Chapter 12: Grace finds her mum.

Hi, guess you found out. Well, here's the rest.

"Mum, what's going on?" Ella asks.

"I-I'll explain later. Ginny could I speak with you?" Hermione asks. She and
Ginny walk out of the room.

After a few moments, the two walk back into the room.

"Gracie, what do you remember about your past?" Hermione asks me.

"For the first year or so, there's a blank space, nothing there… Then from my 3rd birthday on wards, misery." I tell her. "Why?"

"Close your eyes for a moment, Grace. I'm just going to do something." she says.

I do as I'm told and close my eyes.

After a few moments, I feel my whole memory changing. Strange I know. New images come into my head. Memories of me at the age of one, at the age of two, at my own birth. I see Hermione… and… could that happy, sandy haired man with her be my dad? If he is… could that mean Hermione's my mum?

"I'm here Grace… No-one's going to take you away from me again." Hermione whispers back. I cann tell she's crying, but out of happiness. She looks at Jane and Ella.

"I think you have something to say to your sister." Ginny says, as Hermione - sorry- mum beckons them over.

"What did you do?" mum asks.

"We tried to turn everyone against Grace. Or rather, Jane did." Ella says.

Jane doesn't look the slightest bit guilty.

"Why, Jane? I didn't bring you up to act in this way." mum says.

"Don't like her." Jane tells mum.

"She is your sister."

"Why didn't you tell us anything before!?! Why did you give her away!?! Why didn't you tell us about our dad!?!" Jane shouts.

"I couldn't find the right time!! She was stolen from my when you were all one day old! She was taken away by your dad's ex girlfriend straight after he died!!" mum says. She's crying again. But this time for dad.

"Who was our dad, mum?" I ask her quietly.

"This time next month, he was killed, eleven years ago. It affected Harry
badly, because he watched him die. But mostly it affected me to destruction.
At fourteen, with three children, losing the only man I loved. That day I couldn't cope. Harry and Ron have helped me along the way. My biggest nightmare was discovering that the next day, you were gone, and so was Cho. So I just knew she had taken you. I tried in my power to get you back, but I couldn't." Mum explains.

"Who was he?" Ella asks, now as interested as I am. This makes mum smile.

Jane scoffs.

"Jane Belinda Diggory-Potter, if you don't want to know then go to your dorms! Where did I go wrong? Surely I raised respectful, polite, outgoing children!" mum snaps, who's finally had enough.

"With pleasure!" Jane snaps back, and walks out.

"She often has strops like this, you get used to it." Ella says to me.

"There's always a bad one in every litter. Just my luck I only have Calum. But then, there's the man - ahem- boy, sorry that got me pregnant and thirteen"
Ginny grins.

"Are my ears burning?" Draco asks jokingly as he walks into the room.

"They might be, Ferret" Mum smirks.

"Beaver teeth." Draco retorts.

"Bit hung up on the past, aren't we, Blondie?"

"Ok, children, stop now." Ginny says, smiling.

Calum, Ella and I watch the adult's playful banter.

"We're still here." Calum says.

"Let them play. It's different from screaming and shouting." I tell him, smiling.

I get up from my mum's arms and go into Calum's.

"Looks like history may repeat itself." Ginny smirks.

Calum and I roll our eyes. We've heard it many times before. It's become our little joke.

"Grace, Ella, your dad was the greatest guy you could ever want to meet." mum smiles.

Well there you have it.

That's the end. But don't worry. My second story will be here soon

Grace Emmeline Diggory