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More Than Friends And Brothers

Chapter 23: This Is Our Night

Jason and Tommy left Reefside at five p.m. the next day, after a wedding night that sadly fell way short of both their plans and expectations. But the party had gone on long into the night; when the newlyweds finally made it back home, exhaustion from a long, emotional day (and perhaps a few too many toasts drunk in their honor) had proved to be too much. Thus, they'd shared nothing but a few gentle, languid caresses, falling asleep wrapped closely around each other. In the morning a late, extended breakfast with their friends and those guests who had come from further away, while fun and very much appreciated, also left them with no private time to make up for missed opportunities. Finally, though, their destination was in sight; they could already make out the shore against the horizon.

"Almost there," Tommy murmured, placing a hand on Jason's wrist. They were standing side-by-side at the railing in the sailboat's stern as they approached the tropical island they'd chosen for their honeymoon. The afternoon sun reflected off his brand-new wedding band, and a smile spread over Tommy's face. It widened when Jason reached over and covered his hand with his own, the matching ring around his finger glinting softly.

"About time," Jason replied with a small sigh. "I'm getting sick of traveling."

"Understandable, what with all the stopovers."

"Uh huh. It's been worse than flying to Europe; at least Trini, Zack and I could sleep on the plane. I just hope it'll be worth it."

They'd had to spend the night at a motel close to the airport in Los Angeles to catch a very early-morning flight to Hawai'i that had taken a good eight hours in all. Their destination was a tiny, privately-owned island on the edge of the archipelago; there was no airport, just a regular, twice-daily ferry service from Honolulu. Due to a slight delay during a stopover in Arizona, they'd missed the ferry's outward morning run, so they'd chosen the alternative, a sailing boat. The leisurely pace and inherent romanticism certainly fit traditional notions of being on a honeymoon, but in retrospect both men thought it had been a mistake not to wait for the evening ferry or even stay overnight. The longer travel time on top of a two-hour time lag plus the strain of getting from the airport to the harbor to change transport mediums just wasn't worth it.

Tommy nodded in sympathy. It wasn't the longest journey he'd ever undertaken; the flight to Sydney back in high school had lasted eighteen hours, but at least that had been non-stop. -Plus, getting to smooch with Kim most of the time made up for a lot!- He smiled at the nostalgic memory. -Wish I'd known about the Mile-High Club back then. Not that Kim would've gone for something beyond petting, but today … I'd love to join with Jase!-

As his groin tightened at the thought of having sex with Jason while flying, he briefly toyed with the idea of making up for lost opportunities somehow. -Both Mercer Industries and Bio-Lab do have company jets …- Sanity chose that moment to reassert itself. -It'd be one thing to borrow one of 'em in an emergency, but not for something like this. There's no way in hell I'd ask Wes or Anton for either of their respective planes for our private amusement, no matter how tempting the idea is!-

Sharing more than a chaste kiss or holding hands during a regular flight was consequently, rather out of the question. Over twenty years may have passed, but there was still a significant difference between two teenagers surreptitiously making out under a shared blanket during the artificial 'night' and two grown men doing the same, new laws or not. Even Tommy's slight exhibitionist streak balked at the kind of possible exposure that being intimate in cramped economy seats would bring if they got caught.

Regretfully he remembered his two airborne Zords; if they'd already been lovers when he still had the Falcon, or the Phoenix, and if he'd known how to adjust the autopilot and make room in the cockpit … -Well, shit. Guess some things just aren't meant to be.-

"I'm sure it will, if the brochure was at least halfway accurate," he said instead, deciding to simply enjoy the trip regardless. Easy to do under the cloudless azure sky and the wind ruffling their hair as the gleaming white sails billowed over their heads and the boat dipped and rose with the smooth waves.

Jason chuckled and briefly touched his head against Tommy's cheek. "Think we can handle … well, everything?" They'd specifically chosen the resort for its clothing-optional policy.

Tommy glanced sideways at him. "As long as it's strictly 'look, don't touch', sure," he replied huskily, then lowered his voice so that nobody but Jason could hear him. "I don't care who's gonna see us in the buff; I can't wait to have you around naked, or nearly so, all day for two whole weeks."

A tiny flame lit up the midnight eyes. "Mm-hmm." Jason's lips curved into a smile full of promise, and opened slightly to show a hint of white teeth and a moist tongue tip flicking out for just an instant. Tommy suddenly found himself rather breathless as he imagined that talented organ running down his body right here on the deck, in the wind and sunshine, and had to ease away before he embarrassed himself by a too-visible reaction. Jason's eyes crinkled knowingly as they darted below his waistline, then he smirked and licked his lips again, more slowly this time. Tommy had to swallow hard.

