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- - -

Prior Soul Society: Learning is Fun

- - -

Rukia had been with Ichigo quite a while now. She had seen most of his facial expressions (or so she thought). She thought that his surprised expression was the best she could get out of him. Or maybe the angry expression. She didn't know. But, what she did know is that he almost exploded when she had just asked a question.

She had felt it was a bit different to the times when she had asked him other questions such has how to use the stove, how to use the vacuum, etc, but Rukia was Rukia, and she was curious. The girls had been mentioning it during class, which was what originally sparked Rukia's interest. The teacher had come in, and they suddenly stopped talking about it.

After school, just before she left with Ichigo, she asked Orihime what the girls were talking about. Orihime just fainted.

So, she decided to ask the next person that she knew the most.

She still remembered the distance his drink went from his mouth. Her eyebrows raised; she didn't know anyone could physically spit that far. Ichigo had gotten up, red, and crossly marched to the kitchen to grab some paper towels. Thankfully his dad and his sisters were out at someplace – the reason why they were actually eating at the dinner table.

When he came back into the dining room, she asked him again.

As he scrubbed the floor of his drink he tried to conceal his (red) face from Rukia. It wasn't enough that she had to ask him in that sort of naïve tone – no, she had to insist on a suitable answer. And no, she wouldn't be satisfied with the excuse Ichigo used most of the time – "I'll tell you later."

"But I want to know now," she pouted, as Ichigo went to throw the dirty paper towels in the bin. He didn't look at her. Lately her…cuteness had been getting the best of him, and he had been doing stuff for her he wouldn't have done for any other girl.

He didn't say anything as he sat down, but he also didn't touch his drink, nor his food. There was just too much that he could lose – knowing the questions Rukia could – and would – throw at him. Instead, he closed his eyes for two reasons.

One, to avoid the meaningful stare Rukia was giving him, and two, to think of a response that would leave Rukia satisfied, and at the same time, let him out alive. He didn't know if she would just suddenly blurt it out at school that 'Ichigo told me this, this and this…'

That would just be horrible. His image had already gone down a fair bit when Rukia had come to his school. Lately people had already been questioning him about his relationship with Rukia, and even though he vehemently denied it, it hadn't stopped the rumors from spreading.

He took a deep breath, and opened his eyes.

She looked at him expectantly. It must have been quite an atrocious question to ask, she thought, the way he reacted. Usually he would grumble or shout angrily at her, but this time all he had done was avoid her gaze.

A truly bad question indeed.


He was too tired to argue. Most of the time he would just tell her 'no', she would annoy him for the next 10 hours, and then he would give in. He only did that because he liked the attention he was receiving from her – though he would never, never in a million years admit that. That would be immature and childish. He was neither. Besides, he didn't really want her annoying him about this particular subject.


There was no way out on this one. He couldn't tell her to ask the teacher. That would just be wrong. He would not ask her to ask his dad. That would be…he didn't even want to think about it.

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" he said, still not looking at her.

"Mm," she nodded. Rukia really couldn't see the big deal. It couldn't be that bad, she thought. Some of the girls had been giggling about it when they were talking…so it wouldn't have anything to do with death or anything. Ichigo could tell her.

Why are you so damn curious?

Exasperated, he rubbed his temples. This was not something that a 15-year-old boy should have to answer. Even if he knew the answer. Sighing loud enough for her to hear, he started. This was going to be bad for the both of them.

"A condom is…"

- - -

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