Naruto: Unmei Nashi de Katachi

Summary: Naruto has learned the truth about his past and undergoes a drastic change.

I do not own Naruto and I don't plan to in the future. I do, though, own this fanfiction and original characters in it.

"Umu speech"
"Kyūbi speech"

First Unmei: Secretes Revealed

In the distance sat a small figure that one would suppose belong to a small child or young woman. The figure sat in a clearing filled with wildflowers that seemed to radiate with life from shine of the moon. Each flower seemed to be a different colour than the ones surrounding it. The clearing was surrounded by trees that varied in size, colour, and shape. The trees were, on average, taller than any normal trees and seemed radiate in the same way the flowers did under the moons light. The soft glow of the moon made it seem as if this place was a sacred ground that existed only in a different realm than the rest of the world. But, if one were to look at the moon they would notice a ring enclose it meaning that some unfortunate would occur soon. Alas, the figure sitting in this clearing did not worry over astrology and didn't have any care in the world, well except for one that is.

"DAMN IT!" This piercing howl rang out throughout the entire forest breaking the serene environment from it trance. "Damn. Mizuki-sensei said all I had to do was learn one technique on this stupid scroll but he never said it would be this hard. These chakra control skills are going to kill me." The voice said with frustration. The voice belonged to a small blond teenaged boy around thirteen or fourteen and was quiet short for his age. The boy wore a bright orange jacket that screamed 'Hit me, I'm here'. He had unruly blond hair that seemed to spike out in every direction, he had three birthmarks on each side of his face that resemble whiskers, and wore goggles to push back his hair. All in all, the boy looked like he wanted attention.

Start Flashback

Naruto stood in front of the whole classroom. He was supposed to take the test to see if he could become a genin ninja. He had already failed three times and wasn't planning on it again. He had the utmost confidence in his ability because he had been training after all.

"Okay to pass you must create three perfect Buushins." A scar faced man told the blond haired boy monotonously, tired of explaining it to every student.

"Hai sensei." The boy cried with enthusiasm. "Buushin no Jutsu." 'Okay it has to be right this time, I've tried so hard. I won't fail.' The boy thought to himself. As he performed the jutsu the area surrounding him was covered in smoke. As the smoke cleared everyone started laughing, except a few people. When Naruto looked at his side he saw what looked like pile of ooze that resembled his form. He then nervously scratched the back of his head.

"You fail!" Came the voice of the scared man. Naruto's face saddened at that, he had tried so hard and still was weak.

"You think we could pass him this time, I mean he did create a clone this time." Said the white haired man next to the scared man.

"No, he could properly produce on and that's that." Said the scared man solemnly.

The boy spent the rest of his day in his depression. After class was out he proceeded to the playground of the school. He sat on a swing while everyone else was greeted by their parents. He was different though, he had no one, not one single person to acknowledge him. Not one person to give him what he truly wanted. Over time he caught figments of the conversations of the parents while the congratulated their children.

"He is the only one that didn't pass."

"Make sense because he is that kid."

"Yeah, if a mon…"

"Shh, we can't talk about that, but I agree the village would be done for if he became a shinobi."

With those words Naruto left the playground to proceed on an aimless walk around the village. Just as he was leaving the school grounds he met a teacher.

"Hey, I talked with Iruka and he said it would be okay to give you a different test." The white haired man said to the dull boy when he got his attention.

"Really, Mizuki-sensei? What is it?" The blond haired boy enthusiastically yelled while still trying to contain his excitement.

"Okay this is what you have to do. First go to the Hokage Tower and steal the scroll of forbidden seals. After that go into the forest and try learn at least one. When the time comes I will find you and grade you." Mizuki said monotonously trying to hide his excitement of what was to come.

"Thanks sensei, I'm gonna master the whole scroll." The boy said as he ran in the direction of the tower in the center of the town. When he got there he tried out this new jutsu that he had invented. The jutsu created an illusion that the boy was a beautiful naked woman that led the guards and the Hokage to faint from nosebleeds. 'Ha, such perverts falling for such a simple illusion.' The boy thought as he grabbed the forbidden scroll. The boy never like perverts and he thought they had it coming. He then proceeded to the forest to train.

End Flashback

"Shit! I'm running out of time I only have until the other sensei come." The boy was now beyond frustration. "I've been out here half a day and now I need a plan." Fumed the boy as he ran ideas through his had, none of which were that rational.

"Hey punk, looks like you need some help. I can help if you like." Rang an ominous voice. It seemed to come from everywhere but nowhere at the same time.

"Huh? What the hell? Where are you? Who are you?" The boy said with a tinge of fear and curiosity in his voice.

"That doesn't matter now. We'll meet again soon anyway. But for now answer the question." The voice said with a calm but commanding tone.