"Tease," he murmured, a rough edge entering his voice.

"Yeah, and you know you love it. Don't go all prude on me now."

"'Who, me?" Tommy muttered, wishing he dared pinch the temptingly-close ass even as he fought to control his overeager hormones. "Just you wait, I'll show you how un-prude I can be!"

"I sure hope so," Jason replied softly, then winked at his husband. "Are we there yet?"


Twenty minutes later, the boat docked at the island resort's small marina. After disembarking they climbed into an open-sided vehicle that carried them past a small cluster of employee housing through lush vegetation towards the crescent-shaped cove around which the gated, adults-only resort had been built. The entrance lobby and main facilities were situated slightly off-center; to the right was a traditional hotel, with a pool, landscaped grounds and several other entertainment areas. The bigger area to the left held single-storey bungalows instead; only the connecting paths between them were tended for easy access among the natural, lush vegetation.

"Aloha," a friendly clerk greeted them at the front desk. "Welcome to Hale Le'a Resort, gentlemen." Quickly and efficiently, he checked them in and handed over a folder. "This contains your key cards and access codes as well as all the necessary information you need to fully enjoy your stay," he told them. "If you have any questions about opening times, prices and so on that are not mentioned in here, please don't hesitate to contact Rangi at guest relations; you'll find his number on the top page. Enjoy your stay," he finished with a smile.

Jason looked around for their luggage and saw that it had already been loaded into a small cart out front, a driver waiting right next to it. Rather than stay in the main hotel area, they had booked one of the bungalows; the privacy and greater freedom was well worth the walk to the restaurants and other facilities. He nudged Tommy, and the open-sided vehicle rolled off almost as soon as they were seated. Within a few minutes, they arrived at a small building that was nearly completely hidden from view by tall bushes.

"I'll show you around, yes?" the driver asked hopefully, handing them their suitcases, but both men shook their heads as they climbed out of the cart.

"I'm sure we can manage," Jason smiled and handed a few bills to the young man whose face brightened at the generous tip. "But thanks anyway."

"Welcome," the employee grinned, jumping back into his cart. "Hana Hau'oli!"

"Whatever that means," Tommy murmured sotto voce, then added his own thanks. They watched him leave before Tommy led the way to the wooden door and typed the code number they'd been given into the electronic lock. The bungalow looked rather small from the outside, but once they passed through a small foyer, they found themselves in a surprisingly spacious and luxurious room. A king-size bed with some gauzy, golden-yellow fabric framing the four solid posts dominated the space, while a desk and TV, a refrigerator, chairs and an armoire with several drawers were scattered around the walls. The dark-stained wooden furniture contrasted nicely with the general color scheme of cream, green and antique gold, brightened by a few deep crimson accessories. A built-in closet and luggage rack were on the left side of the hallway; opposite that a door led into a maroon-tiled bathroom with double sinks, a roomy shower and a bath big enough for two. Tommy whistled appreciatively after peeking inside. "Wow, we even got water jets in the tub," he said, anticipating at least one long, leisurely soak with Jason. He received no answer, and it was only then that he noticed Jason hadn't followed him. "Jase?"

Tommy walked back into the main room and only saw Jason's jacket, thrown carelessly over a chair. Raising an eyebrow, he directed his attention towards the magnificent view through the wall-to-wall sliding doors to the wide, shaded lanai. On one side he could see a glass-topped rattan table and two matching chairs with deep cushions, perfect for intimate meals, and on the other were two loungers that just begged to be used for having leisurely drinks. As he'd halfway expected, Jason was standing at the bamboo rail guarding the step off the terrace, looking out towards the stretch of gleaming sand and water only a couple of hundred yards away.

-You never change, Bro,- Tommy thought with an indulgent smile as he shed his own jacket, ducked through the mosquito netting and went to join him. It was quiet out here, only the soft, distant rush of waves rolling onto the beach, the wind rustling the palm trees and an occasional bird call interrupting the stillness. From behind, Tommy folded Jason into a loose embrace and felt him lean back against his chest with a small, contented sigh.

"It's beautiful here," Jason murmured.

"Uh huh." Tommy minutely tightened his hold. Their bodies aligned more comfortably against each other as they soaked in the natural beauty of their surroundings, letting the atmosphere relax them gradually from the strain of the long journey.

