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If you think you're in control, you're just not going fast enough.

Joe wanted more then anything to get in the game, but he had to content himself with sitting in the stands, at least until his mother stopped fussing over him like he was going to break any second. So he was there to root Biff on, but he also had another agenda that had to wait until after the game.

Bayport won by a field goal in the last eighteen seconds of the games, kind of like the Giants vs. the Eagles. Anyway, Joe and Frank made their way down to the locker room entrance and waited until Avery Cunningham, the running back and Katie's boyfriend, came out.

He was the absolute last person to come out, walking with a slight limp that Joe knew was because of an excellent tackle made by the other team. Avery smiled when he saw Joe, his straight white teeth showing out against his face, which was as black as midnight when the stars slept.

Frank was stricken by how tall he was. At six foot one, he hardly had to look up to anybody, but Avery was a whole head taller then he was, and when he moved, the toned muscles in his legs and arms rippled. He would be somebody you wanted on your side in a fight.

"How're you guys?" he asked, getting the general good in response. "Sorry you missed the game, Joe, we coulda used you." Joe was his usual defender, running interception for him.

"Yeah. Hey Avery, can you spare a minute? It's about Katie." Joe saw the smile slip, the weird green eyes blink.

"Sure. I was wondering when someone would get around to me." He gestured over to a nearby bench, putting his leg up when he sat down and rubbing it absentmindedly. "You know, I dropped off Katie the day she went missing."

The Hardy's let him talk, listening intently. They didn't want to miss anything.

Avery was looking out into space, staring at the swooping bats that now inhabited the field with a vacant expression before speaking again. "She was upset that day, she'd heard that her dad was back in town."

"Where was he before that?" Joe asked, half-dreading the answer.

The brilliant green eyes flashed with anger, "Prison, been there since Kate was 'bout five. Robbery, I think. He was on parole."

Frank saw where this was going, and he didn't like it too much. "Thanks, Avery. You've given us a lot of information." Too much.

Avery was still rubbing his leg, going over the spot again and again. "You guys get that man, okay? And bring Katie home safe."

Frank and Joe thanked the boy and left, neither of them wanted to think about what would happen if their girlfriends went missing.

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