Title: Cape of Storms
Author: DeityOfDeath
Archive: Yes please...
Pairings: Lucius/Harry Severus/Harry
Category: Drama, romance, slash
rating: NC-17/R
Spoilers: Most likely.
Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon, Drama SPOILERS!
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Cape of Storms

Chapter 1: So where do I sail?

Another day of wondering when the storm inside my heart will end, another day wondering if I'll live to see my love for him come to fruition.

No one knows. I haven't said anything nor have I gone to see Poppy Pomphrey or any other person in the medical profession. If I should leave this world now without having told anyone I would leave behind a lot of angry friends and people who I love like family. I can only imagine what the wizarding world would think. I bet I would once again have my face plastered all over the newspapers. The headlines would read "Fallen Hero: Harry Potter's death at a young age", or "Savior of Wizarding world deceased". There are so many things they could say. None would do me any justice in truth. I don't feel much like a hero and I never have. I killed the man who had killed so many near and dear to me and with his death I have killed a part of myself and thus I now slowly deteriorate into nothing.

Our magic had mixed when I was still a baby, when he tried to kill me using the most unforgivable of all the unforgivable's it had some how bound us. Not only was my fate tied to him but my life as well. It's been over a year since I've destroyed all of the horcruxes with the help of those around me and only six months since I cast the unforgivable and ended Voldemort's rein of terror and death. It was a week after that in the comfort of my own home on the shoreline that I had my first attack.

I had been sitting at my breakfast table in the in screened porch when a pain shot through my body causing me to lose all control of my limbs. I had trouble breathing and I collapsed to the floor bringing my plate and coffee mug with me. I remember starring at the black puddle my spilt coffee had made while I convulsed on the floor and when the pain had ended it felt as if some huge weight had been lifted from my body. I lay there waiting and praying there would be no more. After a few minutes I slowly pushed myself up and after gathering myself I cleaned up the mess that had been made. It was less than another week before it had happened once again. It continued to happen spontaneously and after one very vicious I attack I sat there with my knees up to my chest and my arms wrapped around them sobbing.

I cried because I knew what it meant. I knew that something was wrong with me deep inside and I decided that day that if I was going to die it wouldn't be in St. Mungo's or any other hospital. I didn't want my friends gathered around me sobbing or making shallow promises that I would live to be old and gray.

I had managed to somehow isolate myself from everyone else, keeping strict rules as to who knew my whereabouts by never signing any of my letters to others with my address or a date. They would never know how long it had taken my dear Hedwig to get their mail to them and that was just fine with me. It's nearing my eighteenth birthday and I can't help but wonder how many I'll live to see.

On this particular day I decided to go and sit on the beach and watch the waves as the tumble ashore like dancers with billowing white dresses. The shadows of seagulls fluttered across the sand and then a new shadow appeared that was far from the usual sleek "W" shaped gull shadows. I looked up with my hand against my forehead shading my eyes from the blinding sun. I watched as a brightly colored parrot flew towards me. I couldn't help but smile at the sight. The large bird flapped its large blue and gold wings as I held out my arm for it to land on. Upon landing it stretched its wings and then pulled them in tight against its body before calling out loudly in a sing song voice.

"Harry, Harry Potter. Awk! Hello, Harry. I'm a pretty birdie. Cid's a pretty birdie, Cid's a pretty birdie."

I laughed, "Why Hello, Cid. You certainly are a pretty birdie. Do you have a letter for me Cid?"

Cid turned his head far to the right and squawked loudly as he extended one black foot where an envelope was tied gently to his foot. I untied the note and leaned over picking up a grape from a food tray by my folding chair and held it up to Cid's large beak. He chuckled happily as he took it into his beak and proceeded to climb his way up my arm and onto my left shoulder where he sat eating his grape happily.

I opened the note and immediately recognized the all too familiar wax seal. Hogwarts! This letter was from Hogwarts. I turned to peer up at Cid who ruffled his feathers annoyed by my surprise.

I read the letter softly to myself,

Dear Harry,

I hope that this letter finds you well. It has been a while and it seems as though you've fallen into hiding. Everyone has been thinking about you and since the school is finally repaired and ready for new students we are once again in a precarious situation seeing as how no one wants to take the "cursed" Defense Against the Dark Arts position. I know that Albus had offered it to Severus Snape but upon asking him he refused and then mentioned your name. It seems that you are the only one qualified enough to fill the position and we would all enjoy having you in our midst's again. So please consider the position and all that it entails.

You can write back with your answer or simply come to the grand re-opening of Hogwarts this Friday. We hope to see you there.


Minerva McGonagall.

I held the letter in my hands and then turned to look at Cid, "Well, you're free to go Cid. I won't be sending a reply."

Cid flexed his wings and then opened his left one and proceeded to preen himself. I stared at him and sighed, "You can go home now Cid."

"Cid's a pretty birdy! Pretty birdie for Harry Potter."

I stared at him and had the urge to send a howler to whoever's idea it was to send Cid. I would go and visit Hogwarts for its grand re-opening and I would return Cid. Somewhere deep inside I felt a pang of regret and sadness. I want to teach. I want to stay at the place I called home for so many years and yet...I didn't want to take the chance of others finding out. I didn't want the inevitable to happen. I didn't want to have them watch as I died. I rubbed at my face and stood up pulling my wand from my shorts pocket and waved it causing the folding chair to fold and shrink along with my food tray and then I began walking towards my house while my chair items floated behind me, Cid on my shoulder nuzzling my head happily.

To Be Continued...

I LOVE Hyde and if you ever get the chance rent or buy the Japanese movie "Last Quarter". It's a gorgeous movie and the song Cape of Storms is one that Hyde himself wrote and sang. It always makes me cry and upon listening to it I saw this Harry standing on the beach with the wind blowing and then the idea came to me. It's going to be a tear jerker and a possible Mpreg. We'll see.