A/N: Okay this story have been in my head for a while, this is a story in which the Straw Hats ask "What if" questions... like the episode of Futurama (which in turn took it from a Marvel comic), each member plus two OC crew members will ask a question, some answers are one chapter, others are two chapters... also when something is (like this) during the story it means the Straw hats are commenting on what's going on in the story... oh yes here's the info about the OCs.

Usa: The ditzy a assent chef of the Merry Go, she's a rabbit girl.

Ko: The sarcastic singer/battle stagiest, she's a cat girl, also Usa's younger half sister by a day.

Hikaru: Usa's boyfriend, he's not a member of the crew but is a good friend to the rest of the Straw Hats, however he can't remember names (with the exception of Usa and his father's) even if his life depended on it...

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece or anything this may crossover with...

Usa: There's going be crossovers.

Me: Yep... in later chapters... but I do Usa, Ko, Hikaru and any other OC that appears in this story... and there will be quite a few... even some you might recognize from my other sorties...

What if

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Usopp's Question

It was just a normal day on the Merry Go…

"Sanji! Usa! I'm hungry!" whined Luffy.

"What do you want us to do?" asked Sanji.

"Cook something…" whined Luffy.

"No…" said both Sanji and Usa.

"Why?" whined Luffy.

Usa got a brilliant idea… "You're not hungry… your just bored…" said Usa.

Sanji was surprised… why didn't he ever give Luffy that excuse… it also meant Usa would have a genius IQ level for the next few hours unless Hikaru would show up…

"I guess your right… what should I do?" asked Luffy.

"Well…" said Usa using her temporary brain boost.

"Usa!" called a voice.

Hikaru showed up, Usa was her normal ditzy self again and complexly forgot what she was going to say. She ran over to the side of the boat.

"Usa…" said Hikaru looking up from his boat.

"Hikaru…" said Usa looking down at him.

"Hey Hikaru… are you actually going to stand there or actually come up?" asked Ko walking beside her sister.

"Sorry Kinky…" said Hikaru.

"It's Ko!" yelled Ko.

Usa grabbed the ladder, and Hikaru was climbed up.

"Yo, Ami, Yasopp, Zorro, Lenny, Chompy, Sherry, Choji!" said Hikaru.

"GET OUR NAMES RIGHT FOR ONCE!" yelled the other Straw Hats.

Hikaru only laughed for response while rubbing the back of his head.

"Hey what are you carrying?" asked Usa noticed that he was carrying a small box.

"Oh this if anyone's not busy I have something interesting to show you…" said Hikaru.

They all went into the galley and he opened the box, inside was a crystal ball.

"What is it?" asked Luffy.

"It's a Mystery Item called the What If Orb, a person gets to ask it one question and only one question it shows what would happen… all of the Moon Light Pirates including me used their questions… so I ask my dad if I could show you guys this…" said Hikaru.

"Let me guess… your question was if you could remember everyone's names…" said Zoro.

Hikaru didn't dignify it with an answer.

"I the great captain Usopp will go first…" said Usopp.

"You must use the phrase "What if" before each question…" said Haiku.

"What if all my adventures were true?" asked Usopp.

Everyone but Luffy, Chopper and Robin tried not to laugh.

The ball began to glow it began to show what would happen


A giant ship rode the waves… it flag was… well remember that flag Usopp drew before he drew the flag they have today… it was that flag… it was Usopp his nose was the same but he had the face of a god.

("That's suppose to be Usopp?" said Ko trying surpass a laugh

"Apparently…" said Zoro also trying to surpass a laugh.)

Chopper looking normal appeared "Captain Usopp… an enemy ship approaches…" said Chopper.

"Wait 'till it shows then we will delver the warning…"said Usopp.

(Oh great… I can see what is coming…" said Sanji failing at trying not to laugh.

"Me too…" said Zoro also failing at suppressing the laugh)

The enemy ship approached the ship…

"Where is the captain of this ship…" said the captain of the enemy ship.

"I am here! I'm the Great Captain Usopp…" said Usopp.

"Oh no! He's the one with 8,000 men!" said one man on the enemy ship.

"I heard 10,000…" said another.

"I head half a million…" said yet another.

(You know Usopp… you need to think of a consistent number…" said Ko.

"Point taken…" said Usopp.)

"We have to flee!" said one of the crewmember of the enemy ship.

Usopp just laughed "Of course they flee…" said Usopp, "Sanji!"

Sanji showed up however… he was extremely ugly…

(The Straw Hats began to scream

"Why am I ugly?" yelled Sanji.

"Blame Usopp… it's his story…" said Hikaru.)

"Ko…" called Usopp.

Ko showed up… looking she usually did and placed a paper bag with eye holes over Sanji's head.

"I keep telling you… wear a bag ugly Bob…" said Ko.

"Wait calling me Ugly Bob!" yelled Sanji.

"I was going to ask to make dinner… but I don't have the apatite anymore…" said Usopp.

"Ugly Bob should at least make dinner for the rest of the crew… right Ugly Bob…" said Ko

"Stop calling me Ugly bob…" said Sanji.

"She's right…" said Zoro showing up… looking really weak and pathetic it looked like he could barley life up a sword let alone use them to attack…

("Usopp…" growled Zoro)

"Well at least I can fight weakling…" said Sanji.

"We at least I don't belong in a freak show…" said Zoro.

"Hey I'm hungry!" yelled Luffy who showed up… looking normal.

"First mate Luffy is right, go make dinner ugly bob… I mean Sanji…" said Usopp.

("Cool… at least I'm first mate…" said Luffy.

"Yeah you could have been organ grinning monkey…" mumbled Usopp.

"What?" asked Luffy.

"Nothing…" said Usopp.)

And so dinner was eaten with all the pirates in one big dinning room.

"Let us eat!" yelled Usopp.

"Lots of meat!" said Luffy.

"And make fun of Ugly Bob!" yelled Ko.

The crew cheered and ate dinner…

(End of story)

"Usopp…" growled Sanji and Zoro.

"Why was I weak?" asked Zoro.

"Why was I ugly…" said Sanji.

Both were about to beat up Usopp when Hikaru said "Don't blame him… blame the mystical writers… they make the what's in the orb… and what they think is the answer they will put it down…" said Hikaru, "It's also should be noted that each answer varies in length so some might short and some might be longer…"

"Fine…" said Zoro.

"What ever…" said Sanji.

And so they waited for the next question…

Next Time: It's Sanji's question... what will he ask.