"Not quite the isolated tropical island we dreamed about though, is it?" Tommy said softly, his eyes following a lonely surfer who was coasting along the beach, just a silhouette against the still-bright horizon. "We're a long way from the Caribbean; haven't even left the country …"

"No, it's not. But it's close enough to our fantasy to make almost no difference, and to be honest, I kinda like having some luxury, like food we don't have to prepare ourselves, a nice bed and shower, room service …"

"Well, yeah," Tommy smiled. "Still, I wish we could have gone to some place where we wouldn't have to consider anyone's sensibilities."

"Like being completely naked all day? You'd need to own your private island to get that, even in the Caribbean," Jason pointed out sensibly. Then he chuckled. "That's what you had in mind, right?" He turned his head to rub his cheek against the lean jaw. It was a little bristly and rough with five o'clock shadow, he noted absently, and suppressed a shiver at the thought of feeling it rasp against his skin later.

"And what's wrong with that?" Tommy mock-pouted. "Like you wouldn't have enjoyed it as well!"

"True, but on this side of the island, nobody's gonna care if we swim and sunbathe in the buff as long as we're halfway decent in the common, public areas. Isn't that enough?"

"Well, yeah, but …"

Jason laughed softly. "Stop complaining, Bro. At least we won't have to dress up to go to the restaurant." He slanted a sideways look at his husband. "We just gotta throw on some loose pants, a shirt … think of how easy it's gonna be to get rid of our clothes when we return," he suggested with a tiny leer.

"Way ahead of you, love," Tommy replied, sliding one hand up the broad chest in a slow caress until he could cup Jason's face and turned it towards his own. Midnight-dark eyes sparkled as Jason correctly read the desire in the chocolate-brown depths so close to his own. Obligingly, he let his head fall back against Tommy's shoulder, his tongue flicking briefly across his lips, leaving them moist and slightly parted in anticipation. The lure of the warm mouth was irresistible, and with a small smile Tommy bent to kiss him.

Sighing softly, Jason accepted the sensual strokes of Tommy's tongue against his own, letting him take control. Touch, taste and the familiar scent of the man he loved filled his senses to the brim until his head began to swim. Eventually, though, Jason reasserted himself, breaking out of the embrace just enough to turn and wrap his own arms around Tommy's back without ever losing contact with the gently-demanding lips.

"Mmm," Tommy hummed, gladly following Jason's lead when his mouth was being invaded in turn and coaxed to open wide as the kiss deepened. Breathing heavily, they finally broke apart, holding each other's gaze until a familiar fire lit Jason's eyes, but when Tommy slid one hand down the broad back to grasp the tight ass and tried to grind his swelling groin against Jason's hips, Jason shook his head 'no' and kissed him again, less intensely this time.

"Don't," he whispered.

Tommy frowned as he reluctantly moved his hand back up to Jason's waist. It was a rare thing for either of them to call a halt after a kiss like they'd just shared, especially with a bed close by. "But I want you," he murmured, slightly frustrated. -It's our honeymoon, we're finally alone, and I'm horny!-

"Ditto," Jason smiled, having a good idea of what was causing the slight whine in Tommy's normally even voice. A part of him wanted to give in, to succumb to what he was sure would evolve into hot, lusty sex, but another, more insistent part told him to wait.

"Then why …"

Jason cupped Tommy's face, stopping him mid-question. "Once we're in that bed, I have no intention of letting you get up again anytime soon," he explained huskily. "Certainly not before morning."

"Sounds like a great plan to me, so why …" Tommy found himself interrupted again by a rueful chuckle and a gentle finger brushing against his lips.

"Tom, I'm feeling a little grubby from traveling all day, we need to unpack and I'm hungry – I don't want to have to call room service for sandwiches in the middle of the night just because we can't wait a couple of hours now," the deep voice rumbled against the corner of his mouth. "I want to get all the small stuff out of the way, then have dinner with you. Afterwards, when there's no need to interrupt anything anymore, we'll shower together, and then … whatever you want," Jason promised. "Please?"

The suggestion made perfect sense, so Tommy reluctantly acquiesced and eased away from the sculpted body with a somewhat petulant sigh. "Okay."

"Thanks, Bro." He was rewarded with a slow, delicious kiss that almost threatened to get out of hand again. Laughing softly, Jason released him and stepped back. "I guess I'd better take my own advice, huh?"

"Yeah," Tommy found his sense of humor again as he saw that despite wanting to postpone their lovemaking Jason was no less eager than himself – if the visible bulge in his pants was anything to go by. "Just as long as we don't dawdle over dinner or something."

"Definitely not," Jason replied, skimming his hand teasingly across Tommy's chest. He came perilously close to a sensitive nipple, but stopped before Tommy's breath did more than hitch. Rolling his eyes at himself, Jason grimaced in amusement. "Come on, let's get unpacked and see whether there's something nice and cool to drink in the fridge."


