Sorry to all the fans of this story. However short-lived it was I'm deeply sorry for not continuing to write it. Though for anyone that may have like the story and wants to continue it, they are welcome to. As for my reason why I stopped writing was that I got distracted with other parts of my life (mainly my girlfriend and some work.) Though for any hope that some may want that my girlfriend has encouraged me to pick up writing again. And though I will not continue this story, I do plan to create another story.

The reason I am not continuing this one is because I want to change how it was going and instead of changing certain parts I will just try to write a new one. The new one may start after Naruto return from training. I have a lot of thinking to do and I plan to get up a chapter in a couple weeks.

Lastly to anyone who wants to continue writing it please contact me from my account, which surprisingly after 1 year is still active. Anyway, that's it.

Thank you for your dedication, to those who were dedicated.