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Growing up:

Toby looked out of the window over the Dragon realm. Sarah's wedding had been three days before and it had been beautiful. He had been in the Dragon realm for three months, yet the view had not lost any of its beauty for him, he was still marveling at how wonderful the land was, yet still unsure about how he had wound up here. As always, these thoughts brought a now familiar pang of grief, not as intense as it had once been, but still there, and even though he would never admit it to anyone, late a night, Toby would still cry for his loss. Alyana had told him, in the early days, that his grief was what separated him from the creatures of the shadow world and that she respected it.

Alyana was another part of his new life and Toby was unsure about what he really thought about her. On one level she was his adoptive mother, she watched over him and cared about him, yet on another, she was his Queen, when she gave him an order he was expected to obey without thought or question and that was hard for him. Toby was a child of the twentieth century, he did not have a queen and part of being an adolescent in the Aboveground, was rebelling and whining every time his parents ordered him to do something. Alyana did not stand for that, in fact the first time he had questioned her, she had become quite vocal about her opinion over his disobedience. It was not something that Toby wanted repeated. Sometimes it was hard, but when she told him to jump, he did.

Even though he was only eleven years old, Toby had matured a lot in the three months that he had been in the Underground. Part of it was down to seeing his mother killed by Jor'yl, right in front of him. Another part of it was down to the power he had received when he became one of Alyana's Dragons. Being able to change into a dragon on a whim was both exciting and scary, it was also difficult to control, whenever he got over excited he would begin to change, he had even set fire to his bed the morning of Sarah's wedding due to nerves.

It always came back to the fact that Sarah was married. Had they both been Aboveground when Karen had died, Sarah would have become his legal guardian, because of the rules of the Underground, they were separated. He missed her terribly, even though Jareth, Sarah and Alyana had told him that he could visit any time. By all rights, he should have had his memory of the Aboveground removed, but Sarah had insisted that he remember her and their family, part of him was glad, part of him wished he had forgotten, so that the ache from the loss of his mother would go away.

"My Lord Toby," the boy sighed and turned, he did not like being addressed in such a way, he felt it was archaic. In the door was Dal'in, Alyana's most trusted advisor.

"Yes, Dal'in?" The boy pushed his hand back through his hair, ruffling it up as was the fashion back home, then caught Dal'in's disapproving glare and stopped.

"The First Lady would like to see you in her study, Young Master." Toby hated that name too, the first one made him feel ancient, the second made him feel like he was still three years old.

"Alright," he followed the Dragon lord from the room. "Dal'in?"

"Yes, Young Master?"

"Why don't you just call me Toby? It's not that hard you know."

"It is not proper, My Lord, you are the First Son." Toby sighed, Dal'in was just too formal, he could not understand how Alyana saw anything in him.


Alyana looked up from her desk at the knock at the door.

"Come!" She called, and smiled when she saw Toby open the door and enter, Dal'in not far behind him. "Hello, Toby."

"First Lady," he bowed, Dal'in had drummed that into him since he had arrived in the Dragon realm, -Always address her as First Lady, or Your Grace, never as Alyana. Always bow, just be respectful.-

"Dal'in, you seem to be doing wonders with this boy. I'm impressed, Toby, I had almost despaired of making you into a gentleman."

"That's not very nice, Alyana." A woman said from behind a high backed chair.

"I adopted him, and I should at least tell the truth."

"Yes, Aly, but he's my baby brother, I have seniority." The woman in the chair stood and Toby was delighted to see that, as her words and voice had suggested, it was Sarah. He let out a low cry and ran into her open arms.

"Sarah!" She laughed as she swept him around. Then set him down and looked at the Dragon lord who stood with Alyana, his face disapproving.

"Dal'in," she inclined her head.

"Your Majesty," he bowed low in reply. Sarah rolled her eyes at the formality but did not say anything.

"Dal'in and I will leave you two to catch up."

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