House MD/Psych cross over fanfic. light slash. House/ Wilson. Whe doctors start going missing, House hires Shawn to solve the case.

Cat and Mouse

Chapter 1: Hiring the Psychic

"I can't beleive this Greg, we're actually going to see a psychic." Wilson complained to his friend.

"I don't see why not." House said.

"We have compleatly different beleifs. They use 'the spirit world' and we use actual logic"

"But I hear the guy's good. One superb detective, a top notch guy."

"Why don't we just call the police?"

"I dont want everyone to start panicing. For all we know he could have just gone on a little vacation."

"Without telling anyone or cleaning out his office? Unlike you House, he cares about his patients. Besides he's not the only one to disappear from our hospital. People are starting to get a little antsy."

"Including you? Come on, you're scared, admit it. I won't tell a soul."

"If you must know, I sort of am. I mean, anyone could be next. That includes you."

"As desirable as I am, I don't think that will happen."

"You're one of the top doctors in the world and you don't think that you'll be targeted?"

"It's not that I won't be targeted, it's that I'll be difficult to get ahold of. My charming personality helps too. Oh look, here it is." House said walking up to a building with the word 'Psych' written on the window.

"Psych? They're not even trying to hide the fact that they're fakes"


"Hey Gus, do you want to go with me to the hospital in a little bit?" Shawn asked.

"Why are you going to the hospital?" Gus asked.

"I found this weird rash on my--"

"I don't want to hear this."

"My chest Gus. Geez, what were you thinking, you pervert" Shawn took a large gulp of his slushy and got an instant brainfreeze.

"You really shouldn't drink those things so fast." House said from the doorway. "They tend to hurt."

"Right, and you are?" Shawn asked.

"You're a psychic, don't you know already?" Wilson asked.

"Your negitive aura is blocking my signals." Shawn replied.

"Forgive my friend here, he was dropped on his head as a child." House said jokingly. "I'm Gregory House, and he is James Wilson.. We know that you are a fake but you have a good reputation as a detective. The question is, are you as good as they say?"

"Listen to these guys Gus, they come to a psychic and don't beleive that he's a psychic. I swear, doctors are all the same." Shawn said with a sarcastic tone and Gus nodded.

"How'd you know that we are doctors?" Wilson asked.

"You may not beleive this," Shawn said in a hushed voice. "but I'm a psychic." Wilson rolled his eyes and glanced over at House, whom gave an amused smile.

"Are you a psychic too?" WIlson asked Gus with a sarcastic tone.

"No." Shawn answered for him. "Gus is more like my little lap dog. Very dependable and he cleans up afer himself. And he buisies himself by doing paperwork." Gus elbowed Shawn. "Oh Gus, you know I was kidding. He only dose the paper work when I don't"

"Unfortunatly that's always." Gus said under his breath

"That's interesting and everything, but can you prove that you're a psychic?" House asked. "Oh, read me, tell me about myself."

"Alright, fine." Shawn closed his eyes and started to remember everything that House did since he got here. He held his hands out in front of him, and started shaking them. "I've got something, wait a minute... You're a sociopath."

Wilson started laughing, then stoped when he noticed everyone was looking at him. "Sorry. Please continue."

"I wouldn't laugh if i were you. You've been divoriced, more than once." That shut wilson up. "Back to you Greg, I can call you Greg right?" House nodded. "Your leg has been like that for four years which has caused you to become addicted to a drug. Not just any drug, I'm sencing pain killers. Morphein? No, way too strong. Pills, white pills. I'm getting a V. Vin. Vah. Vicodin."

"That's genious, you're hired." House said.

"You're hiring him because he told you he's an addict?" Wilson asked in disbeleif.

"No, I'm hiring him because he was right." House said pulling out a bottle of vicodin and swallowing a couple of pills.

"So, what exactially is this case?" Shawn asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"My little lap dog ran away." House replied.

"Greg." Wilson said sternly. "What he means is that his collige Dr. Eric Foreman and two other doctors have turnned up missing."

Shawn looked down at his watch nervously. "I'm sorry to have to cut the fun short, but I have somewhere to be in a few minutes. Could we just talk again later?" Shawn looked a little fidgity and scratched his chest

"Right. We've got to be getting back anyway before Cuddy gets on to us about cutting clinic duity." Wilson said.

As House and Wilson started to leave, Shawn stopped them. "Wait a minute, I'm picking something up. You two are sleeping with eachother arn't you?" The two men stood speachless for a while untill House startedlaughting. Wilson smiled and shook his head incoherently as they left.

After House and Wilson were gone, Gus turnned to Shawn. "Seriously Shawn, how did you know all of that?"

"Well, I called the hospital for an apointment and was shocked to find that I have a new doctor." Shawn said pulling a peice of paper out of his pocket and giving it to Gus.

"No way! Dr. House is your doctou?"

"Yes, and the lady was nice enough to tell me a few fun facts about him."

"What about that other guy, Dr. Wilson?"

"He had a tan line around his finger meaning he is divoriced, and he looked like the playboy type."

"Then how'd you know that they were sleeping together?"

"Come on Gus, don't tell me you didn't notice. They were so having eye sex." Gus rolld his eyes, and the two of them left for the hospital