Not quite an hour later, they had stowed their belongings in all the right places. A closer inspection of the facilities showed that the fridge was stocked with their favorite beverages, their usual brands of soap, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel were in the bathroom, and a generous supply of their preferred personal lube had been placed in both nightstand drawers – just as they'd specified in their booking. But a rather astonishing surprise waited for them inside the armoire.

"Wow," Jason whistled, surveying the various items neatly arranged in the drawers, in the top cabinet and on hooks at the back. "So that's why they're advertising this place as 'adults only'," he murmured. "Take a look at that!"

"What is it?" Curious, Tommy came over and felt his eyebrows rise nearly to his hairline. "Whoa!"

Starting with a selection of massage oils, vials of chemicals designed to increase performance, the array before them held everything a couple might possibly need – if one was open-minded and at least a little 'adventurous', up to a wide range of still-factory-sealed sex toys and restraints that just barely stopped short of bondage.

As Tommy stared at the cabinet's contents, fascinated almost against his will, his mind inadvertently flashed back to the first time Jason had truly indulged his penchant for slightly kinky sex and had slipped a butt plug into him. Tommy was honest enough to admit that, despite being undeniably surprised at first, he'd enjoyed letting go of a few more inhibitions when the mood was just right. Since that first time they had bought a few other toys, like massage oils and a wedge-shaped bolster like the one stored at the back of the armoire, but they had never ventured into anything that required any of the implements displayed before them now!

- This is why we've chosen Hale'Lea Resort for our honeymoon, after all!- However, deep down Tommy couldn't help but wonder for just an instant what it would be like to use some of the more out-there devices, to put a cock ring on Jason or use the soft leather straps to tie him to the bed. -Or have Jase do it to me … no. No way. That's not our scene!-

'Not until now, anyway,' a small voice at the back of his mind informed him dryly. 'Now that you've got the necessary stuff handy, what's stopping you?'

Tommy chose to ignore his inner tormentor.

"I don't think I've seen most of that stuff anywhere but in sex shops, catalogues or on the internet," was all Tommy could think of saying. -And even then only when we need to buy more lube!-

"Uh huh," he heard Jason agree. "That's somecustomer service!"

"Yeah. Not that we'd need it, though, right?" he said lightly instead, not daring to look at his husband.

"'Course not." Determinedly closing and locking the armoire, Jason tried not to let on that his mouth had suddenly gone dry and his groin had tightened. Unable to meet the brown eyes, he did his best to appear casual, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. To his vast relief, Tommy was doing the same.

"Let's take a look at the beach, shall we?"


Both men put on comfortable slippers, collected their shades and went outside. Walking along a footpath made of wooden slats they passed a wide hammock that had been strung between two palm trees right on the edge of the sandy beach. Like the bushes in front, the copse also shielded the house from casual view, giving them privacy from this direction as well.

"That's gonna be nice for siesta after lunch," Tommy remarked idly.

"Yeah," Jason agreed, noting thankfully that his body was cooling down again to a more manageable level now that they were away from That Cabinet. "Or to relax on after a long swim. Definitely something to look forward to," he added, then impulsively kicked off his shoes and walked to the water's edge until shallow wavelets swirled around his ankles. Jason blissfully dug his toes deeper into the warm sand. "Man, I'm almost tempted to dive in right now," he sighed.

Coming up behind him, Tommy kissed his neck. "You'd only have to shower afterwards, and I can't guarantee that I'd let you leave the room once you're all wet and naked," he murmured, feeling his body react at the low moan Jason couldn't quite suppress. "I thought we agreed to wait for that until after dinner?"

As if on cue Jason's stomach rumbled. The mundane sound managed to dispel the rising passion between them, and both men chuckled.

"Right. Shall we go to the main complex, then? It's a bit early yet, but we could try and orient ourselves, check out the facilities and stuff …"

"Perfect. Let's go!"


Back at the lobby, Jason and Tommy familiarized themselves with the resort's layout, signed up for a few activities, then picked a small seafood restaurant where they managed to secure a table overlooking the huge pool area and a terrific view of the setting sun while the place slowly filled with more guests, colored lights lit up everywhere once it turned fully dark and soft music drifted up from the main bar. Despite their earlier resolve not to, the newlyweds lingered over their wine, reminiscing about how good it had been to share the previous day with all of their friends and family. Jason took Tommy's left hand into his own, lightly caressing the back and wedding band with one thumb.

"This has to be the best time of my life," he said softly.

"You mean our lives," Tommy smiled and returned the gentle pressure.

