Quick Foreword! Malik is the Yami that Marik created from hate, Bakura is the Yami of Ryou's from the Sennen Ring and they have their own bodies. Just clearing that up now... And yeah, Bakura seems a little on the 'obeying' side of things in this. I don't know why. Disclaimer: I dont own nor claim to own any of YuGiOh.

"Don't touch me, you stupid fag," Malik growled at Bakura as he gave him a light shove.

Bakura grinned mischievously,

"Since when do you not like me touching you?" Malik simply kept walking, his hands deep in his pockets. Bakura put his hands behind his head and continued grinning, feeling good.

"Answer my question, dip-shit," he said with a laugh. He reached over and pulled on Maliks' bangs. Annoyed and angered, Malik stopped in his tracks, whipping around to grab a hold of Bakuras' wrist. He pulled him in within an inch of his face. Bakuras' grin faltered.

"I said, don't touch ME," he repeated in a deadly calm tone. For a moment, he held onto Bakuras' wrist looking into his grey eyes, making sure that Bakura understood. Bakura glared back, but then with a tug, he pulled away from Malik and laughed, standing with one hand on his hip.

"What are you going to do if I don't?" he said, raising his gaze to Malik, who rolled his eyes. "You gonna send me to the Shadow Realm? Because you KNOW I like it there…" he said proactively, stepping toward Malik again. With a level gaze, Malik brushed Bakura aside and kept walking.

Bakura frowned as he watched Maliks' retreating back. He and Malik had a casual friendship that only Bakura would ever admit to. Malik insisted that he wasn't capable of making friends, and he told Bakura that every time he mentioned it. It seemed to make sense that the two crazy spirits would hang around together. They raised hell together all the time, enjoying the misery and pain of the people they tortured. Yet Bakura still couldn't understand why Malik refused to see him as anything more then 'the spirit of the ring'.

Pushing himself into a light jog, Bakura quickly caught up with Malik. He watched his feet and soon found himself walking step for step with him.

Malik still refused to say a word and suddenly changed directions, heading down a random side alley. Bakura stuck tight on his trail, almost stepping on Malik's heals.

"Where are you going?" Bakura asked casually, hoping that Malik wouldn't notice that he didn't know where they were anymore. But Malik DID notice. For the first time that night, a tiny smirk formed on his face. He shot a glance at Bakura who was watching the sky as they walked with his hands back behind his head.

"What the fuck Malik, did you lose your ability to SPEAK!" Bakura demanded suddenly, dropping his hands and stopping.

"Relax," Malik said over his shoulder. His grin widened. Bakura, rather miffed by the fact that he had to follow Malik into unfamiliar territory, lowered his head and did as he was told. He walked as close to Malik as possible without touching him and continued to throw the streets nasty glances. His gaze shot forward as a soft pulsing sound reached his ears.

"What the hell… Malik, seriously, were the fuck are we going?" he growled. Malik was silent, but he was still grinning. With a grace that most would not expect from him, Malik slung an slender arm over Bakuras' shoulders, pulling him right into him.

"I said, relax. I'm taking you to Heaven," he whispered, again barely an inch from Bakuras' face. Bakura looked at him with eyes wide.

"Are you craz-," Bakura began but Malik put him finger over Bakuras' mouth. Malik had a rather high look in his eye, and his grin was infectious. Bakura grinned back hesitantly and let Malik walk him arm in arm down towards the pulsing sound. Soon the pulsing sound developed into a steady beat and Bakura saw people scattered about the alley. Most were giggling senselessly, rolling on the ground or shaking in place. They each had on weird garb, some wearing knee pads and helmets, all wearing something glowing. An alien-esk green and red light danced crazily from around a corner the joined with another alley. Bakura jumped as a hand suddenly grabbed his ankle.

"Duuuuuuuude! YOUR HAIR IS WHIIIIIITE!" a teen age boy with purple hair was kneeling on the ground in front of Bakura who tried to pull away without much success. Malik, still holding Bakuras' arm rounded on the boy and kicked him in the ribs. The boy laughed hysterically and rolled onto his back, his feet in the air. Bakura gave Malik a nervous glance.

"He can't feel it. He's on E," Malik assured Bakura who then led him on. As they rounded the corner, the pulsing music became incredibly loud and Bakura stopped. The smell of alcohol and sweat hung thick in the air. There was a huge crowd of people dancing out in front of what looked like a club. They were all yelling and laughing like idiots. People were passed out or struggling to get upright as others pointed and laughed.

Bakura was livid with disgust.

"What the fuck IS this Malik?" he yelled, yanking his arm away. Malik continued to smile and looked at the club with a spark in his eye.

"You asked me where we were going, and I took you there, and now your gonna be a chicken shit and LEAVE?" Malik simpered, reaching out for Bakuras' hand.