"Fine. Fine. Yes, some much needed help would be great." The boy said trying to sound as grateful as possible, but under his breath he muttered "No need to get your panties in a bunch. Gees, didn't his parents ever tell him patience is a virtue"

"Oi, I heard that punk! Would you rather I let you do it yourself." The voice spat with animosity for being taken for granted. "Plus, you're the one who said you needed more time not me."

"Hey! I Know that and I truly am grateful, but can we get started or whatever." The boy said in defense to the verbal bash.

"Okay then. I'm going to send you into an alternate dimension where there is not such thing as time. This will allow you to learn all the jutsu on that scroll. When you're done just call out and I'll send you back to right when you left." The nameless voice explained.

"Alright. I'm ready when you are." The boy said with excitement, because he would be able to learn every jutsu. After a few moments passed and nothing happened. "Heeelllloooo? Anyone home?" The boy questioned because nothing was happening. Then he got his answer which was a spinning sensation that made him feel like puking.

"We're here punk." Said the voice in monotone. The boy just sat there. "So Start!" It barked startling the boy.

"What? Oh yeah. Screw chakra control. First skill 'Kage Buushin no Jutsu' sounds interesting." The boy said as he read the description.

Not even a second lapsed in the real world before the boy returned. He looked slightly more beat up than before he left. Now to a normal person the time lapse would not be noticeable, but to the trained eye of a ninja this would be suspicious. A ninja would notice the slightly more defined muscles, the more tattered clothes, and his sudden exhaustion. Anyone who knows him would also think it was strange to suddenly give up because it was just something he just didn't do. But thankfully there was no one around to notice any of this. But in a few moments there was one of the boy sensei there with him.

"Naruto, what are you doing? How did you get that scroll? Do you even know what it is?" The tall man asked the blond boy, Naruto. The man wore black sandals, green shin length pants, a black T-shirt, and a green utility vest. He also had pouch strapped around his leg and a headband with a metal plate with a leaf symbol on it. The man's most defining feature was the horizontal scar that ran across his nose. He got the scar when a demon attacked the village 14 years ago.

"What do you mean Iruka-sensei? Mizuki-sensei told me if I was able to steal this and learn one technique I would be able to graduate." Naruto stated matter-of-factly but still confused.

"Mizuki-san told you that." Iruka questioned doubtingly. The blond haired boy nodded his head and stared at his sensei. 'What could Mizuki be up to? Telling Naruto to steal this scroll.' The older ninja thought to himself. Just then a white haired man wearing the same outfit as Iruka appeared in a tree.

"Iruka you're too late. The demon already has the scroll and do you honestly believe that he would give it up just like that. Everyone knows that he is a power bloodthirsty fiend and that will never change." Mizuki smirked as his plan was going perfect.

"What the hell? Who are you calling a demon?" Naruto yelled in outrage.

"You! You're a demon!" Mizuki roared back, venom in every word.

"Naruto don't listen to him. He is just trying to steal the scroll from you. It is your job to protect it from him." Iruka calmly told the boy. Just as he finished Mizuki threw some kunai at him, effectively pinning him to a tree.

"Why didn't you tell him not to believe me? Because it true, right? Ha, see Naruto, even Iruka knows it is true." Mizuki laughed out insanely.

"Iruka-sensei is it true?" Naruto asked with fear in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Naruto." Iruka bowed his head with disgrace

"But wait, that's only the tip of the iceberg. You may ask; why didn't I know about this. Well it is because you were never supposed to know, none of your generation was. There was a rule that was made on the day that the Kyūbi died. It was that none one could tell anyone about you being the Kyūbi. Everyone hates you because you killed their loved ones. Iruka hates you as much as everyone else, maybe even more." Mizuki roared putting in as much exasperation into it as possible. Naruto was shocked. He replayed his whole life in seconds and what Mizuki said explained all his pain and misery, all his loneliness.

"No, Naruto don't listen to him, not everyone hates you." Iruka shouted trying to get through to the boy but it was too late, he was already in shock and could hear him.

"Now I'll finish the job that Yondaime didn't. I'll kill the Kyūbi and become a hero. The whole village will love me." Mizuki laughed insanely as he took out a large Fuuma Shuriken to kill the stunned boy. "Now die!" Mizuki roared as he threw the shuriken at Naruto.

Naruto came to when it was too late. He closed his eyes to accept the cold darkness of death. He sat for a few moments but it never came. He opened his eyes to see… "Iruka-sensei..." Iruka hadn't step in front on the shuriken and it now protruded from his back.

"Naruto protected the scroll." Iruka gasped as he began to fall. With that Naruto got up off the ground where he had fallen and ran further into the forest.

"Ha, you're only delaying the inevitable." Mizuki shouted as he chased after the boy. 'Damn you Iruka. Why'd you have to show up? Now I have to go through all this trouble. But I'll kill you later if you aren't dead yet. Right now killing Naruto is more important.' Mizuki thought as he began his search for the boy again.

