I own the Hardy Boys. I wish.

Don't it always seem to go, that we don't know what we got 'til it's gone ― Big Yellow Taxi

Just by living, we all touch people's lives. By breathing we all share a common bond. By laughing we share a common language, even if we don't understand a thing the other person has to say.

You don't know exactly what another person means to you until they're gone. When you walk into the classroom and there's an empty chair. You barely even knew her, yet she's been in your class since first grade. The only thing you remember about her is her smile. Her laugh, which sounded like a four-year-olds, happy as anything.

You sit down next to your brother, seeing that he's affected by the absence too. You lean across Chet, across the girlfriends, until you reached his ear. You whisper two words, "Our case," then you back up.

You're not surprised by his raised eyebrows; usually he's the one to jump onto any case that presents itself. But this is different. You knew her. You have to investigate her disappearance.

You think it's her laugh, it was always contagious.

The facts are typical. Katie, the girl, is gone. A note requesting twenty-five thousand dollars was left at her house. The cops who had been assigned to the case had found nothing else. But there had never been a case yet that the Hardy's hadn't solved.

To bad they had been strictly forbidden by their father to stay away from the case. But that had never stopped them either, had it?

Don't worry, the story is not going to be in the "you" pov. Scouts honor. Just review. You won't regret it.