Authors Notes: Yeah, I know. I thought it sounded like an epilogue to a bad Batman movie too..but I decided to share it anyway. Don't take it seriously, it's just a little left over anger I needed to vent.

So 'Alice I' suggested a short continuation….…….hope this works.



The room was full. He never saw me standing there. I stood and watched him for almost an hour. I was sure he would lift his eyes to the back of the room and point me out to the crowd. But he never did.

I wanted him to know I was there, but in way I was actually kind of glad he didn't. I needed the chance to watch him. The chance to observe him. In his own habitat. Instead of mine.

I know this guy. I know him better than anyone. At least I think I do. And I think he knows me too.

He's seen what my job is like. He knows the choices that I have to make.

He's met a few of my monsters. And he's helped me conquer them.

And above all else, I do know this. He has the right to be safe, the right to be happy and the right to live. And if I have anything to say about it, no one is ever going to take those things away from him.

Sometimes my job and the things it stands for get inside my head. It's hard to get away from. Sometimes in my line of work, it's impossible to get a clear look at anything beyond what I see, what I apprehend each day. But there are places where I can see beyond that. And there, watching him work, I could remember the reasons why I chose this job.

There are some incredible people out there. Truly amazing people who live their whole lives without fully understanding how important they are to the rest of us.

These are the ones I get up for each day. People like this. People like him.

They are the ones that need our protection. That need us to do our jobs.

I want to try to make it safe out there.

Because that is my job.

That's what I do.