I wrote this almost a year ago, kinda-sorta goes along with RID, I haven't decided if I should continue yet or not, we'll see how this goes.

I do not own transformers, however the only character I mentioned in this that isn't mine is Megatron. I also own the plot.

Lone Wolf

I might be a loner; but I still have feelings. The only reason I chose to be a Predacon was because of my secondary creator: he was a proud Predacon warrior who had a change of spark when he met my mother; an Autobot scientist. He always taught me "Never retreat, stand your ground and guard your mission well". She taught me to use "Logical thinking and never lose your cool". Great combo they taught me huh? Be fearless; and only think logically. All that made me the perfect Predacon, and a useless Autobot. Autobots need a teammate that will back them up, with Pred's, all you need to worry about is yourself and the mission.

I've gained many nick-names in the Predacon ranks because of my attitude and resulting ability to get the job not only done; but better than if a squad team had done it. Anything from "the one 'bot army" to "Berserker"; I never minded though. Most bots just called me Lone-Bolt to my face… my primary creator named me Bolt, I added the Lone because it fit.

All this was fine when I had my best friend by my side. She was the only one who I ever allowed on a mission with me, and that was rare too. She supported me; but I was usually the one who did the supporting. She was too weak; her feelings hurt quite easily. And she thought she was in love way too many times to count. I didn't mind, until she fell in "love"; with an Autobot. During a battle for Primus sake! I couldn't believe her. She not only abandoned our cause, but abandoned me. Worse yet, she expected me to switch with her; I guess she didn't know me and I didn't know her as much as we thought.

I eventually got my revenge though. I'm a logical bot and keeping pent up hatred didn't make any sense to me. So during our first battle on opposite ends; I took aim at her. I blew her right arm off entirely; her shooting arm was gone. She looked at me as if I was the one who betrayed her, when it was she who backstabbed me. She knocked me down and started kicking; she'd waited until I was vulnerable to tell me I wasn't good enough to be her friend… even after all I did for her.

About a vorton later she contacted me; that 'bot she ran off with broke her fuel-pump, and she wanted sympathy. Only difference was, I didn't care anymore. I had always known she'd get her precious little feelings hurt by him sometime or another. Before I could find out if she was going to crawl back or not; I got sent on a mission to work under Megatron on a planet called earth.

Sounds like a real laugh with all the crew members listed. Megatron is a tough bot, one of our best warriors. But the rest of the crew I know are a classic comedy act; not fighters. All well. Maybe the "One 'bot army" can straighten things out with them. Hopefully; old Lone-Bolt will be enough.

I want to be the only femme there.

Well? Let me know if i should bother continuing, I might anyway but... eh. RnR if you don't mind.