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Chapter Nine: Prue's back and with a plan

Harry and the others waited down stairs while Piper and Paige grabbed the book of shadows.

" You Guys know any one named Barbus ? " Hermione asked

" Why ? " Angel asked a hint of fear in his voice.

" I keep having this dream where I'm walking down a hall and see this guy jumps out in front of Ginny. He start to wave his hand in his face and starts to tell us are fears and then he grabs Ginny and she goes crazy and starts trying to run from a Giant snake that's not there." She said.

" That's not possible." Wyatt said "Mom and the Aunts killed him."

" Who did we kill ? " Phoebe asked

" Barbus. There is no way for him to come back, right ? " Chris asked.

Piper dropped the book " Barbus is the demon of Fear he can't be killed he always come back. He's like A fucking sickness."

Hermione noticed Angel had gone quite. " Angel are you ok ? "

Angel didn't answer he wasn't even there it was like He had just been pulled out of his body.

" Strange ." Wyatt said

" Good or bad ." Piper asked

" Bad he's been pulled from his body." Chris said.

Angel looked around his defenses were up and his mind couldn't be found.

" I'm Fine Grams." He said waving his hand .

Piper put her hands on her hips and gave him a stern look.

" Ok, when I was growing up Barbus attacked me and aunt Billy. Aunt Billy tried her best to fight him off but Barbus got to me." Angel stopped

" And ? " Harry asked.

Angel sighed " He tried to get me to kill myself and it worked . When I woke up in the hospital the Doctor told Billy that I was ill and I would have to take some pills."

" That's the pills you took after that attack." Wyatt said

" Yes they were. Hermione if you have the power to see into the future Harry will have to learn to control his powers." Angel said

" They all will." Phoebe said.

She got several looks from everyone in the room.

" They all have powers Harry has Prue's , Hermione has mine and Piper's, Ron has Loe's lightning power, and Ginny has Paige's." She said.

Hermione Harry and Ginny looked at one another as Ron jumped up and down.

" Ron ! " Angel yelled when He jumped on his foot.

" Sorry ." Ron said sitting down as Angel glared at him.

Piper and the other sisters whom had left to talk about helping out the kids came back

" We going to help those we can Future Chris doesn't have full control of his power so Harry your on your own . I'm Sure Angel will help you." Piper said

" Or I could do it ." came a woman's voice from no where .

" That sounds like-" Piper began but was cut off by a ton of white light.

" Prue." Piper finished as Pure appeared in the center of the room.

" Prue oh I missed you so much !" Phoebe yelled hugging Prue who laughed as Piper hugged her the three crying.

" Paige ? " Prue said .

" Prue ." Paige said.

" Don't worry I'm not going to take your place you are my sister and nothing not even Barbus can make me better then you." Prue said.

" But your the great Prue Halliwell the one I can never be." Paige said.

" Oh honey we won't treat you any different than we do know." Phoebe said.

" You knew Prue longer." Paige said.

" But you were a witch longer ." Piper pointed out.

" Your much stronger than me." Prue said

Paige smiled and hugged Prue .

" You and me have a lot to talk about Paige but that will have to wait first we should explain." Prue said.

" Aunt Prue ? " Angel asked Wyatt.

" Your Chris's son right? " Prue asked.

" Yes I am. " Angel said.

" What are your powers ? " Prue asked.

" I have tons but so far I can only use two maybe three your's Pipers and Paige's ." Angel said.

Prue smiled " How much do you know about me ? "

" Only what was in Grams Diary That you died killed by a demon." Angel said.

" I thought as much ." Prue said. " We'll talk later ok."

" OK." Angel said.

" Well you will need to train every day or night your choice." Prue said.

" Night!" Came the response.

" Good ." Prue said.

" Well now that that's done here is a note go to bed ." Piper said and Harry, Ron, and Hermione left for Gryffindor tower.

When they were gone Prue turned to the others " First things first What do you need to know ? "

" How ? Why ? " Piper asked.

" the elders didn't want to be the one to tell Phoebe." Prue said.

" Tell me what ? " Phoebe asked.

Prue looked at Angel and he looked at Phoebe.

" What ? " She asked.

" The elders are sending you a Cupid to help you fine love." Prue said.

" What ? " Phoebe asked.

" Actually their sending him in hopes that you will fall in love with him. " Angel said

" I thought it was forbidden?" Phoebe said.

" No it never will be a forbidden love. There not going to put you through what they did Grandma and Grandpa." Angel explained.

" Uncle Coop ? " Wyatt Asked.

" Yes Uncle coop . But there is one thing you need to know." Angel said a grave look crossing his face.

" And what is that ? " Piper asked.

" The ultimate battle one which you must face the darkest times of your lives as well as Harry this year will be one of the hardest he has ever faced as well as one of the worst you have ever faced and in the end only one side can win good or evil it's up to us to save the world but Harry will face his demons to." Prue said.

" So what do we do? " Paige asked.

" Chris you teach potions don't you ? " Prue asked.

" No I got switched to wandless magic ." Chris said.

" So you teach those who can do wiccan magic to control their powers." Angel said .

" Paige what do you teach ? " Prue asked.

" Care of magical creatures." Piper said.

" So she can teach about demons ." Angel said .

Prue nodded. " Piper ? Wyatt ? "

" Defense against the dark arts. and Waytt teaches Muggle Studies." Piper said

" Ok Piper you teach them self defense. Waytt you teach the what house hold items can be used in potions ." Prue said.

" Sound good but what about Phoebe ? " Paige asked.

" Her job is to get Premonitions form the kids ." Prue said.

" And I'll keep an eye on Harry. " Angel said.

" Good now that that's settled dose anyone know how to stop an the sound of a drill in your ears." Paige said

" Well Paige why don't you go meet your first charge ." Prue said.

" huh ?" Paige asked

" the sound means you have a new charge and their calling you ." Prue explained.

" Oh and before I forget Leo gave up his powers to be with you Piper so he'll be home late tonight." Prue said.

" Great !" Piper walking up stairs to her room.

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