Bakura stood motionless and Malik slipped his fingers into Bakuras', pushing his body against his. Malik took Bakuras' chin between his other hand and tilted his head back. Absolutely paralyzed, Bakura stood rigid. Malik licked from Bakuras' collar bone, up his neck to his ear. Bakura closed his eyes, waiting for more. Then he was free, jostled as Malik let him go.

"Oh no, your leaving, remember?" Malik said, a grin still playing on his lips. Bakura shook his head, his hair fluttering back in place. His eyes half opened, he stared at Malik with longing.

"I'll stay," he managed to say lowly.

"Wonderful," Malik said, hooking his fingers in Bakuras' belt loops, pulling him toward the club. Bakura simply followed.

The two easily pushed their way through the crowd, entering the club through restaurant style swinging doors bearing the word "Heaven". Malik turned away from Bakura and gestured grandly to the interior of the club. Crazy rave techno blasted and strobe lights danced insanely. Four girls in mini skirts and long sleeve spandex turtleneck shirts suddenly ran up to the two, and began to cover the two in various forms of glow sticks. They chanted gaily 'make them one! make them one!' as they did. Long glow sticks now hung from both of the spirits belts and round ones swung from their necks and wrists. One of the higher of the four girls slung a belt of small glow rings around Bakuras' waist.

"Your one! Your one your one your one you one!" she cried happily and she pushed Bakura while another girl pushed Malik into one another.

Bakura was laughing so hard he could hardly breath; it was like he was high just from being in the fuckin' place. Looking over his shoulder, he felt Malik being pushed against him and as he turned to face him his nose brushed Maliks'. He stopped laughing and locked eyes with him.

"What?" he questioned with mock anger. "I thought you didn't like to be touched."

"Well, I could make an exception," Malik said, cocking his head and gently pulling on a lock of Bakuras' hair.

He suddenly pulled it hard and led Bakura towards the dance floor, were it was hotter then hell.

"What the- hey, you fucktard let go!" Bakura yelled taking Maliks' wrist, trying to get him to let go. Yet Malik did not let go but pulled Bakura all the way to the middle of the dance floor. He spun to face Bakura and paused, looking at him. Bakura had always had sex appeal, anyone could see that, and Malik just so happened to take interest in it. He wasn't ashamed to admit that Bakura indeed made his pants tighter. And looking at him now made him grin.

Bakuras' white hair was aglow with sorts of crazy colors, and his pale skin shown green with the light of his necklace glowrings. His normally grey eyes were bright with anticipation and curiosity. His white shirt was half way tucked into his tight black jeans.

"What the hell are you looking at? You look like a moron!" Bakura yelled. Suddenly, a raver crashed into him and he tipped wildly. Malik easily caught him and hauled him to his feet.

"AH! You asshole!" Bakura yelled trying to get at the raver. Yet it was no use, for everyone was too close together for him to chase the raver down. Plus, they all looked the same.

"You should get used to that, it happens a lot…" Malik said, pulling Bakura into him by his waist. Bakuras' eyes went wide and he leaned forward as if to pull away. But Malik did not let go, and he pushed his hips forward. Bakura jerked upright, a breath slipping through his teeth hard.

"You don't like the fact that your not in control, do you? Your used to your little hikari, bowing his head and doing what you bid, aren't you?" Malik whispered. He didn't wait for an answer but instead pulled Bakura into a swinging motion like the rest of the ravers around them.

"Rave with me, bitch," he demanded with a smirk. Bakura finally reacted and pushed back against Malik, choosing to ignore his latter statement.

"Who are you calling a bitch?" he asked over his shoulder, as he felt Maliks' hands begin to wander. Malik smiled wickedly and licked Bakuras' neck. He slipped his hands around his waist and slowly progressed down, until he felt his fingers touching Bakuras' belt buckle.

The music suddenly hit a new beat, faster then the one before it and all the ravers began to hop. It was incredibly hot and both Malik and Bakura were sweating. Bakura, new to the raver experience was easily caught in the hype of the place and its people. He was on a high alright, and in every sense of the word. On the second floor, six mindless whores were burning reefa in mass quantities, killing more brain cells. The smoke drifted down to the floor below and every time Bakura breathed, the higher he became.

He felt Maliks' hands slip under his shirt and he felt his belt buckle come undone, but he did nothing to stop it. He smiled into the pleasure, feeling the sweat slide off his nose. Malik on the other hand, was used to this club, for he had come here many times before, and reefa had little effect on him. He actually didn't like it that much. The smell turned him off of it. So he was much more aware then Bakura, and he took advantage of it.

His hand slid far up under Bakuras' shirt, feeling ever inch that he could. Grinning, he pulled the zipper of Bakuras' pants all the way down and stuck his hand in. Bakura let out a bark of laughter and threw his head back, resting it on Maliks' shoulder.

