Destiny dose as Destiny wants .

Summary: A charmed/Harry potter crossover Paige's best friend and soon to be whitelighter asks her to look after her son. When she is killed fighting demons Paige and her sisters Piper , and Phoebe are stuck being the mother of an upset teen who refuses to take orders and find away to explane things to Pipers sons' . Soon thing get out of hand when ... owls deliver mail to all the teen boys?

A/N: I do not own Charmed or Harry Potter

Chapter One : Destiny Sucks and so do earthquakes

Paige and her sisters sat in the living room of the Halliwell house talking.

"Paige you can't force him to open up to you right away" Phoebe said to Paige.

" Shes right Paige he did just lose his mother." Piper the oldest of the three said.

Paige and her sisters knew of all people how it felt to lose a loved one they had lost there mothers. Upstairs a young boy with brown hair and emerald eyes sat on the edge of his bed looking around the room

I don't know if i can do this losing her was hard enough but now I'm living with the Charmed ones and they think i'm mortal Angel thought to himself. Back down stairs Pagie and her sisters where still talking about him he could hear everyone was saying.

" I would think he would at lest talk to me or one of you." Paige said to her sisters.

Piper was the first to speak up " Honey he's in shock he just lost his entire family to a demon."

" He probably blames himself because he has no powers and couldn't protect her " Phoebe said as she got up.

Angel gave smile and said something that sounded like I know something you don't know.

He began to think back to the night his mother made him meet Paige.

Flashback 1

" Angel Alexander Perry Get down here I want you to meet someone!" His mother called up the stairs.

Not wanting to scare the person he walked down stairs to the living of his home.

" Yes, Mother ? " He Asked with a tone that said I really don't want to be here.

His mother gave him a stern look and Angel changed his face before his mother began to talk again.

" Paige This is my son Angel. Angel this is Paige My Whitelighter." She said

Angel and Paige shook hands. Paige was the first to speak .

" Hey Dude. What's up? "

Angel moved his shoulders to say I don't know as he always did when someone asked what's up. Paige began to feel uneasy and brought up something his mother had let slip.

" So your from the future right ? "

Angel gave his mother a look before he spoke.

" How did you know ?" He asked a hint of anger in his voice.

" Billie told me by mistake she also told me you mortal." Paige said in his mothers defense

Angel was happy that she at lest covered up his part of the secret by telling Paige he's mortal.

" Sorry I'm A little sensitive about not having powers" He said with a look of pain on his face.

End Of Flashback 1

He smiled Billie was not his mother but someone from the future he had grown up with after his real mother was killed.

then he began to think of her death.

Flashback 2

" Angel No Powers None if any thing happens to me call for Paige Your her charge to the Elders have told her your a future Wightlighter that need to be watched" Billie said to him as demons began to surrounded her in the living room angel was on the stairs throwing bottles of potions at the demons who came up to him finally he put up a crystal cage to keep them away. Billie was using her Telekinesis to throw demons into walls and out of windows until one got her dead in the chest with a fireball. Billie hit the floor and the demon ran away living the boy and Billie alone.

" Paige! Paige!" Angel began to yell as he removed the crystals that protected him. As he reached Billie Paige orbed in Next to him

" What happened ?" Paige said trying to heal Billie.

" Demons attacked i was in a crystal cage My mother was trying to fight them off." Angel said still in alert. " Is she all right ?"

Paige looked at him a tear in her eye she had lost her best friend . " I'm so sorry Angel I tried i really did." Angel Bent down Crying took the dagger from Billie's hand.

A demon shimmers in to try and kill Angel sees him in the glass on the floor.

" Smart move jackass!" Angel said as he stabbed the demon that had killed Billie in the chest.

Paige is in shock. "How did you know he was there?" She Ask remembering he was mortal.

Angel smiled and said. " Simple I saw him in the glass on the floor." He said

Paige took his hand and said. " It will be all right Angel. "

" No it won't it will never change she will always be gone." He said tears falling down his cheeks.

They orb out of the house

End of Flash back

Angel Look at his bed side table where Billie's Dagger sat . He grabbed it and read the inscription.

" Power is Hope. Hope is strength." He read as Piper entered the room He looked at her.

" I Miss Her Piper I miss her a lot ." Angel said as Piper sat beside him on the bed.

" I know I know but it's Destiny . " Piper said Hugging him

" Destiny sucks." Angle said smiling at Piper.

For the first time in four moths Angel had finally spoken to one of the sisters. But the moment was ruined when the room began to shake.

pictures came crashing down. Piper and Angel made there way to Wyatt's room. The House gave one last violet jolt that made Angel fall The dagger stabbing his leg.

" Shit!" Angel screamed in pain ten seconds later as Piper removed the dagger from the wound and Paige held the wound.

" Destiny sucks and so do Earthquakes!" Angel Yelled only he and piper giggled at his word Phoebe and Paige look more confused than normal.