"Of course." Jason agreed readily, then surprised him by lifting their joined hands to his mouth, turning it so he could kiss Tommy's palm.

"Jase?" Tommy murmured questioningly. He certainly didn't mind the small intimacy; they'd held hands over a table before, but his stomach fluttered when he felt Jason's tongue tip tickle moistly against his skin.

"Hmm?" The soft hum vibrated against the base of his fingers, right where the bi-colored band encircled the fourth, and Tommy's throat constricted with sudden need.

"Um, we're in public."

"So?" Jason's smile and the sultry look in his eyes evoked more sensations which then crawled all the way from Tommy's hand into his gut as the warm lips continued to caress his fingers.

"What if somebody sees what you're doing?" Tommy gulped, but couldn't bring himself to retrieve his hand. Not when his imagination was shifting into overdrive, producing images and memories of Jason kissing, nibbling and licking his way up and around another part of his anatomy – one that was coming eagerly to attention. -I just might cream my pants if he keeps this up!-

"I doubt anybody will care." The intimately low baritone sent familiar shivers down Tommy's spine. "We're hardly the only ones getting, ah, inspired by the atmosphere."

"We're not?"

"Nope. Just look around."

Indeed, a furtive glance over his shoulder showed that quite a number of the diners – couples all, both mixed and same-sex – were also holding hands or exchanging discreet caresses. In fact, two women who had checked in at the same time as they had were sitting not too far away, their arms around each other, feeding each other ice cream from a shared cup. As his gaze lingered on them for just a second, Tommy saw the shorter, more voluptuous one gently wipe off a white smudge from her slender companion's lower lip, then swirl her tongue around the fingertip with a look that was every bit as promising as the one Jason was giving him across the table. -Oh. Oh!-

With an effort, Tommy drew his eyes away from the shapely bodies, back to Jason. For the first time in years a fleeting fantasy of nude femininity flashed through his mind. -Aw, man! What I wouldn't give to watch those two getting it on – that red hair spread over the blonde's breasts, or both going down on each other …- Hoping his inadvertent blush wasn't noticeable in the dim light, Tommy tried his best to ignore the tightening in his gut. -We're on our honeymoon, for cripes' sake,- he admonished himself silently. -This is definitely the wrong time to be thinking about women, much less about them having sex!- "I, uh, hadn't noticed," he said a little sheepishly.

Jason chuckled softly and kissed Tommy's palm again, more lingeringly this time. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," Tommy replied instantly.

"Didn't think so." Now that teasing tongue flicked out again, sliding sensually along the long, diagonal line in Tommy's hand down to his wrist, where Jason started to paint lazy, moist little circles on his pulse point.

Any treacherous thoughts he might've had only moments ago melted away as Tommy's full attention returned to Jason. With his free hand he touched the dark hair.

"Don't youthink we should take this somewhere else?" he murmured throatily. "Where we won't have to stop with … whatever we're about to do?"

"If that's what you want," Jason replied, lips moving against the sensitized skin in a final kiss. Then a devilish glint lit up his expression. "Unless you'd like some coffee; there's a very good Brazilian roast on the menu …"

For a few seconds, Tommy was tempted to say yes, he wanted to stay – if only to dole out some payback for the not-so-subtle seduction. If their situation were reversed, Jason just might take him up on such an offer – but the promise of something far more appealing than coffee was irresistible. Tommy reluctantly withdrew his hand. "Maybe tomorrow night," he rasped, sudden fire in his eyes. "Let's go."


Turn-down service had come and gone while they'd been at dinner, so Jason and Tommy returned to their bungalow to find an inviting expanse of cream-colored sheets greeting them. A ceiling fan whirred noiselessly overhead, a bottle of wine was chilling next to the bed as they'd requested earlier, and a few candles had been lit around the room, flickering gently in red and amber votive containers. A light yet pervasive scent of tropical flowers permeated the air.

Jason couldn't help an amused chuckle as he took in the undeniably romantic atmosphere.

"What's so funny?" Tommy asked after he'd locked the door.

"This whole set-up," Jason gestured. "Seems kinda familiar, doesn't it?"

"Huh?" Slightly puzzled, Tommy glanced around, then the memory clicked and he groaned. "Don't remind me!"

"Why not?" Jason murmured, drew him into his arms and nuzzled against the strong jaw. "I mean, just look at it – candles, turned-down bed, wine ready and waiting … all that's missing are our red sheets. I told you at the time I thought it was hot, remember? Until we nearly set your house on fire, that is," he couldn't resist adding with a cheeky wink. "Wasn't this kind of the effect you were going for at the time?"