"Do it," Bakura whispered over the noise. The lights turned into long solid streaks of color in the air and Bakura watched them of he relished in Maliks' touch. He wasn't used to the attention… Malik had been right about that. He usually used Ryou as his toy, never intending or expecting anything in return unless he forced it out of him.

Malik pushed his hand down farther and Bakura looked down, his mouth open, watching Maliks movements. Seeing this, Malik slid his hand out of Bakuras' shirt and brought it to his mouth. Bakura pulled his head away at first, staring hard at Maliks' fingers. But Malik knew what he was doing and gently ran his finger tips over Bakuras' lips. Bakura shut his eyes, mouth slightly parted. Without warning, Malik stuck his pointer and middle finger into Bakuras' mouth, enjoying the way they slid over Bakuras' tongue.

"Suck," Malik commanded, pushing down on Bakuras' tongue. At first he was extremely reluctant, almost choking on Maliks' long fingers. But suddenly he found it as pleasing as Malik did… He sucked on them until Malik pulled them away slowly, letting saliva drip off the ends. A small moan escaped from Bakuras' throat, as he watched Malik put the same fingers into his own mouth.

"Better then I thought," Malik commented as he tilted Bakuras' head back.

"What the hell, to scared to go right for it?" Bakura said in a dazed tone with a grin.

"If I didn't think you'd bite me, then I would," Malik hissed, jerking his hand in Bakuras' pants. He jumped in pain, but Malik held him fast.

"Shit, what was that for!" Bakura asked angrily, trying to spin around to face Malik.

Malik let him go and Bakura quickly snatched the waist of his pants to keep them from sliding off. He blushed furiously and sent Malik an icy glare. Malik laughed hysterically and clutched at his side. Bakura blinked sweat out of his eyes and with a growl leapt at Malik landing purposefully hard on top of him. Maliks' eyes went wide and he arched his back, trying to breath, for the fall knocked the wind out of him.

"Don't fuck with me," Bakura said, watching as Malik sucked in a breath. An unintentional tear rolled down his face. Fury beyond all recognition flared in him and without to much effort he flung Bakura to the floor and straddled over him. Bakura hardly had time to bat an eyelash before he found himself pinned painfully to the ground. His senses were returning to him; it was funny how sobering Malik could be.

"I WANT to fuck with you," Malik said, his fury easing as he found himself in control again. He leaned over Bakura, holding his wrists to the floor, unaware that any one of the ravers around them could step on them, or trip over them.

Bakura struggled to get up, pulling and pushing as hard as he could. But it was no use and with an angry growl he simply lay back on the floor, refusing to make eye contact with Malik. Malik watched with extreme content as his former enemy submitted to him. There simply was no better feeling to him. Or was there?

"Don't give me that bullshit, you pretentious asshole. You just don't like being on the bottom," Malik said, trying to engage Bakura again. Bakura snapped his gaze to Malik.

"What! Who said anything about sex?" Bakura yelled, a hint of nerves edging in to his voice.

"No one. Relax," Malik whispered wickedly. Without warning, which is how he liked to do things, he pressed him mouth to Bakuras', just to see if he WOULD bite. Bakuras' eyes went wide for a moment and he seriously considered biting back, but Malik was very good with his tongue and didn't give Bakura a chance to.

He pulled away suddenly and stood, leaving Bakura looking like an idiot laying on the floor. Bakura looked at him with a confused look. He wanted more, but Malik kept pulling away, playing with him.

"Why-" Bakura began

"I'm not supposed to fuck with you, remember?" Malik said, putting his hands in his pockets, concealing a smirk. He had Bakura following his plan perfectly. Bakura stood shakily and grabbed Malik by the front of the shirt, pulling him back into a kiss. Malik smirked and wrapped his arms around Bakura, running his hands through his hair.

"That's what I thought," he said cockily, as he broke the kiss. Bakura stared, unsure of what he was doing.

"How is this happening?" he asked, slightly angered.

"Relax," Malik said, taking Bakuras' arm and leading him through the crowd.

"If you tell me to relax one more Goddamn time, I'm gonna-" Bakura attempted to finish his sentence, but he couldn't think of a good punishment. Malik chuckled, shaking his head. Bakura tripped over the leg of someone lying on the floor and grabbed Malik for support.

"Gods, can we get out of here?" he asked angrily, kicking the foot away.

"That's what I was planning," Malik said, refusing to let go of Bakura as he lead him on. Bakura put up little fight, rather interested in what Malik had planned. Malik whisked him to a flight of stairs that lead down. Bakura faltered.

"I thought you said-" Bakura began as Malik pulled him down the stairs.

"For the last fuckin' time, relax," Malik said amusedly. Bakura shot him a black glare. "Stop with the looks" Malik added. Bakura sighed.

Malik picked up the pace and found the room he was looking for, even in the darkness of the basement hallway. He ripped open the door, scanning the dim room for others. It was empty and the counter along the left wall was surprisingly clean.

