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"Hey, wake up, you're going to be late for class," Rhee blinked her eyes open and immedatly regretted it. A quick wave of her hand and all the blinds closed.

"I'm Hermione, Harry sent me to get you up," he eyes shot open and she flew around the dorm getting dressed and bolting down the stairs.

"Good morning..." she whispered giving him a kiss on the cheek. Hermione blinked at the two and raised her eyebrow at Harry, who just smiled.

"You ready for class..."

"First is?"

"Slughorne... " Hermione sighed. "The man will go to no ends to put himself on top..."
"Head of Slytherin?"
"You got it," Harry stated as Ron joined them outside the fat lady's portrait.
"We're going to be late," he looked at the three.
"You don't look like you care,"
"Not really, the man just droans on and on..."
"Sounds like most of my teachers in America," Rhee stated, watching the looks she was getting from some of the other students... "They know..." she stated. "The words gotten around already that I'm a wolf,"
"Who else-" Hermione was stopped short.
"Hello Draco!" Rhee stated.
"We don't want you here..."
"Well bully for you, now piss off..."
"I have a lot of-" Rhee moved faster than Harry's eyes could catch. Draco was on the ground, and a small dagger to his throat...
"I'm not a little frightened pup anymore... I can defend myself now," a growl rose in her throat as she got up. Slightly lifting the back of her shirt and placing the dagger back in it hiding spot... Harry couldn't help but think how uncomfortable that had to be. "Go cry to mommy...GO!" she snapped and Draco scurried to his feet and took off. Rhiannon heading in the other direction.
"Well, go after her Harry," Hermione sighed pushing him on, and he sprinted to get to her... She was heading to the Headmaster's office. Mumbling something the door swung open and she climbed the stairs into the office.
"Why, what do I owe this fine visit to?" "Enough Aunt Min, I need to clear my head..."
"The pensive then, I'm sure you know he had one,"
"May I?"
"Of course dear," Harry blinked at how informal the converstaion sounded.
"May I ask what brings you here Harry?"
"Same reason..." Harry wandered around the office... "The pensive?" Rhee asked stepping up to the book case.
"It's behind the books if you wish to use it..."
"I need to sort myself out so badly... I trust you Aunt Min," the girl's eyes softened a bit looking to the older women.
"I understand...with the moon and all..." she went to walk from the room.
"I made a mess of things Aunt Min..."
"Draco, he-"
"Say no more," the woman stood up and reached around the girl's back and pulled the dagger out."This I'm guessing?"
"How did you?"

"You're father and Remus don't share many tricks, but this is Marauder through and through..." she slid the blade back in. "Relax here... and yes you may both use it," she smiled leaving. Harry pulled a book out and the bookcase folded up to reveal the font.

"What do you need to sort out?"

"I'm going to need your help..."
"I need you to call up the last time you were with my Father... in the house..." she took her finger to his temple as he closed his eyes calling it up.
"I was kind of out of it..."
"Doesn't matter," a glittering string was between her fingers and she dropped it in the bowl. Harry took her hand and they felt the cold wash over them.

Sirius stood at the window and stared out into the dark, and Harry looked out of his room and watched as Remus talked to the man... what Harry couldn't pick up, she could, and Harry could tell.
"I know Sirius..." Remus put his hand on the man's shoulder.
"You don't Remus..."
"He's depressed..." she stated.
"How can you tell..."
"His hair was always well kept, he would lose handfuls at a time and not wash it for days when he was depressed..." she walked to the man and reached to touch the hair. "Uncle Remus would always make coments about how he could always tell when mom and him were fighting, that's what he'd end up doing." she chuckled. "I wish you could smell it when it was clean... roses and orchids... Mom would make the shampoo... and Uncle Remus and Aunt Gerty made it for me too..."
"No wonder it smells so good..." Harry smiled.
"Don't do this to yourself, she's safe..."
"I haven't seen her since she was a baby... to lose both her and Rain..."
"To lose the only family you have left... I've fought for years to bring her home..."
"Remus...I don't think I'll ever see here again..."
"Don't say that," Remus sighed, pulling a peice of paper out of his robe. "I was waiting to get this to you, it's the petition to release her into my custody..."
"Surprise," he handed him a photo. Sirius stood deathly still. "This is Rain..right?"
"That's your daughter, in werewolf classes in an american magic school," "She-"
"Gets excellent marks, unlike her father,"
"Remus, I-"
"Don't have to say a think, Aunt Gerty and I have taken care of everything,"
"Remus you can't afford anything like those schools,"
"I've got a few tricks still left up my sleeve,"

