Prisoner- Chapter 61

I went and picked up our breakfast from a grocery store that was in a reasonably close distance. Fang came with me, since we have that unspoken rule of never go anywhere alone and when we returned back to the house Iggy and the Gasman was in the kitchen waiting for us at the table.

"Good news, Ig." I said with a smile as I entered the kitchen. "You don't have to cook."

A smile formed on his lips.

"That is good news." He replied.

"I'll go wake Angel and Nudge." I said looking over at Fang.

He gave me a small nod then passed out breakfast.

I walked in their room and they were still out cold, they could really sleep.

"Angel, Nudge, it's time to take on another day." I said from the doorway.

I saw their two forms squirm underneath the covers then slowly lever themselves into a sitting position and look at me.

"We got breakfast waiting."

Nudge's eyes widened as she threw the covers away from herself and made her way past me into the kitchen. Angel was a little less enthusiastic, but she stopped in the doorway in front of me to wrap her arms around my waist then go into the kitchen.

After we finished eating the flock wanted to go swimming in the nearby lake, so we all made our way down to the lake together. Fang and I were the only ones not to get in and just watched as the other four played tag. I had to breathe deep every time Angel stayed underwater for an extended period of time and work up all my willpower not to run into the lake and start searching for her in a panic.

Angel had been underwater for about ten minutes and suddenly popped up. I unconsciously let out a breath I'd been holding and I immediately knew Fang had noticed.

"That worry you?"


"Angel's power, it worries you doesn't it?"

"I'm just not used to it yet." I said looking over at him.

He nodded.

"Just try to relax." He said laying his hand on top of mine.

"I'll work on it." I said with a small smile.

I turned back to look straight ahead at the flock smiling and laughing in the water.

I noticed Gazzy looked liked he was doing better. He stayed more in the shallow parts though which I was thankful for. He was moving around with little trouble and looked like he might be fully recovered in a couple days, maybe sooner.

"Max, you wanna play with us?" Nudge called from the water.

"Maybe some other time."

I saw her shrug then turn around dive away from Angel who was trying to tag her.

I took off my sweater and balled it together laying it on the ground behind me to use as a pillow. I laid back then closed my eyes taking in a calm soothing breath.

It was nice and warm outside, probably somewhere around seventy degrees. I could feel the sun tanning my pale skin with its warm beams and then a soft breeze floated across my body.

I could feel someone watching me, but it was just Fang. I didn't even have to open my eyes to know who it was.

"Mm… it feels nice out." I said keeping my eyes closed.


"I love this… taking breaks away from running." I said opening my eyes to meet his dark ones. I saw understanding in them and agreement.

"It's refreshing." I added sitting up.

He smiled at me brighter than the sun itself and I had to look away to hide my reddened cheeks. He brought my face back to look at him and placed a kiss on my cheek.

"I thought we said we didn't want the flock to know about us." I whispered with a smile as I stole a quick glance at the flock making sure they hadn't seen.

"We did." He said nodding his head and looking over at the flock. "They didn't notice."

"They could have." I said shaking my head as my smile grew bigger.

"Max, please come in!" Angel yelled to me.

I turned to see her standing in the knee deep portion of the water.

"Alright, but only for awhile." I said standing up and walking over to the water.

"Fang?" Angel asked giving him the Bambi eyes.

He was a goner.

"Okay." I heard him say.

"Yay!" Angel yelled splashing in behind me and Fang.

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