Naruto could be seen jumping from tree to tree, branch to branch. He looked like a flash of orange as he continued his escape. His face was mixed with emotion: fear, anger, sadness. As he was jumping, Iruka had managed to catch up to him.

"Here Naruto, give me the scroll. It will be safer with me." The bloody man said a he reached out his hand. Naruto looked at the man hand hesitantly then began to give him the scroll. Just as he was about to hand over the scroll Naruto lunged at Iruka and smashed his body into a tree. Iruka coughed a few times and then got up of the ground. "How did you know that it wasn't me?" Iruka said as he released his henge and kicked Naruto. Naruto was sent flying into a tree about ten yards away and left a giant dent in. When he looked up he saw Mizuki standing where he had been with a smirk on his face.

"Because I'm Iruka you bastard." The real Iruka spat out blood as he transformed back into his real form. He wore an equally satisfied smirk on his face. 'Shit, now I'm screwed. He is really pissed now.' Iruka thought as he saw the angered expression cast over Mizuki's face.

"Bastard. Where'd that boy go? Once I find him I'm going to torture him for all this trouble. But first I'm going to kill you." Mizuki said calmly. As he took out the same Fuuma Shuriken from before he wore a sadistic smile. He was going to enjoy every minute of this but first he had a question. "Why the hell are you helping that demon? He murdered your family." Mizuki said because he was truly curious.

"You may be right. The Kyūbi did kill my family and I'll never forgive it…" Iruka began. Naruto was listening to the two older ninjas from behind a tree. When he heard Iruka say this, his heart sunk because his only hope hated him too. Tears began to flow freely out of his eyes. 'Damn I thought I gave up on this' Naruto berated himself. "But Naruto and the Kyūbi aren't the same. Naruto is one of my most excellent students." Iruka continued solemnly. "Naruto if you can hear me please forgive me. I know how much pain it is not to have a family, but that is still nothing compared to yours. I should have helped you more, and I'm sorry I couldn't." Iruka finished as he bowed his head knowing that he would soon die.

"How touching, someone actually cares for that demon." Mizuki chanted mockingly. He then continued to prepare his attack on the scar faced man. "Die!" He roared as he once again shot the giant sized shuriken at the man. Iruka closed his eyes to accept the haunting cold that would never come. When he opened them he saw Naruto with a Shuriken in his back just as he had earlier.

"Don't you dare touch Iruka-sensei." Naruto said in a cold, animalistic voice. The voice seemed to be mixed with two others. "You want a demon. You'll get a demon." Naruto roared as his chakra flared out of his body. For the instant that his chakra burst the form of a giant nine tailed kitsune engulfed by a dark mist could be seen.

"Ha, like a brat like you could even touch me." Mizuki laughed nervously as he began to back away. 'Shit, I'm screwed. Got to distract him with something, while I escape.' Mizuki thought frantically. As he back up he eventually hit a tree.

"Nowhere to run now is there?" Naruto said with a calm sadistic tone. "I'm going to give you back the pain a thousand fold, Kage Buushin no Jutsu." The demonized Naruto roared with animosity. Suddenly the whole forest was filled with Narutos. "Hehehe, this will be enjoyable" All the Narutos snickered in unison which both Mizuki and Iruka cringe. Mizuki because he was going to be in a world of pain, and Iruka for Mizuki's pain. Soon each Naruto took there turn torturing the white haired ninja. One server beating later and Mizuki was lying on the ground unconscious. Iruka was astonished at what the boy had done. Naruto had managed to create at least 1000 Kage Buushins. After Iruka had gotten past his astonishment he spoke.

"Hey, Naruto come over here. I got something for you." Iruka said as he patted the ground nest to him. Naruto eagerly sat down next to his favorite sensei.

"Okay what ya got for me?" The blond boy asked as he looked over to his sensei, his eyes full of hope as it was the first gift he was ever given.

"First you got to close your eyes." Iruka commanded gently and Naruto obliged. Iruka then began to take something off of him. Naruto felt Iruka take off his goggles and replace them with something else. Naruto twitched and fidgeted trying to keep himself occupied. "Okay you can open your eyes." Naruto's eyes shot open and he felt his head. He looked at Iruka who no longer had his headband on and realized that he had it on. "Congratulations Naruto. You are officially a Konoha ninja." Iruka said as he saw the shock in Naruto's eyes.

"Really." Was all Naruto could say. Iruka nodded in reply and with that the boy fell unconscious from exhaustion.

"You've worked hard today Naruto. Tomorrow I'll treat you to some ramen." Iruka said as he picked the boy and proceeded to the boy's apartment. When he got there he noticed that the door was unlocked and he proceeded to enter. When he entered he saw that the boy home was trashed. He then cleared a spot off the couch and laid Naruto there. "I'll help you clean tomorrow." Was all he said before he left, making sure to shut the door. He left a note telling Naruto to be sure to come to the academy.