Epilogue: Homecomings

A/N: The finale dedicated to my girlfriend, Janet. (If anyone is associated with mental illness, it would be her…)

Godaime Hokage Tsunade held her head in her hand, eyes closed as she mentally calculated Konohagakure's current state. Within the past twenty years, its two greatest clans and bloodlines had been eradicated, both by the two eldest members of the main families. She smiled grimly at the correlation between the two incidents. It had been three years since Naruto and Hinata had disappeared, the death of the entire Hyūga clan in their wake. Things seem to go downhill for Tsunade after that. She reached into the drawer of her desk for a bottle of sake and poured a cup, downing the burning liquid in a single gulp. Their foreign relations had been slowly waning over the years as well. The remaining relations with Kumo were completely cut off two years ago, and Iwa had followed soon after. The rebuilding talks with Suna suddenly stopped with the appointment of a new Kazekage after that, and Kiri was currently in a state of rebellion. Or so she thought. The information from that region had stopped coming in not too long ago.

"This is why I wanted to stay away," she said aloud, standing up to stare out the window. The village at least had a semblance of peace. There wasn't a sound in the town as the streets were empty. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Where is everybody?" she muttered aloud, scanning the streets closely. A figure dashed into a building, but her trained eyes were able to catch a glimpse of the Kumo symbol on the headband. She gasped turning towards her door with a loud, "Shizune!"

She turned completely and gasped at the sight of the figure in her doorway. "You won't be seeing her anytime soon," said the figure bedecked in robes similar to her own and wearing the hat of the Raikage. She thought she recognized the voice, but remained silent. She watched the figure as he sauntered into the room and stood before her desk. He raised his head, revealing his face. "Good to see you again, Granny."

She glared at the man before her, "Uzumaki Naruto! What are you doing here?" She prepped her chakra in preparation of an attack and balled her fist in a threatening manner.

Naruto held up his hands in a placating manner, "Now, now Tsunade. I don't causing any collateral damage. I know how you fight," he said with small smirk. "I wouldn't want you to hurt my wife," he said, stepping aside and eyeing the door.

Tsunade briefly considered attacking while his attention was diverted, but the voice emanating from the hallway distracted her. "Hurry up, Sasuke-kun. Naruto's waiting." Tsunade waited with trepidation as two people rounded the corner into her office. She quickly recognized Hyūga Hinata as she entered the room and the evidence of her distended abdomen immediately clued Tsunade into the fact that she pregnant, approximately seven months if her medic-nin abilities were to be trusted. The figure walking with her surprised Tsunade more however.

"Here you are, Hinata-hime," said Uchiha Sasuke, remaining member of the Uchiha clan. He held her elbow as she sat in one of the chairs in Tsunade's office. All thoughts of attacking Naruto left her head as the renegade ninja finally focused on her, his face betraying no emotion as he watched her.

"Uchiha Sasuke? What are you doing here?" the Hokage asked, shock evident in her voice.

Sasuke turned towards Naruto a moment before returning his attention back to Tsunade. "I joined Naruto after he killed Orochimaru," he replied, showing that he felt no further explanation was needed.

Naruto smiled at her expression for a moment before he began speaking, "I can see that you are surprised, so I'll try to explain things to you." He moved behind Hinata and placed his hand on her shoulder. She leaned her head onto his hand with a small smile before he began reciting his tale. "I knew of Kumo's want for the byakugan. With Hinata it was easy to gain an audience with the," he smiled wickedly, "former Raikage. He was easily dealt with and I took his throne. Kumogakure is different from Konoha, more suited to me. They respect pure power and battle prowess and it was easy to make everyone respect me." He punctuated his statement with a show of his clawed hand curled in front of his face.

"Naruto-kun was finally where he deserved to be," Hinata finally spoke up. The cold stare she gave Tsunade sent chills down the sannin's spine.

Naruto chuckled, "Indeed. I then focused my attention on gaining allies with Iwa and Suna, whether they wanted it or not. Iwa put up a minor resistance, but the display of power of demonic jutsus and the opportunity to exact revenge on Konoha quelled most of their resistance." He shrugged, "I didn't want to destroy them, just make sure they knew who was in charge."

Tsunade listened in horror, all the foreign events of the past year coming to light. Everything seemed to be traced back to this man.

Naruto seemed to ignore her as he walked to stand behind Sasuke. "Sasuke joined when I had to step on a bug. Or a snake in this case. Orochimaru had been targeting Konoha again for years, ever since his defeat all those years ago. I wanted Konoha, so I took him out myself before he could do anything. You should really thank me," he said. The look Tsunade gave him delighted him to no end. "Sasuke had a lot of information on Akatsuki, and I started on them next. First I went to Suna for another hidden village conquering campaign. Except, it was easier than ever. Turned out the next Kazekage in line was just like me, only weaker. He readily pledged allegiance to me. I then went after Akatsuki. With the power of three countries' ninjas behind me and multiple jinchūrikis, they were easily disposed of."

"You defeated the entire organization?" Tsunade asked incredulously.

Naruto shrugged dismissively again. "I may have led the attack, but I only personally killed five. Sasuke here killed Itachi, as was his only request for serving me." He started pacing around the room before continuing his narrative, "Afterwards, I set my sights on Kirigakure. An island country, it proved to be difficult to invade. But after an initial incursion and sparking of internal turmoil it feel easily to my combined might. And then I came here." He now stood in front of the window, peering into the streets below. Tsunade followed his gaze. In the streets various shinobi from the other villages were herding the citizens into the outside with their hands tied behind their backs. She also saw various Konoha ninjas' bodies being pile din the center of intersections. She felt a tear escape her eye before white hot fury engulfed her.

She attacked, lunging at Naruto as his back was turned. She barely got within a foot of him when a force on her chest stopped her approach. She looked down and saw the remnants of lightning enhanced chakra dissipate from the gloved hand emerging from her chest. Snakes sprouted from the wrist and bit her. Naruto finally turned towards her as the heat of the poison spread throughout her body. "So violent Tsunade," were the last words she heard before she slipped into darkness.

Sasuke removed his arm as her lifeless body crumbled to the floor. Naruto looked at it dispassionately before he sniffed and whistled sharply. Instantly, two Kumo-nins appeared and removed the body without a command. Naruto picked up the Hokage's hat and placed it on Sasuke's head before walking towards the door. Sasuke was mildly surprised but hid it quickly beneath the shadow of the hat.

"Sasuke-kun," a voice sung out behind him. "Help me up please." Sasuke hurried to Hinata's side and lifted her carefully out of her seat. "Thank you Sasuke-kun," she said, planting a small kiss on his cheek. He tried to hide his blush as she walked to Naruto and wrapped her arm in his. Naruto flashed a smirk before turning to walk away with his wife. "I'm hungry Naruto-kun," she said, and Naruto laughed out loud before telling her where he knew to get some great ramen.

Sasuke stood in the empty office, fingering the hat on his head. After a minute he removed the hat and placed it on the desk. He opened a file cabinet and removed the files of the shinobis of the village. He quickly separated it into two piles before placing the larger of the two on the floor and began reading the folders of the smaller one, separating into two further piles. He had a clan to rebuild, and only strong kunoichis would suffice.