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Five years had past, since that day that Harry had rescued her from the demon that was Tom Marvolo Riddle, and five years had past since she had first had her heart torn in two.

Ginerva sat in front of the mirror that served her and her two other roommates, luckily her two roommates were still fast asleep. Of course, not many people were up at this hour. If you were to look out one of the dorm windows, you would have been greeted with a pleasant view of the night sky. The sun was due to rise in least three hours, yet Ginerva still sat staring deeply into the mirror, as if transfixed by what she saw. What exactly was it that she saw? She saw him. Not all of him, but he was there. Even as she stared into her own eyes, she could see something that now one else seemed to notice. Green. Now many red heads since the beginning of time have had green eyes, so what was so fascinating about the fact the Ginerva had a green ring around her eyes? Everyone else in her family just had blue eyes and she had only blue eyes at one time, but during certain predicaments a certain bond may happen between two people, even if it is unwanted.

Tom had left a mark on her, not like the one his older self did to his followers but one that seemed almost loving, to her at least. Oh how she hated that word. Love. It was almost like getting slapped in the face, for you couldn't choose if it would happen. As many of her friends knew, Ginerva had been deeply infatuated with a certain Mr. Potter and many would have even said that she loved him, but that of course wasn't true. Her eyes were proof of that. Why hadn't anyone noticed? She remembered the first time she had looked into a mirror after leaving the Chamber of Secrets. She had let out a rather loud gasp and almost tumbled over. It was certainly a surprise to see that brilliant shade of emerald staring back at her. It wasn't like Harry's shade of emerald. Harry's was bright and lively. Tom's however was darker, deeper, and it seemed to shine with such a fierce arrogant pride.

Ginerva sighed deeply, still confused after all these years. Why couldn't she just get over him? After all, he had done terrible things to her. He had manipulated her. He had twisted her around his pale finger and had held fast, that was however until a certain Boy Who Lived showed up and defeated him. Ginerva got up from where she was sitting and moved toward the door heading to the dorms. She kept her eyes glued to the mirror until the very last moment. She then tore them away, reluctantly, heading out the door and back to her bed. Even though Ginerva had been doing this routine for many years now, she didn't want to be questioned as to why she was in the bathroom at such an hour.


A deep growl escaped a young man's throat as he made his way through the many twisting secret passage ways of Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. After his mistake, he had been tossed aside like a meaningless muggle corpse. His older self must have been lied to, for who would leave someone as important as himself in the bowls of some unimportant Death Eater's secret chamber, like the Malfoy's. Taking a sharp turn to the right, he came out of the dim lighted passages to the slightly lighter hallways. Clenching and unclenching his fists, he made his way down to the Slytherin Common Room.

Salazar Will Rule Tom hissed in parseltounge.

The Common Room door stayed shut.

Tom let out a angry hiss and let his rage flow through his arm, down to his fist, and he felt his fist come in contact with the hard stone that was the Common Room door. He moaned slighty as he unclenched his fist. A wave of pain shot up his arm. Tom gazed down at his hand for a moment. Thick crimson liquid poured from it and Tom felt a certain animalistic hunger sprouted in his throat. Blood. Blood always did that him. Why? He didn't care why; he liked it and that was all that mattered.

"Salazar Will Rule." Tom said quietly as he continued to gaze at his hand. Bringing his hand up to his mouth, he licked gently at the deep gashes in his knuckles. As the coppery taste awaked his senses, a image of the eleven year old Ginerva popped into his mind. Stepping into the Common Room, he sighed angrily. If only Potter hadn't interfered, then he would be in double the power, twice the brain, he could move two times as fast to cleanse the filth of the Magical World. Tom glanced down at his hand once more, knowing full well that when he woke up in the morning that it would be entirely healed, no scare or anything. Such things like that were the nice parts of reliving a memory each and everyday, but the constant reminder that that's all he was ate at his nerves like a hungry Hippogriff.

Everyday he would wake and everyday he would become even more enraged by the fact that he was still stuck in the old diary. Potter had thought that he completely destroyed him. Tom smirked, dropping into a mildly comfortable armchair next to the fire. Of course Potter had thought he had been destroyed. After all, it was like a Gryffindor to assume things, such as victory. His hand pulsed lightly as Tom brought it back up to his face. He didn't lick it as he had the first time. He simply stared at it, think of the girl with red hair. In a way, it was her fault as well, but Tom didn't hold it against her as he held it against Potter. She had just been an accessory, a needed item to tie together his plan. "She was an object and nothing more" Tom told him self forcefully. "Nothing more." Tom repeated, less forcibly. "Ginerva, my object, mine not Potter's." Tom wispered staring into the fire. From a pocket inside his robes, he pulled out a small mirror he had begun carrying, since he had been sucked back into the dirary. He brought it up to his eyes and examined them, just as he did everyday. No matter how many days passed, the ocean blue ring still remained around his dark green eyes. He remembered waking up the first day after being stuck with that fang and having that awful headache, until the Basilisk venom had done it's course. Someone should have told Potter that Basilisk venom could not harm any of the Slytherin's bloodline. "Mine, even if I have to wait, your mine." Tom said staring deeply into the eyes that belonged to him and the girl he had bonded with. Ginerva Tom hissed lightly in parseltongue. He shut his eyes and savored the feeling of her name in his native tounge. He could wait...for her.


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