"Well, yeah, but …"

"At least now we know what to do. There won't be any fumbling or figuring out what goes where tonight." Jason's voice had deepened to its lowest register, and large hands glided down Tommy's back to cup his ass, their touch sensual and sure as he drew their bodies close.

"True." Tommy laughed ruefully, then relaxed into the embrace and bent his head for a slow, long kiss which Jason returned with abandon. "The only question is who gets to be on top," Tommy whispered once they stopped for air. Jason shivered deliciously and kissed him back.

"Why don't we find out?"


They began to undress each other with slow, languorous movements, gently caressing each inch of skin as soon as it was revealed. Buttons seemed to slip out of their holes almost magically, shirt flaps were pushed aside with appreciative little moans to reveal smoothly-muscled chests, and belt buckles opened with nary a sound. Jason was the first to undo the zipper on Tommy's chinos, sliding the light fabric down the narrow hips along with the even softer cotton of Tommy's black boxers and let his hands rest on the gentle swell of his partner's butt cheeks as Tommy stepped away from the puddled fabric.

"Your turn," Tommy murmured, leaning in for yet another kiss. He managed to open Jason's fly just as deftly and worked his hands past the elastic of his underwear to fill them with Jason's taut behind. It was slightly more difficult to draw the tight briefs down due to the already prominent erection, but he did so with the ease of long practice. Once they were both naked, they stopped momentarily to kiss once more and to look their fill.

Both men had started to exercise more once they'd set their wedding date, wanting to look their best for the occasion … and each other. They'd even treated themselves to a full spa session a week ago, getting body waxes, pedicures and massages; as a consequence they now once again sported the washboard abs and defined pectorals of their younger years. Jason smiled his appreciation as he lightly skimmed his fingertips across the smooth chest and back, setting nerve ends on fire with each fleeting touch. Tommy did likewise, alternating gentle squeezes with cautious scratches so that Jason groaned with delight.

"Let's go take that shower," Jason suggested huskily after several minutes of mutual teasing and exploration.


Arms around each other, they went into the sumptuous bathroom and stepped into the glass-shielded cubicle. There was more than room enough to for two, and once they had set the water to a temperature they both found pleasing – neither too hot nor too cold – they moved under the gentle spray. Practice had made perfect, so they knew how to kiss and nibble without choking on rivulets of water; in fact, the warm moisture only enhanced the gliding of skin against skin.

Jason moaned softly when Tommy squirted some of the pleasantly-scented shower gel from a wall-mounted dispenser and started lathering his back.

"Mmm." He arched sinuously under the roving hands, their touch gentle yet sure.

"Like that, huh?" Tommy murmured, a smile in his voice.

"Oh yeah. Is it my turn yet?" The midnight eyes were half-closed, but their sparkle was clearly visible through the wet, dark lashes.

"In a while," Tommy replied, chuckling at Jason's barely-concealed eagerness. Experience had taught them that not only was it more efficient to alternate washing each other, but that they would also gain the most pleasure in the process. "You're always so impatient!"

"I want you," Jason shrugged, completely unapologetic. "And you always take a bloody eternity at this."

"Don't tell me you're not loving every second of it," Tommy grinned, hooked a hand behind Jason's neck and caught the full lips in a deep kiss. Simultaneously, he dropped his other hand down Jason's back and slipped a slick, soapy finger between the tight cheeks. Jason moaned around the tongue plundering his mouth, and started to grind himself into Tommy's groin. The friction of coarse, wet pubic hair against his sensitized skin excited him even more, and he began to squirm in earnest at the double stimulation.

Tommy continued the twin assault as long as it took him to be reasonably sure Jason was thoroughly cleaned, then gradually changed from outright foreplay to a gentler, less demanding touch. Done at last, he drew his partner into a full hug and kissed him once more.

"Now it's your turn, Bro," he murmured, his own nerve ends already quivering with anticipation of Jason's caresses.

"About time," Jason mock-grumbled, but obligingly went for the shower gel as well. He breathed deeply to curb his arousal, the subtle scent of lavender, old leather and something woodsy surrounding them as he worked up a fine lather. Methodically, Jason moved downwards from Tommy's shoulders to the small of his back. Hiding a tiny smirk, he then scooped up a handful of lather and began to rub it sensually into the muscled chest, paying close attention to the small nipples. As he knew it would, that caused an immediate reaction.

"God, yeah," Tommy breathed, arching his shoulders backwards as the sensitive nubs began to harden and swell. The slippery gliding of Jason's strong fingers over every inch of his skin soon had him moaning deep in his throat, and he shifted and turned into each caress until he felt as if he would explode any second.

