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White Lilies

By: Sango Taijiya-san

Mother liked white lilies.

That's why every time I went out, I would buy one, just for her. And each time I handed her the flower, she smiled.

A real smile. Not like the ones she gave me.

A smile, filled with sadness…and regret…?

Each time she looked at me with a grin, it always felt hollow. Fake.

Her smiles never reached her eyes either. Her clear blue eyes never brightened whenever she looked at me and although she seemed to care about me…

I looked through her like a clear panel of glass.

Maybe that's why I gave her a lily whenever I could, because if she wouldn't smile for me, maybe she would smile for another.

When she was killed, I brought a bouquet of white lilies for her, and I placed them on her grave. Back then I didn't know what those certain flowers represented, but I found out, not soon after.

They symbolized death.

When I learned what those innocent looking flowers represented, I realized one thing.

She smiled…at death…


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