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Chapter 8: Usa's Question

"Who's next…" said Hikaru.

"I have a question…" said Usa.

"What?" asked Nami.

"What if my mom ate the Kitten Fruit and Ko's mom ate the Rabbit Rabbit Fruit?" said Usa.

"That's pretty good." said Luffy.

"Funny, I had the strangest feeling that it had something to do with what our life was an American Sitcom." said Ko, "I don't know why."

"I just hope that it just don't show them with opposite ears." said Nami.


Sanji and Usa were cooking breakfast, Usa was very different, she still wore the Gem fo the Moon and she still wore pink and her hair was still waist long but her style was completely different, one thing is that she now wore ghee hair in pigtails, and her now were a pink t-shirt and white jean skirt, she wore a pink apron with fishies on it stead of carrot… of course she now had pink cat ears and tail instead.

"Usa, I'm going to make the Orange Juice now" said Sanji.

"Okay!" said Usa putting a surgical mask on.

("Makes sense… I can't stand the smell of citrus fruit…" said Ko.

"So it's written into your cat DNA… I always thought you just hated them" said Luffy.)

After Sanji made the OJ, breakfast was already.

"Come and get it guys!" said Usa.

Everyone but Ko came in.

("I wonder where Ko is…" said Luffy.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this." said Ko)

For some reason Sanji stood in front of the door way with his back turned outward.

"Sanji-Kun!" came Ko's voice from outside.

Ko ran into the room, she wore a light blue peasant top and green skirt, her hair was much longer and put into twin braids which looked odd when combined with her rabbit ears. She jumped onto Sanji back which he was expecting.

"Your in a good mood today…" said Sanji with a big smile.

"Sure am!" said Ko kissing Sanji on the cheek.

(Ko began to turn green

"Ko are you are all right?" asked Chopper.

Ko then vomited on the floor

"That answers your question." said Zoro.)

"Um… if you flirt any more Luffy and Usa are going to eat your breakfast…" said Usopp with a sweat drop.

Both Sanji and Ko began to sweat drop and sat and began to eat breakfast… however they pretty much fed each other breakfast.

("Ko are you sure your okay?" asked Chopper.

"I don't think so…" said Ko who then once again vomited.

"Is there anyways to skip this… because I think I know the cause of her vomiting…" said Zoro with a sweat drop.

"No sorry…" said Hikaru.)

Later Zoro and Ko were sparing, it ended with Zoro knocking Ko's sword out her hand.

"The usual…" said Ko with a shrug, "So… if I ever beat will you treat me to that date?"

Zoro only sweatdroped, "But your dating Sanji…" said Zoro.

"Yeah… but he flirts with Nami and Robin… so it's pretty much open." said Ko.

(Ko once again vomited, she couldn't help herself.

"You know, your going to be the one that cleans it up… right?" said Usopp.

"I know…" said Ko.)

"Ko your such a flirt…" said a voice.

Both Zoro and Ko looked up to find Usa stretching with a yawn on the post (much like how Ko does), she had apparently woken up from one of her naps.

"No I'm not…" said Ko.

Usa jumped down with a flip… and landed on her feet.

"You are…" said Usa, "You have Sanji as a boyfriend, you constantly flirt with Zoro, Luffy who's obvious to it, Usopp who I don't understand why and Chopper… though the whole repeatedly hugging might be because he's cute… still you have to be less of a flirt… you're the reason why there's a stereotype and the reason why the bastard wants to kidnap you all the time…"

("Wow… a serious Usa…" said Nami.

"It doesn't fit her…" said Sanji.)

"You flirt with Hikaru whenever he's here." said Ko.

"Yeah… but I don't' flirt with other guys!" yelled Usa.

"Guys!" yelled Usopp, "It's the Drunken Pirates!

"Oh man…" said Ko.

"If you weren't such a sex pot he wouldn't be coming for you." said Usa.

The Pink Elephant went next to the Going Merry… All the Straw Hats were ready for battle… practically Luffy, Sanji, Usa and Ko.

"He's not getting away with this!" said Luffy, "Are you ready guys?"

"Luffy turned around saw most of the crew was gone... with the expect for the two sisters and Sanji, everyone else was doing other things, Robin was reading, Nami was sunbathing, Usopp was telling Chopper one of his stories and Zoro was sleeping.

"What's going on!" yelled Luffy.

"It's gotten to the point where their no longer a threat because they do this every week, we beat them, they run… then come back next week…" said Nami.

"She has a point… it's gotten too repetitive." said Usa.

"Why are you fighting then?" asked Sanji who was clearing fighting to make sure his girlfriend wasn't kidnapped and forced into a life of slavery.

"Bastard of a father… even if it had gotten repetitive, beating his ass never gets old." said Usa with a shrug.

"But how did they do it fast?" asked Luffy.

"I have no idea… and I'm a Kone…" said Ko with a sweat drop.

"You think you protect my daughter from me?" asked Gen from the ship.

"We've beaten you before and we'll beat you again." said Luffy.

"Shouldn't we back down?" asked Pete, "I mean they beat us… well I lost count!"

"Not not until I get my floozy of a daughter!" said Gen.

"I'm not a Floozy!" yelled Ko.

And so the fight began…

"5 Minutes Later…" said a voice.

The Pink Elephant was sailing away.

"I'll get you next time!" yelled Gen.

(Oh I wanted to see the fight!" said Luffy.

"If it lasted 5 minutes then it wasn't worth our time." said Zoro.)

"Oh Sanji you protected me again." said Ko happily to Sanji.

"And I always will…" said Sanji.

The two began to kiss passionately.

("Oh god!" yelled Ko.

She began to vomit again… then fell to floor.

"Tell me when it's over…" said Ko.

"Will do." said Zoro.)

Zoro who woke up turned to Usa who was standing next to him for some odd reason.

"Your sister has issues." said Zoro.

"I know…" sighed Usa.

(End of Story)

"It's over…" said Zoro.

"Ko are you okay…" said Usa.

"I'm fine…" said Ko getting up, "I'll wash up… then mop the floor."

"I'll make you something to eat when your done!" said Sanji with love in his voice.

Sanji was pined to the floor.

"I'll make myself something… it's a good idea if you don't talk to me for the couple days." said Ko leaving the room.

It was dead silence in the room… knowing it was best to wait a while for someone to ask the ext question.

Next Time: It's Robin's turn to ask, what will she ask? Who knows...