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Axel leaned heavily on a pillar on the upper level of the spar arena as he watched Roxas fight with Demyx. Although he had not been with them very long, only about three months, since Roxas joined them but he was already proving to be a valuable member in more ways than one. He was strong, there was no denying that. He could beat Demyx and his water forms with ease. He could even give Axel a run for his money, but there was more than that. Even Marluxia, who Axel swore was half retarded, had noticed a change in Axel's behavior since Roxas showed up.

Before, Axel had been terrible. He had flown into fits of rage, burning everything around him. Now he was more calm, rarely losing control. There were instances when Roxas would leave that Axel would slip back into his old ways, but they ended as soon as Roxas returned.

"Are you enjoying the fight?" Xemnas asked, startling Axel, who had not known that the Nobody was behind him.

"Yeah, I always like watching Demyx get beat on," He said, turning to look at his superior, "It's relaxing."

"It wouldn't have anything to do with who is fighting, would it?" Xemnas asked, examining Axel's face and body closely only to be disappointed when the pyro simply shrugged.

The fight, as well as the conversation between the pair, ended abruptly as one of Demyx's sitar strings snapped, thus making him unable to fight. Roxas didn't say anything, he just turned and walked away, going up the stairs to meet up with Axel. Xemnas watched them walk off to unknown parts.

"Demyx!" the superior barked without looking at the defeated nobody, "If that had been an actual battle you would be dead by now. Fix the problem and don't let it happen again."

"Yes sir," Demyx said quietly, hurrying out of the spar room.

In another part of the castle, Axel and Roxas wandered through the halls on their way to their favorite spot, the highest balcony looking out of The World That Never Was. As they walked, Axel kept thinking about what Xemnas had said. It was not unusual for their superior not to make sense, but this one was more strange than usual.

"What's wrong?" Roxas asked as they reached their normal spot.

"Its just something that Xemnas said, nothing important." Axel muttered, leaning out over the railing to look at the city. "So, we should have the rest of the day off. What do you feel like doing?"

"There isn't much that we are allowed to do, remember? We were confined to the castle." Roxas groaned, taking a seat on the edge of the balcony with his legs dangling over the side.

"Oh yeah," Axel smiled some, remembering what they had done. It was an accident, but it was still fun. He hadn't seen Marluxia that mad since they had singed his favorite plant. That, unfortunately, had not been an accident and the pink haired nobody never fully forgave him.

"How about we just stay here for a while." Roxas yawned, leaning on Axel's leg.

"Okay," Axel agreed softly, lowering himself down so that he was sitting as well. Roxas shifted positions, resting his head on Axel's shoulder. If it had been anyone else, the pyro would have burnt them beyond recognition, but this was not anyone else, it was Roxas.

They stayed like that for some time, watching the heart shaped moon rise up over the horizon. It was not the first time that they had watched the moon come up together, but it was the first time that Roxas had leaned on him like that. Somehow, it felt right. He never wanted it to end.

"Hey, Roxas," Axel said after a while, feeling as though there was something he needed to say. "Roxas?"

Axel turned and looked down at the Nobody next to him. His blue eyes, the color of the ocean on a sunny day, were closed. He had fallen asleep on him. He laughed a little, smoothing some of Roxa's hair down. It was so comforting, but he couldn't explain it.

"Roxas," He whispered, shaking his shoulder, "You have to wake up."

Roxas muttered something and snuggled in closer to Axel's warm body. The pyro sighed and put his arms around the smaller Nobody. He had forgotten that when Roxas fell asleep you had a better chance of waking the dead than waking him. He might as well get comfortable because he was spending the night outside. Leaning back, he positioned Roxas's head over where his heart should have been. He could carry Roxas if he needed to, but it was a nice night and the moon was beautiful.

By the time he fell asleep, Axel had forgotten everything that happened that day, save for how good Roxas felt leaning against him. Everything else just didn't matter.

The next morning the bright sun seemed to rise early, making it impossible for Axel to stay asleep. He wondered how he had gotten out here and just what this weight was on his chest. Slowly, the previous night's events played through his head.

"Roxas, get your ass up! Its breakfast time and I'm hungry!" Axel shook Roxas's shoulder as hard as he dared.

"What happened?" Roxas asked, the world coming into focus, "Why am I outside?"

"Because you fell asleep on my shoulder, now lets go get food." He grumbled.

As Axel tried to move he realized that sleeping on a cold marble floor was not good for you back. Everything ached as he got up, making him jealous of Roxas. He had the luxury of having a warm, comfortable, living pillow. The younger Nobody was in absolutely no pain at all. It made him want to hit him, but he didn't say a word as Roxas offered to help him up.

"Look who is here," Saix said as the pair walked into the dining room and taking their places at the table.

"Can it, freak." Axel hissed. Everyone knew that you didn't mess with Axel in the morning, but Saix had never been one to catch on too quickly and still taunted him.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up." Marluxia smiled evilly, "Xemnas said that you have to help repair the damage you caused."

"Go fuck yourself with a rose or something, I have better things to do than play in the dirt."

"He said that you have to." Marluxia shouted, grabbing at a plate of eggs that was getting passed around.

"He can go fuck himself too then!" Axel growled, pouring himself something to drink, "Besides, do you really want me anywhere near that garden of yours?"

"If you hurt one leaf, you are stuck doing all of the dirty work for a month, superior's orders."

"Screw this!" Axel shouted, throwing his hands in the air and standing up from the table. All he wanted to do was eat, but the morons around him wouldn't even let him do that without making a scene.

Roxas just sighed and picked up two plates, piling each one with food before leaving. This was not the first time that Axel had stormed out from breakfast and there was a good chance that it wouldn't be the last.

"It was a fucking accident for once!" Axel yelled as soon as he saw Roxas. "I didn't mean to burn the damn plant, I was aiming at Zaldin's head and he moved! I just get so tired of this shit sometimes."

"I know, I know." Roxas said softly, handing the food to his friend.

They ate together, as they had done so many times before, unaware that they were being watched.

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