Synopsis: This is the story of the Silver Millennium, told through the eyes not of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, but of those closest to them—the Sailor Soldiers and the Shitennou. (PGSM live action universe)

Foreword: I began this fanfiction just over two years ago, when Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon was nearing the end of its run. It had been my hope that I would complete the fic before publishing it to the internet; however, life took over and the fic remained unfinished. I finally decided to type it and post it, with the hopes that doing so may inspire me to finish it.

This fic was begun before the Special Act took place; therefore, you'll find Queen Serenity is absent (as viewers of the show may recall, Princess Serenity was referred to as the ruler of the Moon Kingdom up until the Special Act). With the exception of this, I have done my best to stay as true to the series as possible. It is my hopes that this fanfiction could serve as an accurate representation of what might have happened in the past life, and that it will tie up any loose ends about the Silver Millennium that the series itself left open.

Disclaimer: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and all related characters, items, and events are property of Naoko Takeuchi and Toei. No copyright infringement is intended, and this is a non-profit fanfiction.

Guardians of the Earth and the Moon


It has been said that fate can't be changed. One's destiny is set out before them, determined by the actions that one has taken in the past. But how far in the past must one look to find the source of destiny? Perhaps even further back than even one's own life itself…

So then, could everything that has happened now be preordained by an event in the distant past? So long ago that history itself has forgotten it? During a time when life itself existed in places that modern humans could never have thought it possible...

Ten thousand years ago, the universe was quite different than it is now. The planets of the Solar System were not cold orbs of ice and rock. They teemed with abundant life, guided by the light of the radiant Silver Crystal. Eight of the planets were banded together under the leadership of Moon Kingdom, where they formed a union that symbolized peace for over a thousand years. It was known as the Silver Millennium.

The ninth planet, however, a small green and blue orb known as Earth, was not a member of this great alliance. The Earthlings, selfish and power hungry, distrusted the Moon Kingdom. Earthlings were forbidden to have any contact with beings from the other worlds; in return, citizens of the Moon Kingdom avoided the people of Earth. Such is how it was for centuries.

This all changed, however, when the beautiful Princess Serenity, ruler of the Moon Kingdom, fell in love with the headstrong Prince of the Earth, Endymion. Their forbidden love set into motion a series of events that changed the destiny of the universe forever.

They two, however, were not the only players in the story…