Sy-Klone, Man-E-Faces, Ram-Man, and Fisto all returned from a scouting mission near Five Bells in the Evening. As the two Wind-Raiders came to a landing in the Hanger Bay, a Talon Fighter soon arrived in their wake, carrying Man-At-Arms.

"Gentlemen," he greeted them, hopping out.

"Hey Duncan," Mekaneck replied.

"How are you?" Man-E-Faces

"Not bad. What are you guys doing tonight?"

"Hitting the town for some drinks!" shouted Mekaneck, entering the Hanger Bay with Roboto. "We're going to get Sy-Klone blotto!"

"Or maybe all of us!" Ram-Man added.

"Why couldn't you have programmed Roboto with the ability to get drunk, Duncan?" asked Man-E-Faces.

"It really didn't seem very important," Man-At-Arms replied.

Roboto stepped forward. "Do not concern yourself, Man-At-Arms. I will make sure they do not exceed Human alcohol limits."

"Thanks for that," Man-At-Arms responded. "You guys enjoy yourselves. Please don't overdo it and make sure you file your reports before one drop of beer touches your lips."

"We're on it, sir," Mekaneck answered.

"You're welcome to join us, of course," Man-E-Faces offered.

"Thanks, but I've got things that need to be done tonight."

The Heroic Warriors then walked off, towards the stairs that took them into the Control Room. As they did, the elevator lift opened and Teela stood in the door, her hair looking messy and just dried.

"Hey sweetheart," he greeted.

"Hey Dad. I was just coming down to talk to you."

"Well, I was just going up."

"Hop on in."

Duncan joined his daughter in the elevator and it lifted them up. "How was fishing?"

"Good. We caught a bunch about an hour ago, actually."

"Ah, good." Duncan then paused. "Teela, dear, why do you smell like pond water?"

Teela bit her bottom lip. "Eh . . ." was her only answer. "Chef Allan is cooking up our fish for dinner. You coming?"

"Of course."

And thus, an hour later, King Randor and Queen Marlena rejoined the rest of the world after finally finishing up the budget. Teela was taking a shower and Adam was trying to keep Cringer from the kitchen to sneak some of the fish before they were able to serve it.

King Randor, Queen Marlena, and Man-At-Arms all made their way to courtyard. The sun was setting as they took their place on a small patio near the doors.

"How was the budget?" asked Duncan.

"Long and boring, but I think it came out nicely," Randor responded.

Marlena smiled and patted Randor's hand. "Oh, honey, the duties that lay on you . . ."

Randor smiled and looked out at the sunset. "You know I love it, though."

"That you do, sire," Duncan responded with a smile.

They all went silent and stared at the dusk, the sun slipping down into the horizon. Marlena was suddenly struck, as she was every day, with the thought of her long-lost daughter, Princess Adora. Despite it being over nineteen years since she had been kidnapped, Marlena still thought of her every single day. And today, it was now, sitting with two of four that actually knew about Adora – save for the Elders.

Was she watching her own sunset? Could she see the sunset? What was she doing right now? How was she acting? Was she being good?

"I miss her," Marlena after a long silence.

Randor knew exactly how she was feeling and wrapped his arm around his wife. Duncan sighed and nodded, wishing he could help them, that he could find someway that Adora could be rescued . . .


After a filling dinner, Adam, Teela, Randor, Marlena, and Duncan reconvened in the courtyard for some after-dinner coffee and tea. It was there that Randor and Marlena told and embellished the story of how they found Adam and Teela that afternoon.

"I guess we're going to have a talk, then," Duncan said to Teela with a joking smile.

"Father, it wasn't like that!"

"Are you calling the king a liar?" asked Randor, perking an eyebrow.

Adam busted out laughing.

"Oh come on!" Teela exclaimed.

"I can't believe it! My own Captain, calling me a liar!" Randor yelled out.

"No, it wasn't . . . I mean . . ."

Adam patted Teela on the shoulder. "It's okay, Teela. Really. We know what really happened out there at the pond." He then added a wink.

"Adam!" yelped Teela.

"Looks like we're going to have a talk, too," Marlena said to Adam.

The entire table erupted in laughter.

Nearby, Orko arrived after reading an entire box of comic books. Cringer looked up at him from his mid-evening nap.

"Did I miss anything?" he asked.

"Meh," Cringer responded. "Nothing really happened today."