I know many of you were expecting an update to one of my stories but this one-shot just refused to not be written. Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or Walking with Monsters. (Note: Danny and Sam are 37 and married in this).


My Middle Name

14 year old Daniel Fenton the second was the splitting image (Tee he) of his father, except that for some reason he got his mother's violet eyes. His personality was pretty much the same as his dad's but with Sam's love of animals and vegetarianism.

He should have been a sleep but he had a burning question on his mind. The young Fenton child found his parents watching a nature documentary "Walking with Monsters: Life before Dinosaurs" on the television.

Danny Jr.: Mom, Dad, why is my middle name "College"?

Sam: That's very simple honey, your father proposed to me while we were still in college. (Kisses Danny on the cheek.)

Danny: And because you were conceived that same night.

Danny Jr.: (Face turns green) I think I'm gonna throw up.

The son of our favorite couple ran out of the room and vomiting noises were herd from the upstairs bathroom. Then their Twelve year old daughter Lilith Fenton came down, a question on her mind too.

Lilith: Mom, Dad, why is my middle name "Bathroomstall"?

The End


Corny I know but I just had to put that last joke in there. I might right more about the future children of Danny and Sam if you reviewers want me to. And the joke is from Cheaper By the Dozen 2.