"Perfect…" Malik whispered, rounding on Bakura, who was still looking around the hall.

"Where are we?" he muttered.

"Oh, no where," Malik said and he pulled Bakura into the room and with a swift motion shut the door and clicked the lock shut. Bakura was still catching his balance as Malik pushed him against the counter. He locked lips with him and this time, he held nothing back. He unbuckled Bakuras' pants again and let them fall to the floor, Bakura balked and tried to grab for them, but he was caught in a deep kiss and Malik held his hands motionless. Bakura refused to go down without a fight and he pushed his own tongue into Maliks' mouth, vying for control. Malik, slightly annoyed by this, suddenly picked Bakura up and sat him on the counter, letting go of his wrists and climbing up over him. He quickly undid his own pants and continued to keep Bakura in place with their tongue battle.


He broke it off leaving Bakura panting as he ran his tongue over his neck and chest, listening to the soft moans coming from him. Bakura thrust his head back, arching his back. Malik took it as a sign of surrender and took Bakura into his mouth. Bakura chocked back a moan and looked down, watching Malik move up and down.

It was different then any time Ryou had done it, and for some reason, it was so much better. His eyes went hazy and his mouth hung open as Malik brought him to the edge or an orgasm. Bakura lay back, waiting, feeling his body tense. But his eyes shot open as Malik stopped and pulled himself back over him.

"Wha…?" Bakura tried to say.

"What nothing. This is gonna be good for me too, you self centered bitch," Malik growled, biting Bakura's ear. Bakura jerked in response, becoming still as he felt Malik run his hand along the underside of his leg. Malik locked his hand under Bakuras' knee and pushed, bending it until it would go no further. He waited for a response and when he got none, he did the same with Bakuras' other leg. Bakura, who didn't quite understand where this had been going, suddenly got the picture.

"Oh HELL no!" he yelled trying to scramble up. But Malik locked his lips with Bakura and thrust as hard as he could into him. Bakura gasped.

"Fuck…" he whispered as Malik pulled from the kiss, locking his eyes with Bakuras'. Bakura looked back with eyes half open, panting. His hair fell into his eyes and he had never felt so helpless. Malik grinned and rested his forehead against Bakuras', continuing his gyrations. He let go of one of Bakuras' legs and took his cock in his hand, enjoying the moans from Bakura. He rubbed the tip in slow circles, coinciding with his thrusts.

"Malik…" Bakura groaned. Malik couldn't help but smile. This was better then anything he had ever done. Weird, but true. Better then beating on others, better then killing the Pharaoh, better then sex with his own hikari.

Bakura suddenly grabbed Maliks wrist, the one massaging his dick, and tried to stop it. But Malik simply grinned wider; he knew what that meant. Bakura tightened his grasp and looked into Maliks' eyes.

"Say my name," Malik whispered, pushing harder. Bakuras' eyes fluttered shut and he grit his teeth.

"No," he said shakily.

"Say it," Malik insisted. Bakura shuddered, tipping his head back. Bakuras' hand moved to Maliks' hair and he pulled hard, his hips bucking forward as he came into Maliks' hand.

"Say it!" Malik commanded, jerking on Bakura hard.

Bakura stifled a cry and said,"Never"

Malik gritted his teeth and growled, "Fine". So he took his two fingers and forced them into Bakuras' mouth, making him lick them clean. He watched with intense satisfaction as Bakura chocked on his own come.

"Taste good?" Malik whispered as he examined his fingers. He glanced at Bakura who lay panting with his eyes shut. Malik smirked contentedly as slipped out of Bakura and lowered himself gently to the floor. He yanked Bakura into a sitting position and stared at him. Bakura looked at Malik with a fuzzy expression.

Bakura simply sighed and dropped his head.

"Cheer up, I'll give you top next time," Malik said, lifting Bakuras' face to his own.

"I didn't say anything," Bakura whispered, smacking away Maliks' hand. He locked his legs around Maliks back and kicked off his shoes. He then pushed back on the counter and lay there. Malik looked at him confusedly.

"What are you doing?" he asked, watching as Bakura made himself comfortable on the counter.

"Sleeping. What, you think I'm walkin' home now?" Bakura said, turning on his stomach, his hands under his head.

"Your gonna sleep THERE?" Malik asked, as he climbed on the counter himself.

"Yeah. Relax, you stiff," Bakura smirked. Malik lay down beside him on his back, putting his left arm behind his head.

"Whatever you say my friend," Malik said off handedly. Bakuras' eyes shot open.

"Did you just call me…?" He began. Malik opened an eye and looked at him.

"No," he said with a smile.

"Dipshit," Bakura growled, shoving Malik lightly.

"Hey, don't touch me, you stupid fag," Malik said with a laugh. Bakura rolled his eyes.