"He borrowed money from me..." Harry paused.
"He came to me a few months before that... said he needed a few galleons, and he'd pay me back as soon as this job he was going to get panned out,"
"YOU paid for my senior year?"
"Senior year?"
"Last year of classes in America, I was WAY ahead there,"
"I loaned him some money from my vault,"
"He's broke?" she blinked. "He had acess to the Black Vault as my guardian..."
"Nope, Sirius locked them, I remember hearing that, something about moron cousins," Harry smiled.
"That sounds like dad," she sighed. "I've seen enough... I can't stand seeing him depressed,"
"This is my last full memory of him... the next one isn't so pretty..." Harry sighed.
"You saw him die..."
"Rhee-" "WHO DID IT!"
"Bellatrix... he fell through the veil when she hit him with a curse... he pretty much saved me from that fate..."
"Show me..."
"Rhee, you don't want to remember him that way,"
"I said show me!" she growled.
"NO!" Harry couldn't explain the growl that came from him throat with that word, but the affect it had on her was instantaious. She froze as her jaw shut and her bright amber eyes dimmed back to the beautiful sapphire color they normally were. The two shared a moment of scilence and felt the cold leave them. Harry took a step closer to her and reached up and touched her cheek, finding themselves back in the office.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-"
"Just kiss me already..." he leaned down and captured her mouth in a kiss. The saying that sparks flew had nothing on this... everything in her screamed to take the man kissing her into her arms and never let go, but she was holding back. Harry broke the kiss sensing something wrong.
"What's the matter?"
"We can't be doing this,"
"Why not?" he pulled her in close to him. She could hear his heart racing as their bodies made contact. He was becoming an Alpha...it must've had something to do with this stupid bond... well, at least the boy was good looking. She shook the thought away as he kissed her again.
Damn, where did he learn to kiss?
I didn't...
She blinked as the kiss broke.
"I'm winging it," he smiled.
"You're very good at it," she sighed. "There's a lot at stake with us..."
"I don't care,"
"I am a werewolf..."
"I know that... I don't care,"
"You accept the alpha role, you're stuck with it,"
"Again, I don't care,"
"You'll have a lot of control of my actions,"
"I won't abuse that, I want to protect you..." he kissed her softly again.
"I'm not biting you..."
"I'd hope not," he chuckled, a thought crossing his mind. "You don't have a bite mark, do you?"
"No I don't, and only my mate will mark me, any pure doesn't just give that up for anyone..."
"That's the last thing I'll ask,"
"You sure... if I stop fighting it's...well, it'll be weird," Harry took her hand.
"Rhee, I know this is weird for the both of us, but if we can't trust each other than who can we trust... our parents must've had a plan for us and that's why they bonded us like they did... you were the reason they wanted me to come back to school, did you know that?"
"No, I'm the last one to know anything!" she chuckled.
"They told me someone new was coming to the school who could help us and I was supposed to help look after this person," he grinned pulling her against his body. "Said you were a trouble maker,"
"Maybe... it's the american coming out in me,"
"So this Alpha thing..."
"You'll know it, and so will I... and Uncle Remus,"
"He's your Alpha?"
"By Blood, leader of the pack,"
"So how do I do this?"
"It's up to me and the wolf, she has to let you in as well as me... and due to our bond, she already is responding to you,"
"Why are you fighting it?"
"It's dangerous to just hand it off to anyone,"
"Well, I am THE Harry Potter... oh Merlin I never thought I'd say that to anyone," he chuckled softly.
"Be nice to me...please?" Harry was taken aback by the tone in the girl's voice... it held so much pain as she nuzzled her head under Harry's chin, gently rubbing the top of her head against it. Suddenly Harry was bombarded with memories that were not his own.

