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"Why can't we be at home this afternoon?" Ryan whined as Flack practically dragged him into Home Depot.

"Because Aunt Lindsay is throwing Mom a baby shower, and there are no boys allowed." Flack replied as he began to search for the paint section.

"But it's cold and rainy, and I don't want to go shopping." He complained as he followed Flack down the aisle.

"Well, we need to buy paint for the baby's room. You and I need to paint it before the baby comes." Flack replied, trying to get Ryan interested in the process.

"But I want to go home!" he said stomping his feet.

Flack sighed. This was Ryan's new thing; throwing temper tantrums at the drop of a hat. The summer had gone beautifully, Zoey and Ryan had so much fun together, the wedding was flawless and the honeymoon was amazing. It all went by so fast. Before Flack knew it, Ryan was back at school, fall was in full swing, and Zoey was really pregnant.

"I don't wanna paint the baby's room!" Ryan started crying. "I don't want the baby anymore!"

'This, is not good.' Flack furrowed his brow and crouched down to Ryan's level. "Why the sudden change of heart? You were so excited."

"I don't want it!" He cried louder. "It's gonna take all my love away, and you won't love me anymore." Ryan was full out crying now. Flack didn't know what to say, this was definitely something Zoey was better at.

"Now why would you say something like that Ryan? You were here first, and we will always love you the same." He consoled, trying to ignore the looks he was getting from the other people in the store.

"But Bobby said that his parents loved him less when his little brother came, and the got mad at him all the time, and I don't want that to happen to me…" he sobbed.

'Who the hell is this Bobby kid? Talk about a shit-disturber.' Flack grumbled to himself. "Ryan, it's not going to happen to you." Flack reassured. "You're my buddy remember?"

"Really?" Ryan asked looking up at Flack with tear rimmed eyes. "Forever?"

"Of course forever!" Flack smiled as he pulled him into a big hug. "No matter what happens, ok? You and me, we'll always be buddies."

That seemed to appease Ryan for the time being. He had spent all his energy crying, so Flack ended up having to carry him while he slept.


"Wake up! Wake up! It's Christmas!" Ryan yelled as he jerked open his bedroom door and ran up and down the hallway of the apartment. He swung open the door to his parents' room, but stopped dead when he saw the empty bed. "Mom?! Dad?!" he called, completely confused that his parents were awake before he was.

"Ryan! In the living room." He heard a voice call him. He slowly walked to the living room. "Uncle Dino?"

"Hey Ry." Danny greeted from his spot on the couch. "Look, Santa came." He pointed towards the tree.

Ryan wasn't so easily distracted. "Where's mom and dad?"

"They had to go to the hospital. Mom is having the baby." Danny smiled gently, not sure what Ryan's reaction would be.

"Really?! Right now?! She's having the baby?!" He jumped up and down excitedly.

"Right now." Danny laughed. "Dad and Aunt Linny are with her."

"Why didn't they take me too?" he asked, suddenly thinking back to what Bobby had told him.

"Well, you were sleeping." Danny reasoned. "Plus, someone had to be here in case Santa needed to wake someone up for help, right?"

Ryan thought about it for a moment. "I never thought about that, but that is very smart."

Danny grinned. 'Gets 'em everytime.' "So, what do you want to do? Open some presents?"

Ryan looked at Danny, completely horrified at what he had just suggested. "We can't open the presents without mom and dad!!!"

"Ok, ok!" Danny held up his hands in surrender. "Want some breakfast instead?"

"Can't we go to the hospital too? Santa has been here, so we don't need to stay." Ryan reasoned.

'Dammit. He's smart.' Danny thought about it. "Well, how about we eat breakfast first. Lindsay is going to call us around 8:30 to let us know what's happening, and we'll ask her if we can go, sound ok?"

"Ok." Ryan replied.


"Remember what I said about being in the hospital?" Danny asked as he parked the car.

"I know! Be quiet and stay with you, even if I get excited." Ryan said as he quickly undid his seatbelt.

