Hey folks, this was something I though of while I was stuck in the car for hours. I wasn't planning on continuing any further, but now that I'm looking at it, it might be fun to keep it going. This probably won't be a very long story, only about five chapters... anyway, enjoy! Please R&R!


Hawkeye looked up from his plate and surveyed the large room. Men and women danced around the room, all dressed in their finest clothes. He glanced towards the table in the back, wondering when the food would be ready. He had always hated these balls. A gathering of pompous penguins, he always called it. He sighed; well it was for the children. Hawkeye was now the chief resident Doctor at an all-children's hospital in Augusta, Maine. He had helped organize this event so they could raise money for a new wing.

"Dr. Pierce, Jeremy Wellings is here." Hawkeye's secretary, Molly, whispered into his ear. Hawkeye nodded and reluctantly stood up. Jeremy Wellings was one of the main supporters of the hospital. He always donated several thousand dollars. Despite his generosity however, Hawkeye despised the man. His only interest was in money and his social standing; he was the most pompous, self-absorbed, fool he had ever laid eyes on.

As Hawkeye made his way through the dancing couples, he spotted Jeremy at the door, his pretty, blonde date hanging on his arm.

"Mr. Welling," Hawkeye greeted. Jeremy turned and extended his hand but Hawkeye froze. His eyes were glued on Jeremy's date.

"Dr. Pierce, is something wrong?" Hawkeye snapped back into attention and smiled. "Of course not," he said smoothly, shaking the man's hand, although he was cringing inwardly.

"Ben this is my fiancée, Margaret Houlihan." He said indicating the woman on his arm. Hawkeye smiled sadly and shook her hand, noticing a large diamond ring on her left hand. Margaret smiled back cattily, her eyes refusing to acknowledge their previous friendship.

"Well congratulations Jeremy, and you too Miss Houlihan." The couple nodded and Margaret began to drag Jeremy towards the dance floor.

"Dance with me Jerry," he heard her laugh gaily. Hawkeye cringed at the sound, it wasn't her real laughter he heard, it was the laugh he had heard all too often when General's had come to visit. He surveyed her as she danced in amazement. She was wearing a sleek, black dress that was cut so ridiculously low that it hardly left any room for the imagination. Her hair was curled and piled high on top of her head, a diamond necklace hugging her neck.

"Old habits die hard, Hot Lips." He mumbled quietly. "They certainly do die hard."