Being Grace Diggory


Hi, I'm Grace. You might be wondering why I have the name Diggory when my dad's dead and my mum, Cho, is married to Ronald Weasley, so technically I should have his name, right?

Wrong. I don't look anything like Ronald. I found a picture of mum's old boyfriend.

I know he must be my dad, I have the same sandy brown hair colour as he does, his bone structure. I don't know his first name.

All I know his surname is Diggory. Mum doesn't talk about him. Is she ashamed of him? Didn't she love him. I have brown eyes which neither my mum, dad, or Ron has. Who else am I a part of? I have no resemblance to my mum at all. My body structure is different. she's tall, I'm the age size of a five year old, rather than an eight or nine year old.

I've seen old photos of her when she was younger. There was one when she was my age, and she looked like a twelve year old.

But, aside from all that, who on Earth is my dad? I haven't got a clue. No-one will talk about him.

My mum didn't want me to begin with because I would remind her too much of dad. She hadn't known she was having me and when I was born in 1994/95, my mum was about to have her sixth year exams, and go on for her seventh.

She hated my dad because he dumped her for a fourth year girlcalled Hermione Granger. How I know all of this will soon be told. I may be eleven years old and in my first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, do I do know an awful lot. Like how my real mum is- oops, nearl said it.

Well, till next time

Grace Emmeline Diggory. Or should that be Weasley? quitely says it to self No. Diggory sounds better.