The Luck of a Farmboy: Special Edition

Summery: One month after ANH, Luke gets himself captured by slavers. I don't think Vader will be happy about this…

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Chapter One: Caught

After the fight, after the glory, after all the triumph, Luke Skywalker, hero of the Rebellion, found himself on Ambria.

It was a rather nice planet once you got used to it. It was kind of like Tatooine, but it wasn't completely a dessert. It was very dry, still dry enough to do moister farming. Luke Skywalker saw lots of moister farms from where he was standing. Some were even plantations, worked by slaves.

I thought slavery was illegal, Luke thought idly.

Luke thought about Jabba the Hutt. Han had told him about Jabba. The ugly Hutt still had slaves. It wasn't fair. People should be able to lead their own lives without some 'master' telling them what to do.

No matter. It wasn't like he could do anything to help the slaves. He was here for the Alliance. He was supposed to meet some new people who were joining the Rebellion, and take them to the new base.

"I wanna get on with it, get done with it, and get out," Luke muttered to himself.

He was getting nervous. He didn't know why, but he felt like he had to be extra careful around this place. For a second, he wondered if it was the Force that was making him feel this way.

Maybe he should take a walk on the outskirts of the city. After all, he wasn't meeting the new recruits for another hour. He'd have plenty of time.


This was more like it. Out here, there were no big crowds to push Luke around. It was nice and peaceful.

Luke wondered how long this peace was going to last for him. It had been a full month since he'd destroyed the Death Star. Now it was only a matter of time before the imperials discovered his name, and put a bounty on his head.

Luke had no idea that saving his friends would mean he would always be on the run for the rest of his life, that he would become a wanted man, that he would probably get killed by some bounty hunter, ahhhhhhhh! It was too much for one teenager to handle! He was only nineteen! He didn't want all of this to happen to him! Why did all of this have to happen to him? Couldn't fate have picked someone else?

Suddenly, Luke realized that he was overreacting. Han had warned him that his teenage hormones would make him overreact. But Leia never overreacted. Why did Luke overreact and Leia didn't? Maybe it was because she was a princess. Of course she'd be able to keep her hormones in check. Unlike Luke…

Anyway, there was no taking back what he had done. No chance of getting out of this mess. He was already in to deep. He would never regret destroying the Death Star. He would never regret saving his friends. What was done was done. And if he had to, he would do it again.

Luke felt a sudden stab of warning in the Force right before it happened. Suddenly, Luke was tackled to the ground. Out of instinct, Luke tried to fight back, but another came from behind him, and grabbed one of his arms, while the other man grabbed hold of the other. Luke was forced to his knees in front of a man who appeared to be the leader.

Not knowing what was going on, Luke tried to struggle away from him, but the other two held him in position.

The man who seemed to be in charge began to inspect him. Luke was beginning to get board when finally the man spoke.

"We got ourselves a prize this time!"

"What the heck are you…" Luke didn't have time to finish his question when a stun bolt hit him in the back, and Luke blacked out.


When Luke woke up, he was in a small, dirty room, with his hands tied in front of him.

"Great," Luke said to himself. "Of all the things that had to happen! Could this get any worse?" Luke tried to stand up, but he found out that he was chained to the wall as well. "I think it just got worse."

He was in the room for hours before someone bothered to come check on him. It was the leader who'd inspected him before.

"Well, it's nice to see you're awake."

Luke detested this guy. Oh, Force, this guy was just asking for Luke to break his chains a strangle him. What had Luke ever done to make this guy want to hold him prisoner?

"Would you mind telling me what in the name of Kashyyyk's night demons is going on?"

"Oh sure. No harm in you knowing. We're slavers. Me and my friends. We operate mostly around here on this planet selling slaves that we have obtained."

"Whoa! Rewind and freeze! Are you saying that you're going to sell me as a slave!"

"Basically. We catch things and people of little importance and make profit off of them."

Now Luke was really mad! Why would someone take one look at Luke and decide that he was of little importance?

"I am of little importance?" Luke repeated. "My girlfriend is a princess!"

"Sorry, kid. Not buying it. Oh by the way, I would advise against any escape attempts. We placed a slave transmitter inside your body." The man pulled something with a lot of buttons out of his pocket. "If you do so much as try to escape, I'll just push this little button here, and then, BOOM! You'll be nothing but dust." Luke just stared, unable to say anything. "Not really happy about that, are you?"

Luke finally found his voice. "Basically. But I thought slavery was illegal."

"It is. But not on this planet. Not yet."

The man exited the room, leaving Luke alone with his thoughts.

He was a slave! Now he knew for a fact that the galaxy didn't like him. He would rather take on Vader alone in a saber fight than to be a slave. And then the worst part was that he couldn't do anything about it.

Luke could tell that the man was telling the truth. If he tried to escape, that would be the last thing he ever did! He was too young to die! But that meant that he'd never have control over what he ever did again! This was exactly what Luke was thinking about earlier. People needed to be free to lead their own lives. But it looked like Luke's freedom was over.

Han couldn't even try to rescue him! If Luke tried to go back with his friends, that person would just press a simple button and kill him! This just wasn't fair! Why did the galaxy have to be so cruel to him? One month ago, he was still a farmboy wishing to get off Tatooine. Now, he was a slave who would do anything to be back on Tatooine!

Suddenly, the door opened, and Luke saw the last thing that he expected.

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