Panting with arousal, he dragged heavy eyelids open. "I'm clean enough now," he rasped, already reaching for the shower handle. Jason smirked knowingly. He could probably drag this out for a few minutes more, but by now he was aching to take the hard shaft throbbing against his thigh into his mouth – and he didn't think Tommy was going to object.

"If you say so," he murmured, shaking water out of his eyes before claiming another kiss as they quickly rinsed each other off.

Once they were out of the shower and standing on the thick bath mat, Tommy grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around the broad shoulders, wiping off most of the moisture on Jason's chest and back until he was reasonably dry. Jason then returned the favor, starting with the short brown hair. When the towel slipped down below Tommy's hips Jason followed, slowly sinking to his knees before his partner. His face now level with Tommy's crotch, he dropped the towel and took a firm hold of his behind, steadying himself as well, and glanced up.

"Watch me," he commanded softly.

Dry-mouthed with anticipation and arousal, Tommy could only nod, shuddering at the heat in Jason's half-lidded gaze and the slow strokes of strong hands on his thighs – first down on the outside, then up again on the less-hairy inside, sending little darts of desire into his gut. Eventually Jason nuzzled into the patch of dark hair, breathing in the scent of clean skin and arousal that was uniquely Tommy. He kissed every straining inch, marveling as always at how smooth and satiny the pulsating hardness felt against his lips. He was still holding the brown eyes with his own when he finally, slowly opened his mouth wide and guided Tommy inside.

Tommy moaned as familiar wet heat engulfed him. He couldn't help himself – his head fell back and he closed his eyes momentarily in sheer bliss, but forced himself to look down again almost instantly. The sight of those firm lips wrapped around him was as thrilling as ever, and the churning in his belly intensified. The sight of Jason kneeling before him was incredibly exciting; so was the feel of the supple tongue licking and sucking until nearly his whole length was buried in the greedy mouth. Swaying slightly, Tommy reached out and threaded both hands through the short, dark hair, holding Jason still for several heartbeats. The need to thrust into that talented mouth was nigh overwhelming, but before Tommy could do more than rock his hips once Jason took control of the situation. He bobbed his head back and forth until he could feel Tommy's imminent orgasm.

Inhaling deeply through his nose, Jason prepared to start sucking in earnest, but much to his surprise Tommy cupped both his cheeks in a mute plea to stop. Questioningly he looked up into the chocolate eyes. Visibly flushed and breathing hard with arousal, Tommy nevertheless withdrew from the clinging lips, indicating with a touch to Jason's shoulder that he wanted him to get up.

"Why'd you make me stop?" Jason's low voice was rough as he reluctantly obeyed. "I want you to come in my mouth!"

Tommy embraced Jason firmly, smiling at his obvious disappointment. "Don't worry, I will," he promised. "Just … not here."

"Oh." With dawning understanding, Jason found his own smile. Tommy was right, the bathroom wasn't exactly the most romantic spot for the first proper lovemaking on what was, after all, their honeymoon. Not when a wide bed beckoned which had to be more comfortable for both than the bath mat. "Next door, then?"

"Exactly," Tommy agreed, his smile deepening. He bent to pick up both their towels, then tossed them into the wicker basket in one corner. "Come on …" He slipped an arm around Jason and guided him back into the bedroom, switching off the bathroom light on the way.

As they reached the foot of the bed, Jason was a little surprised that Tommy maneuvered him around until the mattress hit the back of his knees. A gentle shove, and he was sitting down.

"What the …"

"Ssshhh," Tommy shushed him, bending forward for a deep kiss. "I promised to come in your mouth, and I will," he whispered against Jason's lips afterwards. "Just let me take care of you a bit first. Okay?"

"Okay," Jason agreed, feeling his own pulse beginning to race. "How?"

"Lie back," Tommy instructed with a sultry grin, knelt and grasped both of Jason's knees, spreading the muscular thighs as wide as he could with gentle force. He then began his own, just as thorough oral assault until the whole of Jason's length glistened moistly. Jason groaned out loud when he felt himself engulfed by wet heat, his hands balling into fists on the smooth bed covers. Tommy took a firm hold and fell into a familiar rhythm, letting Jason's blissful moans and the trembling of his abdominal muscles and thighs guide him to gauge the level of his excitement.

Only when he thought Jason might climax any second did Tommy release him and crawled onto the bed as well.

Jason was gasping for air as he tried to control his raging hormones; turning his head, he directed a slightly accusatory look at Tommy.

"Why'd you stop?" he murmured. "I was so close …"

"I know," Tommy replied, slipping an arm under the broad shoulders as he settled next to Jason. "But I thought you wanted to suck me off?"