"HOW DARE YOU RELEASE THAT BEAST IN MY HOUSE!" The snap of a cane across her back. "Stand up you worthless mongrul!" Another snap, and the sound of wood splintering, but no sound came from the small girl on the floor.
"ENOUGH LUCIUS!" Kind blue eyes... "Don't worry my little Kitsune, Papa Albus is here..."


"But I don't wanna go...I want You Uncka Remus,"

"I know sweet heart, this is only temporary, I promise,"
"But who's gonna take care for you an' Moony?"
"I'm fine, and as soon as I get a good job, and get the extra rooms fixed up you'll be home,"
"How long will that be?"
"Not long, I promise... plus you won't have to register like I have to,"
"What about Papa Albus?"
"He'll be fine... I love you,"
"I love you too..."

He was so broke he couldn't keep her...

"Who's the new kid?"

"I dunno...say she's a lycan,"
"What's it to ya?" she snapped back.
"Nothin' just ain't never seen a PURE Lycan before,"
"Especially a pure girl Lycan,"
"I'm really only half..."
"You're from England, right?"
"Don't they got laws against people like you?"
"I was born during the war... slipped through the cracks..."
"You're alright... by the way, you hear about what's going on over there?"
"Nah, I try to ignore it..."
"Well aparently this guy got outta this prison from over there... scarry shit man..." the boy threw a paper down in front of her. "Happen to know him, Miss Black?"

"Rhee... god it's been so long..." Sirius?

"Rhiannon... Rhee is for my family to call me..."
"Don't push me away Rhee, i didn't do all those things! I'm not that type of person!" "Why can't I just have a normal life! You did this to me... everything was fine! I was in a good school, making friends, then YOU sneak out! You-you ASS!"
"Please Rhee, this may be my last chance,"
"You didn't even come to me first... your own flesh and blood...YOU SAW HIM!"
"Harry... he was in trouble,"
"And what about me? Did you know that after mom died I got sent to Lucius?" the lifted the back of her shirt revealing her cane scars. Sirius gasped. "Did you know I got jumped after the kids at school made the connection that you were my dad?"
"I never meant for any of this to happen..." he pulled her into an embrace. "I could've kept your mother alive, I could've stopped all of this if Peter would've been caught," he looked deep into her eyes. "I know I've never really done right by you...but I promise I'll make it right,"
"Don't make promises you can't keep... it would've been better had you just died with the Potter's Hollow, at least then I would've had a little honor to my name..." she pushed from his hold. "Go back to England and your precious Harry,"
"I love you Rhiannon..." tears dripped down his cheeks.
"Are you crying?"
"Yes, I am Rhee, because i love you so much and have failed you so bad,"
"I'm sorry too dad," she turned around. "You weren't here and your secret is safe with me,"
"Just say that you forgive me for not being there for you,"
"I can't do that right now, but it'll happen someday, just be careful, okay?" A smile graced Sirius' face unlike any other Harry had ever seen.
"You're as bad as your old man after all..." he kissed her cheek. "Anyone ever hurts you again, I'll be there, Promise,"
"I'm holding you to that, Lie low at Lupin's,"
"How did you-?"
"Good bye darling," He turned back to her. "Promise me one thing..."
"What's that?"
"No matter what, do not go to Hogwart's , it's too dangerous,"
"I make a Witches promise not to go to Hogwarts of my own doing,"
"Stay safe pup,"
"i'm sorry..." she colappsed in his arms.A growl rose in Harry's throat and his green eyes lit up, as he picked her up and carried her out of the office.


Remus head throbbed as he graded papers, things running through his head that he shouldn't be thinking about. Things that he had let his neice endure, promises he'd broken to her, then nothing... not a thing, no comforting pull of the bond he had with his neice, no nothing. The wolf went on high alert and Remus ran through the castle hallways.