Title: Dreams of Mister Softee
Fandom: X-Men Comicverse (Old Skool)
Pairing/Characters: Piotr/Kitty/Ice Cream Truck
Rating: C for Creepy
Wordcount: 231

Oh, what a country, Piotr thinks, where trucks travel freely, distributing treats to all who wish to pay.

He watches Kitty eat and remembers how her eyes lit when she heard the jingly-jingly that announced the coming sweets. He remembers how she ran, dragging him behind her by the hand. How the hair around her face was damp and curling from the heat of the day. How she smiled at him while they stood in line, behind other excited girls.

Piotr thinks of the man in the window, smiling at the girls and at him. He wishes that he himself might drive the truck and wear the small, pointed hat. He would play the tinkling music and stop the truck when girls ran to him. He would deliver relief on sweltering days to joyful, thankful faces and watch as perfect American teeth bit into the pops striped in red, white and blue.

There is chocolate smudged at the corner of Kitty's mouth and sweet, sticky cream running down her chin. She sucks the stick until every last vestige of taste has been had and, even then, she continues to gnaw at it while she walks beside him.

Oh, what a country, he thinks, where girls buy ice cream from trucks and chew the stick until it is pulped.

How lucky, he thinks, how lucky. For, in Soviet Russia, stick chews you.