Forgive me: A story about Inuyasha, Kagome, a tree and nightmares

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Chapter 1:Sleeping In A Tree


There's nothing to me now

an empty shell unfolded

How, when we learn to pray our demons are laughing

How long will this go on?


"Let's hurry up a get this over with wench!" an angry hanyou snarled

"I'm AM hurring, you know. Why are you so impatient!"Kagome yelled back, equally angry.

Inuyasha walked to within her line of sight, scowling "It's about to rain. Didn't you see the clouds?"

Kagomes lips formed a O of suprise and she flushed with slight embaresment. " That's all you had to say. You didn't have to get so huffy."

"Fine! Next time I'll point out how incredibly stupid you are not to notice rain clouds."Inuyasha smirked at her pleased with his joke.

idiot Kagome frowned at him and turned her back on him. She continued her search for the jewel shard in the decapitated corpse of the bear? demon that Inuyasha had just killed. God this is gross Her gaze swept ground and noticed the tell-tale glow of the shikon jewel shard. "Found it!" she called triumphtly, as she crouched down to pick it up.

"About damn time, too! Now let's get going before it starts-" He glanced up at the sky just as she felt a rain drop touch her cheek. Inuyasha sighed heavily "Raining.

Let's go before it starts pouring." and he bent down to allow her to climb on his back.


Are we a bit much stronger ?

Do you think you can save me from living this way?


They were currently over an hour away from the group, even with Inuyasha running at top speed,which was also where the closest village was. Over the next 5 minutes the rain had continued to pick up 'till it was pouring down.

Just as Kagome was readying herself to yell at Inuyasha to stop he skidded to a halt, mud flying everywhere. He sighed " We better stop" he said, putting her down.

Kagome looked at him in suprise at his thoughtfulness. Inuyasha caught the look and hurridly said " I don't know about you but I'm not staying out in this, you're welcome to though." Which earned him a scowl. Inuyasha had been trying very hard to ignore the rain and the feelings of worry he had about Kagome getting sick but the rain and Kagome's shivering had finally reached a point that he could no longer ignore. He'd also tried to ignore his own feelings of unease that he'd always had about the rain, it reminded him of that night, the night his mother had died.


I don't know how to love

I just know how to live

All I feel is hate


They had currently taken shelter under a tree, but it only kept out some of the rain. Inuyasha glanced around looking for a better place as the wind picked up and it got steadily colder.(Kagome left her bag with the others) He glanced at her again frowning then looked around again, finally spotting a good place. The only problem was that it was up a tree but it looked to have a thick enough canopy to keep mosy if not all of the rain of them. He looked back at Kagome again She'll never go for it. Oh well, it's either that or stay in the rain "Look Kagome, I found a place but there's a problem, we'd be fine under the tree but the grounds cold and probally wet so we'll be better in the tree."


Can You forgive me?


Kagome opened her mouth to argue then closed it with a sigh as she realized that, as rare as it was, he was probaly right."Fine, I'm to cold and wet to argue."

Inuyasha grabbed her around the waist and lept up towards the tree, landing in it gracefully. He kept his hold on her arm as she glared at him wide-eyed."Warn me me next time!"

Here they couldn't feel the rain at all and the rain didn't bite into them nearly as much. Kagome continued to shiver as Inuyasha settled against the tree pulling kagome down on to the tree limb. She let out a squeek as he released her arm and quickly grabbed his retreating arm. "D-don't let go! It's so high!"


For all these things I've done, they keep on creeping by me

And though we've changed our ways...

Still our demons are laughing

How long will this go on?


Inuyasha starred at her, realizing she was scared of heights. He looked at her and stifled the urge to tease her as he saw how cold, wet, and miserable she was. The hanyou boy glanced down at the coat she had started to wear about a month ago as the weather had started to get colder, it was compleatly soaked." take your coat off, it will only make you colder."

Kagome opened her eyes to look at him, wondering agian why he was being so thoughtful but did as he said and took her coat off. As she took it off she lost the unconfortable wetness but could also now feel the wind more fully. She handed him the coat and wrapped her arms around herself as he hung it on a near by branch.

Inuyasha settled more fully against the tree, still holding on to the miko's arm. He looked out into the rain as his thoughts turned again towards his mother, and the day she died. His eyelids dropped as he inhaled the though wet still comforting scent of Kagome. His last thought before he fell asleep were of whether or not things would have been diferent if on that day he had been stronger.

Kagome looked at Inuyasha a saw that he was asleep but smiled slightly as his grip on her arm didn't loosen even in sleep.


Aren't we a bit much stronger?

I'd like to think you've come into my life to stay

I don't know how to love

I just know how to live

All I feel is hate

Will you forgive me?


To be continued...