"Vampire Game" character, art, and plot are (c) Judal.
This story, however, is (c) Ilyce V. Mairenne

Author's Note: It starts out with Ishtar just thinking over her relationship with Darres,
but it is an IshtarxDuzell story.
It's a one-shot, but it's split into two parts, and only for these reasons:
1. Suspense purposes
2. I feel the second half isn't up to scratch, and it will be worked on, and separated for now.

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Knight for a Princess

' The knight in shining armor saved the princess and they live happily ever after. '

That's how fairytales go. I know that. That's how things are meant to be - were meant to be. And at some point in the story, the two declare their love for each other. It doesn't matter if that love wasn't there from the very beginning. At one point, there is a declaration of love, and after that, nothing can interfere with that love.

That's how fairytales go. That's what princesses are meant for.

But... is it the same for a queen?

Ishtar slammed the book shut, putting it aside. It had been too long since she'd glanced at those childish tales. It had been too long since she'd believed in those silly stories, and dreamt of her own happily ever after.

And even though she was reading them in the moonlight again, the magic from before was entirely gone.

Careful not to disturb the kyawl sleeping soundly beside her - really, Duzie can be such a kyawl at times! Some king of the undead... - the restless princess slipped gently from between the covers, tiptoeing to the window. Too much noise and Darres was bound to come charging in, wondering what had happened. He really is paranoid sometimes.

But looking at the closed - and locked, and watched, and guarded, and spelled - door, a genuine smile slipped across her face.

But I don't mind in the least. He is my knight after all.

It's just... Am I still his princess?

More importantly, do I still want to be his princess?

She shook her head, as though trying to clear it of the thoughts that refused to leave her alone those past few days. Trying to replace the reoccurring image with the eyes she had believed she wanted to see...

A knight is meant for a princess. And a princess is meant only for a knight. That's just the way life works. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Darres is my knight and I am his princess. That's just the way our life is. And I don't want it to change. Ever.

I see now that I mistook his love for duty, but he does his duty with affection. Perhaps not exactly the same affection I feel for him, but still. He cares for me. He's always cared for me. Since I was a little girl. And he's been beside me all that time. And from that care, love can emerge. How can I possibly let any stranger take his place in my heart?

I love him, after all. I know I do. That's why whenever I think that he doesn't love me, it hurts...

A hand unconsciously reached for her heart, as though to subdue the heart-ache, that painful, crushing feeling...

...that wasn't there.