Chapter Eleven: Endings for Beginnings

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Luke glanced around the room, looking to see if it had actually worked. It had! Han and Leia were standing in the middle on the room! Luke looked up at his father who seemed to be very distracted at the moment.

"Well," Luke said. "It looks like it worked, so I'm gonna go back to my friends now, see ya!"

"Oh no you don't!" Vader said, grabbing his son's arm, and pulling him back when Luke tried to get away.

"That's him!" Leia declared. "That's Vader!"

All the Jedi in the room looked at Vader. They could sense the Dark Side in the tall black figure, but he also seemed familiar. It was this that confused them.

"Who are you?" Anakin asked. He just couldn't help but think that this guy was very much like him.

Vader looked at the young version of himself. The only thing he could think at this moment was that he wanted to get back in his own time as soon as possible. He was tempted to just leave the Princess, the smuggler, and the Wookie behind, but the whole reason they had come back into the past was to bring back his son's friends, so he decided to just get it done as soon as possible.

Vader ignored Anakin, and turned to Leia. "Princess, would you and your friends mind coming over here?"

Leia snorted. "What if we don't want to?"

Vader pulled Luke up against his chest, got out his lightsaber, and held it against Luke's neck. The threat was obvious.

When the Jedi saw Vader's blood red lightsaber, they all ignited their own lightsabers and held them up in attack position, but Vader wasn't worried.

Luke was shocked that his father was treating him this way. He seemed to want to avoid any tension between them, but right now, he was just succeeding in making Luke very mad.

'What are you doing!?' Luke mentally asked his father.

'I'm trying to get your friends over here so we can all go back to the future,' Vader sent back.

'Well can't you think of a nicer way to do it!? You're hurting me!'

Vader softened his hold on his son. 'Sorry, I wasn't trying to.'

Vader and Luke were thrown back into reality when they heard Master Windu speaking. "Release the boy, or suffer the consequences."

"That isn't going to happen," Vader declared. Turning to Leia, he spoke to her as honestly as possible. "Princess, none of us belong here. This is the past. All I want to do is get us all back to the future. If you and your friends cooperate, I promise I will let you return to your little Rebellion."

Leia turned to the other Jedi. "What should I do?" she asked.

"Well," Obi-Wan said. "He seems to be telling the truth."

"What about Luke?" Leia asked, turning her attention back to Vader.

There was the slightest of pauses before Vader answered. "That is Luke's decision." Vader couldn't believe that he was actually going to let Luke decide for himself. Before all this had happened, Vader was going to make Luke come with him weather he liked it or not. But something about seeing himself as a young man had changed something inside of him. Luke should be allowed to make his own decisions. "But all that lies in the future, so would you mind coming over here now?"

"Wait!" Han said. "We need to get Marle."

After meeting up with Marle, and explaining everything to her, Vader took everyone back to the future. The Falcon included. They all ended up in the docking bay on Vader's ship. Han, Leia, Chewie and Marle' headed up the ramp, but then they noticed that Luke wasn't following them.

"Hey kid, are you coming?" Han asked. He expected Luke to run after them, but instead, Luke stood between his friends and his father, undecided.

'He said that the decision is mine,' Luke thought. 'He must really care about me to allow me to make my own decision. What should I do?

Han started to worry when he saw his young friend hesitating. "Luke, come on! Let's go!"

Luke took one last look at his friends, and then walked back to his father. "I'm sorry, guys. I wish I could make you understand."

"WHAT!?" Leia said, walking down the ramp. "Luke, what are you thinking!?"

"I'm sorry, Leia, but this is my choice."

Leia shook her head disbelievingly. Why would Luke want to pick the dark lord instead of his friends? After a moment, she began to tear up. "Luke…"

"Leia, please don't make this more difficult for me." Moving forward, he embraced Leia. "I'll miss you."

Han moved forward, followed by Marle' and Chewie. Everyone gave Luke one big group hug. "I don't get any of this, kid." Han said. "I'm really gonna miss you."

"I don't get any of this either," Marle' said. "You've really changed, Luke. But somehow, you've changed in a good way."

Luke grinned. "Thanks."

Vader couldn't believe it. His son truly wanted to be with him! He was going to give up everything he'd ever known so he could be with his father. The love Vader was getting from his son was making him feel so… happy.

Luke stood by his father as he watched his friends take off, and in a way, he felt that everything was just right.

The End

Bonus Features – an interview with the cast

Interviewer – "What was the best thing about acting in this movie?"

Mark Hamill – "Well, getting back together with Harrison, and Carrie was great, and even though George Lucas wasn't the one who directed it, this was still fun. The Bullet is a great director."

Interviewer – "What was your favorite scene?"

Mark Hamill – "Well… I would have to say the scene when we were all in the past. The Jedi were so confused, and it was just so funny. But I also liked the scene that takes place between Vader and Luke in the shuttle was fun, and when they fall on top of each other."

Interviewer – "How did you get yourself looking so young again?"

Mark Hamill – "It wasn't easy, let me tell ya!"

Interviewer – "The movie was such a cliffhanger. Can we expect more from your director?"

Mark Hamill – "Yep! We are working on a sequel right now. I should be getting the new script soon."

Interviewer – "What can you tell us about the new movie?"

Mark Hamill – "Well, I don't know much. All Bullet told us was this next movie will have tons on new exciting twists. She also said that there's going to be a lot of emotional stuff going on, much more intense then Empire Strikes Back, so you can expect a lot."

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