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Rhiannon gently slipped her shoes back on after the short ride. "Hogwarts, hogwarts, hoggy wartty hogwarts... teach us something please..." she hummed as the smile faded as they stopped at the giant doors of the castle. Slowly stepping out of the carriage she stopped at the head of the beast that was pulling it.

"Thank you my fine friend..." the stroked its muzzle, and it snorted.

"Rhee..." she turned around quickly.

"Minerva... since when did you call me Rhee..." she glared. "Since when did you earn the right?"

"I'm your god-mother Rhee,"

"Does it honestly look like I care?" She flicked her wrist and the bags that were in the carriage floated and landed behind her. "Why did you call me here, Headmistress?"

"You're the only one I could think of..."

"Think of for what?"

"Harry," Rhee turned her head.

"Uncle Remus... what makes you think I can save your precious Potter?"

"Rhee, don't be so hateful,"

"Why shouldn't I? He took everything I love from me! Who was the one my father went after first...HUH? WHO!" The blue eyes of the girl began to glow amber... "WHO WERE THE ONE'S HE WENT TO SAVE AFTER VOLDERMORT ATTACKED! " Remus stepped back.

"I miss them both too Rhee, but don't blame Harry for the choices your father made," Remus slowly walked to her and began gently rubbing her shoulder as tears ran down her cheeks. "Remember... he was my family too... my sister married him for a reason... maybe she saw more in him than any of us ever would...I only wish she was here to see you today," Remus smiled remembering fondly his sister with his infant neice. "She'd be proud... so would your father," gently tugging on her long black pony tail he smiled. "Let's go get you settled," he gently lead her into the castle... and Minerva slowly followed suit.