Jason shrugged, a sheepish smile curving his lips. "Well, yeah. It's kinda easy to forget when you're getting me all hot and bothered, though." He aligned himself more comfortably against Tommy, their erections almost brushing each other. He ran gentle fingers from Tommy's hair down his neck, across his collarbone and further down until he reached one nipple and started teasing the sensitive nub with careful pinches and twists. "I wouldn't have forgotten about you, though."

"Didn't think you would," Tommy said, a tiny hiss escaping him as desire flashed from his chest directly into his groin. "Shit, yeah …"

Jason chuckled smugly and let his hand wander to the other nipple. "So can I do you now?" he asked huskily, licking his lips. It wasn't going to be easy to wait his turn now that he'd felt Tommy's mouth on him, but he'd promised, and …

"How about we do each other?" Tommy interrupted his thoughts. "Like we did our first time …"


Both men used every skill they'd acquired over the years to prolong their lovemaking, letting themselves be guided by moans and quivering muscles to keep each other on the brink of orgasm as long as they could. They took turns taking the lead, neither wanting to be the first to lose control – even though they knew that their climax would be nothing short of spectacular, more than worthy of a wedding night.

However, control and stamina would only go so far. Jason fell over the edge first, followed only moments later by Tommy. When the last spasms had subsided, they still continued to gently lick and nibble on the other's softening flesh until they both went completely limp, using the time to let their heartbeats resume a more normal pace. At last they released each other with faint sighs of regret, settling into a loose embrace.

Completely sated and happy, Tommy gazed deeply into Jason's glowing eyes.

"That was … wow," he whispered, awe in his voice. "You've always given me fantastic blowjobs, but tonight was …" At a loss for words, he gave up trying to describe what he'd felt and settled for a long, tender kiss.

Jason responded in kind. "Ditto," he murmured afterwards, smiling at Tommy's slightly-dazed expression. "Tonight was the best. Ever."

"Yeah." Gingerly, Tommy extricated one leg from underneath Jason's, thankful for the slight breeze coming through the open patio door that cooled their sweat-slicked skin. Then he quirked a whimsical grin. "We've sure come a long way since that first time."

"Have we ever," Jason chuckled. "At least you've learned not to fall asleep on me right after I've made you come!"

"Are you ever gonna let me forget that?" Tommy mock-groused.

"Not as long as you go on making me feel as good as I do now."


"Love you too."

Both laughed, then Tommy stretched luxuriously, rolling his head back and forth on the pillow. Catching sight of the wine beside the bed, he looked a question at Jason. "Drink?"

"Nah," Jason replied, his voice low and intimate as he trailed one hand across Tommy's chest. "I like the taste of you in my mouth."

Despite having had a phenomenal orgasm less than fifteen minutes ago, Tommy felt a fresh stab of desire pierce his belly and caught his breath.

"Jase …!"

A familiar flame lit the midnight eyes. "What?" Jason murmured provocatively. "Even if it's a day late, tonight's our wedding night; don't tell me we're done already?"

"Well, no, but …"

"If I remember correctly, we promised each other to make it special – and while we're off to a great start, I think it's gonna need more than just one blowjob to really qualify as 'special', right?"

"Well, if you put it that way," Tommy drawled, easily overcoming his surprise. With a sly grin of his own, he slid one hand across Jason's hip towards his behind. His grin widened when the round muscle flexed instinctively under his fingers … and was that a twitch from Jason's groin? He slanted a look downwards between their bodies.

-Yup, definitely a twitch.-

Tommy reached for Jason, gently stroking up him and down with his thumb and forefinger. Jason moaned appreciatively and lay back, giving him more room to explore even as he began to play once more with Tommy's nipples.

"Oh yeah," Tommy breathed as the frisson of excitement he'd felt earlier intensified. It would take some time for both of them to grow fully hard again – after all, they were not as young as they used to be – but with time had come the knowledge that the road to passion could be as rewarding as fulfillment.

-Besides, we have all night!-

"We have all night," Jason echoed his thought, leaning forward to kiss him. "Let's take our time, huh?"

"Sounds perfect to me," Tommy agreed, letting pure feeling take over. Tonight was their night; morning would come soon enough.

To Be Continued ...

A/N: The name of my fictitious resort, Hale Le'a, and the greeting, Hana Hau'oli, are Hawaiian; they mean "joyous house" and "happy activity", respectively. However, le'a can also be translated as "orgasm" – rendering the resort's name as "Joyous Orgasm". In view of this chapter's subject matter, it seemed … appropriate. -evil grin- (Info gathered from a Wikipedia article on Hawai'i.)