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Prologue: Commitment

Hyūga Hinata snuck through the halls of the Hyūga manor, her byakugan activated to detect any signs of movement, quickly hiding from patrols, slipping into blind spots of those who had their own bloodline activated. Moving silently and quickly, thanks to thirteen years of training since she could walk, she stopped in front of a sliding door, slipping a kunai from her training uniform. She did a quick scan of her surroundings, and slid the door open before slipping inside.

She slowly walked over to the bed holding a sleeping form. With every step, her grip on the weapon tightened until she had white knuckles as she stood beside the bed. As she stared at the sleeping being, her eyes flashed with anger as she recalled her life.

"You are weak!"

"You will never lead this clan."

"You can't even beat your sister, five years younger than you."

A small tear ran down her cheek, having to remember her years of abuse. Having no one to turn to and no friends outside her family, her teammates dying on a mission years ago. The only Hyūga her age trying to kill her four years ago, any hope of friends in the family was squashed. With these thoughts coursing through her brain and her blood racing through her veins, she raised the kunai above her head.


"Hiashi-sama! Come quick!" shouted a Hyūga branch member, his eyes wide with shock.

Hyūga Hiashi looked up from his work, initially irritated that he was being interrupted. It was quickly replaced with concern at the branch member's facial expression. He stood quickly and rushed out of the room, following the signs of panic.

As soon as he saw that it was all focused on Hanabi's room, his normally stoic expression quickly turned to fear and he broke into a sprint.

He shouted, "Move aside!" when he got close and noticed the unmoving crowd. Everyone jumped aside at the sound of his voice, forming a clear path to the open door. He immediately noticed the faces of all people lining the path, most of concern, others of fear, but it was the looks of sympathy and sadness that worried him the most. He approached the door, the scene within freezing him in his steps.

Red. Everything is…red.

Everything in the room was stained red with blood, except for a circle in the middle of the room, occupied by a person. His eyes were immediately drawn to the bed, and the unidentifiable mess tangled in its sheets.

He took a step in shock, "What, what happened in here?"

Suddenly the figure in the middle in the room, and he met he face of his other daughter. A large smile was on her face, but her eyes were devoid of life.

"I did it father," she said, standing. "I beat her. Like a true shinobi." Her face held joy as she took a step towards him.

He took a step back, his hands rising into a slightly defensive position. "What have you done?"

Her face fell slightly as she looked at the bed. By the time she turned back around, the large empty smile was back. "I beat Hanabi, father, like you always wanted. Aren't you proud of me?" she asked, hope filling her voice.

He was taken aback by the question. He took one last look at Hanabi's room before turning and walking away, muttering something to the collected branch members. Hinata's face fell as he walked.

"Father? Where are you going? Aren't you proud of me?" She felt someone grab her arm, and turned to the offending person. "Let go of me!" she yelled, striking the man in the chest. She felt other people grab her appendages, disabling her. "Let me go! Father has to tell me how proud he is of me!" She struggled wildly before someone struck her in the back of the neck, knocking her out.


Sounds of a struggle were heard resonating down the sterile hallways punctuated occasionally by feminine grunts. Around the corner walked two shinobis carrying Hinata between them, her arms crossed in front of her by the chakra enforced strait jacket.

"Let me go! I don't belong here! Take me back to my father!"

They stopped in front of a doctor next to a door. "Put her in her," he said, opening the door. The two shinobis walked inside with the struggling kunoichi. Just as quickly, they were outside the room closing the door behind them. Almost immediately, there was a slam against the door. The action was ignored as the doctor hung a clipboard on the door and the three men walked away.

"Let me out! My father has to tell me how proud he is!" Hinata yelled, to no avail. She continued yelling for an hour, before collapsing to the padded floor, crying to herself softly.


Uzumaki Naruto walked on the other side of the hospital, dressed in scrubs. Shinobis and hospital staff gave him wide berth, eyeing his claws and canines nervously. He froze and lifted his face into the air, sniffing. He smiled, "Fresh meat."