Lindsay had called at 8:30 just like she said she would. Zoey breezed through labour, and had already had the baby when Lindsay called. Ryan was so excited, Danny practically had to tie him down to explain him the rules of the hospital visit.

"Do you think it's a boy or girl?" Ryan asked excitedly as they got into the elevator.

"I don't know, Lindsay said you had to come to find out." Danny grinned. Ryan babbled excitedly until the doors of the elevator dinged opened on the 6th floor of the hospital.

Ryan pulled Danny out of the elevator and looked down the hall. He immediately saw Flack standing in the hallway. "There's dad!" Ryan squealed as he pulled Danny in Flack's direction.

Flack looked up and smiled as Ryan walked down the hall with Danny. "Hey buddy." He smiled.

"We brought presents!" Ryan said pointing to the bag Danny was holding. "Since the baby and mom have to stay here, we brought presents to open."

Flack smiled. "Mom will be very happy that you did that. The baby too. Who do you want to see first?"

Ryan thought about it for a minute. "I want to see the baby!"

"Ok, then you come with me, and Danny can go in and see Mom and Lindsay." Flack said.

Ryan took Flack's hand and they started walking towards the nursery. "Is it a girl or a boy?" Ryan asked.

"It's a girl." Flack grinned.

Ryan frowned. "Really?" he said slightly disappointed.

"Really. It means you and I are going to have to work extra hard to take care of her. You know, girls are lots of work. She's going to need a good big brother to help her out."

Ryan smiled at this comment. "Well, I can be a good big brother."

"I know you can. I'm not worried." Flack said. "Here we are."

"Which one is she?" Ryan asked as Flack lifted him to look through the nursery window.

"She right there, front row, wrapped in the pink blanket." Flack pointed to the baby. "Mom said she looks just like you did when you were born. Her name is Anna."

"Can we go see mom now?" Ryan asked.


18 year later


"I'll get it." Flack mumbled getting up off the chair.

"Mom! Don't let him!" Anna called from her room.

"Don, just stay where you are, I'll get it." Zoey walked out from the kitchen.

Zoey shook her head as she walked to the door. She opened the door, had to take a step back because she was so surprised. "Ryan! What are you doing here?!"

Ryan chuckled. "Little sister's first serious boyfriend is coming home, I wouldn't miss it." He winked and gave Zoey a hug.

"Don!" Zoey called. "Anna is going to have your head." She scolded.

"Her older brother can't be concerned about her?" Flack smirked from his chair.

"Ryan?! What the hell are you doing here?" Anna asked as she came into the living room.

"Heard you had a date with that Todd guy again tonight?" Ryan winked.

"Dad! Come on!" Anna exclaimed. Flack just waved his hand at her.

"Did you just come from work?" Zoey asked, trying to change the subject.

"No, I dressed in my uniform for effect. You know, to let this kid know who he's dealing with." Ryan chuckled.

Anna put her hands of her hips and glared at Ryan. "How am I supposed to date if you show up here in your NYPD uniform and flashing your gun?!"

Ryan thought about it for a minute. "Hmm…I suppose it would be hard. But it's my job squirt…to serve and protect, you know?"

"Mom! Tell him to change! Please!" Anna begged.

"Dad's wearing his badge and gun; he's not on duty either." Ryan pointed out.

"Ya, I know. Why do you think it's been so hard for me to date!?" Anna shouted.

"That is enough you two." Zoey said strictly. "Don, take off the badge and gun."

Flack opened his mouth to protest, but Zoey interrupted him. "Now." She said sternly. "And Ryan, your father will lend you some clothes, and you will change."

Both men grumbled as they headed to the master bedroom at the back of the apartment.

"Thanks Mom." Anna smiled.

Zoey smiled. "They mean well Anna. They are protective, and it just gets out of hand sometimes."

"Are you happy now?" Flack said as he and Ryan re-emerged.

"Much happier." Anna smiled. "Thanks Daddy." She said kissing him on the cheek. "You too Ry." She said giving him a hug.