An Exchange of Few Words

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Chapter One: Accident


Their first kiss was an accident.

The day started out as, by Host Club standards, a perfectly normal day. Schoolwork was the least pressing issue, and frivolous girls lined up by the dozens to partake of each boy's (and Haruhi's) particular brand of the fine art of meaningless flirtation and seize the honor of his (or Haruhi's) company until the allotted time was up. The club was first and foremost, Kyoya liked to remind the others, a business. Conveniently, Tamaki was never listening on any of the occasions that such a statement was made.

And, as per the usual, his mind was far from anything of remote importance to the business side of the club.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki yelled loudly, bounding over towards you with arms open wide. "How are you? Had Daddy been ignoring you? I–"

"Excuse me," Haruhi said coldly. "Could you just stop before you make my headache worse?" She turned away before adding as an afterthought, "And you're not my father."

Tamaki sniffled pathetically. "Mom! Our daughter's being so cruel!" Tamaki rushed over to Kyoya, whining like a small child. "That's no way to treat her father!"

Kyoya pushed up his glasses. "Well. Perhaps not all fathers rush their daughters while yelling loudly enough to deafen them."

Tamaki's face fell and he instantly retreated into his (patent pending) Tamaki-Corner-of-Woe.

The twins chuckled mercilessly at their hopeless leader. They, too, had been bored with the normal atmosphere, and were certainly in the mood to shake things up a bit. If that meant upsetting the king further, then they had no objection whatsoever.

"Oh Haruhi," they called in unison, sliding over to the girl in question slyly. "Has that perverted king been harassing you?" they asked in whispers. "Is his foolishness upsetting you?"

One twin put his arm around Haruhi while the other turned over his shoulder to smirk at Tamaki. Haruhi just sighed, too used to the other members to really be surprised or upset by them. "Hikaru," she said, pushing off his arm, "and Kaoru, I'm fine. Thanks for your concern, but it really isn't necessary."

"Yah, Haruhi!" Hunny yelled, glomping his friend. "I'm glad you're Ok!" He crawled off of her– as he had landed them both on the ground– and smiled as cutely as he could. "Would you like a piece of cake?" He held up a plate that had mysteriously appeared out of nowhere.

Haruhi looked wary. "Th-thank you, Hunny-sempai, but..." At the look on his face at her words, and the tears threatening to spill from his big doe-eyes, she relented. "Alright. I'll have a piece with you."

Hunny grinned and took her hand. "Takashi!" he called as he led her over to where he and Mori had been sitting, "let's get Haru some cake!"

Mori nodded silently and pulled out three fresh plates. Hunny and Haruhi sat down with him, and he served each of them a big slice of fresh, strawberry cake.

The twins, as eager for mischief as they were, began plotting. Surely Haruhi wanted to talk to them, and she was only sitting with the two upperclassmen to be polite. With that new "knowledge" in their over-confident minds, they set about getting said girl's attention. "Haruhi!" they called, picking up the bag she used for carrying her books. "Is this yours?" They started to dump it out, successfully getting Haruhi's full attention.

"Ahh!" she called, standing up quickly. "Don't do that, you two! Put my bag down!"

She was about to rush after them, when Hunny jumped up and ran first. Unfortunately, he had bumped into her during his sprint, causing her to lose her balance. Both Mori and Tamaki ran to help her. Tamaki, however, ran rather ungracefully into Mori, sending him recoiling him straight into Haruhi. Which was also unfortunate, because it meant that Kyoya– who had come over to see what the ruckus was– was to be Haruhi's landing pad. Or, to put it more concisely... Her lips landed directly on his lips.

Haruhi was kissing Kyoya.

Though it lasted no longer than a second, it shocked the entire host club into silence. Tamaki had fallen into an empty chair, utterly speechless. The twins glanced at each other with wide eyes. Mori was predictably quiet, though his eyes darted to and from the guilty parties with unusual quickness. And Hunny slowly ate his cake.

"Ahh... Well," said Haruhi, stepping away first and glancing nervously about the room. "Sorry, Kyoya-sempai– I didn't mean to bump into you." And with a smile, she turned and walked away.

Kyoya blinked, and suddenly the world seemed to shift back into its proper gear. He walked to the opposite side of the room from Haruhi, and began to once again work through some of the club's finance books. Tamaki began to wail hopelessly, running about the room like a chicken with its head cut off. The twins had retreated to a corner of the Third Music Room, whispering something unintelligible among themselves. Mori was observing everything and everyone in silence, and Hunny... was eating his cake.

It was very good cake.

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