First theme for the community 30 dates. I've started this collection of thirty (forty if I decide to add the bonuses - and knowing me I shall do just that) to enrich this fandom with more Sora/Leon stories. Because there are not enough of them.

Like all the other drabbles for this community, this has not beta reader so no complains please? I'm doing my best here and school is coming soon too!

Disblaimer: Kaleido Star is not mine and its' character do not in any way belong to me. Innocent fun!
Warning: Fluffiness, characters are OOC.
Pairing: Sora Naegino/Leon Oswald
Theme: #1 - First Date
Summary: He had never imagined that he would ever want to go out with her; her of all people. Then again, Sora had always been special in his eyes. He liked that in a woman...this woman with her radiant smile.

by Royal blueKitsune

Leon resisted the urge to smile as Sora chattered excitedly about this and that. Small things that broke the ice that always accompanied first dates and getting to know others better.

Of course he wouldn't know that very well because he had never been on a date before, choosing to seclude himself from the overly touchy females around him. Just by being here with the petite redhead he broke ten unspoken rules -created especially to prevent from strangling meddling women- and other five that he could make up this very instant.

Sora didn't seem deterred by his monosyllabic answers and not in the slightest disturbed by his reluctance to speak too much, too often. Her smile was too beautiful and full of enthusiasm to pass as fake.

He immediately decided that he liked her smile.

She didn't seem intent on plastering herself on him anytime soon either and that only made him appreciate her more.

If that was possible of course. It wasn't but he could persuade his conscience to flatter her more.

Because Sora Naegino was a special type of woman.

One that had gradually demonstrated her strength, her determination and her sheer will to succeed time and time again.

One that cared more for those around her than she sometimes did for herself. After all hadn't she been the one to fulfill his and Sophie's dream even after her had acted like cold-hearted bastard with no regard for hers?

One that was kind, good, generous, giving...the list could go on for a while and Leon thought that he would rather pay attention to his charmingly exuberant partner for the night.

Leon made a mental note, thanking whoever was listening to for the inspired idea of taking his date out for a tour of New York City. It was simple, not too fancy and thoroughly enjoyable, as Sora had never quite had the time to tour the city thoroughly.

It had been miracle, inspiration, sheer luck...overhearing a conversation between Mia and Anna two days ago when he had been desperate for solutions and methods to at least make a good impression on Sora. (edgy nerves that usually occurred when one wanted to repeat said date over and over and over...had he mentioned that he was completely and utterly lost when it came to dating?)

"I can't fathom how you knew I wanted to get to know more about New York Leon. I've never had quite enough time off to visit all the sites and places...I'm glad you asked me out.

Her laughing brown eyes swung to meet his violet ones and this time Leon didn't try to suppress the visible quirk of his lips. If she was glad, then he was

He laced his fingers through hers in an unexpected gesture that spoke more than words and was pleased to watch her visibly blush.

If she asked he was going to pass it to the freezing temperature and the fact that it was better to share body heat when neither wore mittens.

Yes, he was cunning. Yes, he wanted her touch. No, he didn't feel guilty for making her embarrassed. If he was going to have his way, she wasn't going to be so embarrassed soon.

She didn't ask and he let her drag him to the nearest shop where Sora proceeded to admire and comment on some of the more pretty things exposed there. Albeit, she never made it clear that she wished a certain something but -nonetheless- the lingering glances gave her away.

Leon made a mental note, filing this information away for future references. Money wasn't a problem and the surprise written on her features when she found the things she wanted wrapped under the Christmas tree, made all his efforts worth it.

He didn't know why but the attractive dimple that made its appearance every time she smiled made him want to spoil her.

"Isn't New York beautiful in winter Leon? The falling snowflakes, the Christmas trees and the beautiful lights and presents...the feeling of being loved and belonging someplace." She glided her fingertips down the window, leaving clear streaks of water that greatly contrasted with the mild frost covering the glassy surface.

He almost felt like smiling at her hushed tone - she sounded like a giddy child in a candy store. A startling contrast to his poised and aloof nature.

They must've looked like a very odd couple standing in front of a children's store because Leon could definitely feel the weight of several stares boring in his back.

His long, silver hair contrasted with the black trench coat, dark jeans and fluffy gray sweater. Her shorter wine colored hair contrasted with the light blue sweater, navy jeans and cream-colored coat. Both he and her clashed with each other and created a stagnating difference with their dissimilar heights, expression, emotions...different opinions on life and its mysteries.

It was odd that he was still so attracted to her and that she insisted on being drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

"We should do this more often Leon."

Double meaning

"If I'm not mistaken there's a new restaurant opening tomorrow close to here. I've been interested in sampling some Japanese for some months now."

Double meaning.

She blushed and Leon found himself in silent disbelief that he could've actually implied that. This woman was making a pervert out of him. Really.

"Nikujaga is my favorite. And I can definitely guarantee that you will love oden."

No double meaning. Archive information for close references.

He smiled.


Yes, I'm aware it was short but if I'm going to make thirty stories (or more) some might be short due to the lack of inspiration/time. Opinions are eagerly expected though. Tell me what you thought and I'll be a happy author and post more!