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Song is Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence

Chapter 8: Chained to death, detached from life


It's true, we're all a little insane

But it's so clear

Now that I'm unchained


"Inuyasha..." a voice rasped my name. The sound of that cold voice sent chills running up my spine. "Where are you my little halfbreed?"

I cowered further down into the dark bushes I was hiding in. Nothing ran through my mind, other then the completely hopeless thought that I wouldn't be found. I could smell the man, and I could smell another person. She smelled oddly familiar. I heard the man come closer, and a whimper escaped my lips. 'please, ha-ha ue, help me!' but she was dead, her lifeless face was plastered to my eyes, the image wouldn't go away. Curling into a tiny ball, my small frame shivered harshly. 'please...' A scream escaped my lips as he felt a rough hand grab his throat. A grinning face came into view, large fangs bared down at me.

"Found you Half breed, Why were you hiding from Sarse? He just wanted to play." the hand on my throat pulled up causing me to cry out, but no sound escaped. Sarse's hand was cutting off my air. I tried in vain to push the man's hand away, but it was hopeless. "now now inu-chan, don't go doing that" Sarse threw me to the ground "Mana! Come!"


Fear is only in our minds

Taking over all the time


A slim woman walked towards them, her hair was emerald green and she was taller then most woman. "Yes, master?" the sound of her broken voice shocked me but what was even more shocking was the two green dog ears on her head and the distinct smell of a hanyou dog demon. A scar could be seen running across her throat, nearly covered by a thick black colar.

"This is my new dog Mana" the man grinned, "Isn't he pretty"

The green hanyou looked at me in shock "He's just a pup! You can't-"

"What? Are you telling me what I can and can't do?"

"N-no master" a grimace crossed her face and she touched the collar at her throat, "of course not, I can not go against you"

He gave her one last glare before turning to me again. My small frame cowered away from him, biting my lip to keep the whimpers in. "Inu-chan, you are to young, your not ready to be mine yet, but someday, someday..."

Sarse lunged at the me, slicing my chest. I screamed in agony as the pain ripped through me. I collapsed backwards in pain, panting. Looking down at my chest, there was a inch deep gash running from my shoulde to mid chest. Dark red blood flowed down my chest and stomach, soaking everything.


Fear is only in our minds

But its taking over all the time


"If he lives, he'll have to move on to another village" the broken voice of the green haired hanyou said.

"Yes, to the humans, they will not except a hanyou, even if he is a child"

"Where should I take his master?"

"Leave him Mana, he's still innocent. Let him experience the world, let it taint him, harden him. When I come for him, I want his soul to be tainted with bitterness and pain. He will belong to me, part of my collection of broken souls."


You poor sweet innocent thing

Dry your eyes and testify


"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled his name until her throat was sore, but he still didn't wake up. He had fallen from the tree over a half hour ago. When he'd hit the ground he'd looked like death, his face had been ashen, a sickly gray color. "Inuyasha, please wake up! please!"

Inuyasha moaned in his sleep, tossing and turning. A whimper escaped him, and his back arched. He muttered something under his breath.

"what? what is it inuyasha?"

"Mana..." his voice was a hoarse whisper.

"Mana? who's Mana?" Despite the circumstances, Kagome felt a pang of jealousy.

"MANA!" Inuyasha's eyes snapped open. He was shaking violently and his breathing was wild and harsh. "Mana...?"


You know you live to break me don't deny

Sweet sacrifice


"Inuyasha! Are you alright?"


"You collapsed! It scared me, you looked so sick..." Kagome lunged at him, wrapping her arms around him. "Don't do that again, you dolt! I was so worried..." Inuyasha gazed down at her in shock, then hesitantly put his arms around her.

"It's ok Kagome, stop worrying so much" He closed his eyes and rested his cheek on the her head. It had the reverse affect, it calmed him down. That dream had shook him more then he would like to admit. To be quite honest, it scared the crap out of him. 'Mana... How did I forget you? I still can barely remember your face...' One by one the memories of his past were resurfacing, and he didn't think he'd like the end result.


One day I'm gonna forget your name


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