Alexis explained.

"Yeah, that's definitely Alexis!" Jaden said.

"I'll tell you guys all I know about this, so far," Alexis said.

5 minutes later…

"Well," Jaden said, after Alexis had finished talking. "I guess you'll have to stay at our dorm until we find a way out of this catastrophe!"

"What?" Alexis yelped.