Chapter 3: Victims

As Chase drove Shawn and himself back to the hospital Shawn told Chase to stop. "Go past eleventh and Freemont street."

"Why?" Chase asked.

"Just trust me." Shawn asid. Chase sighed and drove to the location, which was swarmming with police cars. Before Shawn got out of the car he takes out an earpeice that is tooned to a police transmitter and slides it into his pocket. "Are you comming?" He asked Chase.

"Am I allowed?" Chase asked with a double take.

"Yeah, it'll be fine. Come on." Shawn walked into the tapped off area and Chase followed hesatentially. They were soon stopped by a couple of cops. One of them was Buzz McNab.

"Excuse me, be but this is off limits to -- Shawn!" McNab exclaimed as he recognized Shawn. "Sorry, I didn't recognize you with that lab coat. Who's your friend?"

"Gus is in the hospital, so Chase is here filling in for him."

"That's too bad. I hope he isn't as queezy as Gus, this one is pretty gruesome."

"Chase is used to blood, he's a doctor."

"Anyway, I'd watch out for Lassiter if I were you. Ye's very uh... stressed over this one. The victim is in the living room."

"I knew that already, but thanks for assureing my sences. By the way how long untill the wedding? I might come, if that's alrigt with you."

"It's in a few weeks. You're welcome to come, after all you did save my life."

"Don't thank me, thank the little boy cat." Shawn said. "Good luck, see you later."

"What was that all about?" Chase asked as they walked away.

"Not much, he's an aquataince of mine." Shawn answered as the two of them entered the house and went to the living room. It turns out that the victim was disemboweled.

"WHat the hell are you doing here?" Lassiter's angry voice sounded behind Shawn.

"Actually I-" Shawn started, but was cut off by Chase.

"Shit! Shawn, he's one of the missing doctors. The surgeon Leon McCallistor."

"Missing doctors?" Lassiter questioned.

"Really?" Shawn asked dismissing Lassiter compleatly. "That means he might kill the others too."

"Others? What the hell's going on? And who the hell is he?" Lasiter asked, his temper rising.

"It's nothing for you to worry about. This just so happens to tie into a case I recently received." Shawn explained. "And he is doctor Chase."

"What case are you talking about?" Lassiter asked.

"That is classified information. The case was given to me first, so don't complain about me getting in your way. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to report to my client. He'll be wanting an update."

"Just who is your client anyway?" Lassiter asked.

"Sorry, that is also classified information." Shawn called behind him as they left the house.

When they returnned to the hospital, they shared all of their information. Medical and case related.

"How interesting." House said about the surgeon. "The surgeon was disected."

"It was kind of sweet." Shawn said. "Gus would have puked at the sight of it."

"Thanks for the mental image." Gus said sarcastically.

"Anytime." Shawn said offhandedly.

"Alright, I want my minions to run tests on the goodies that were found. And I want the Psychic and his minion to go around asking nosiy little questions." House ordered. "Go on, scurry."

They all departed leaving house alone. Shawn and Gus went around asking questions such as: When did they go missing? Who was the neurologist? Where did the neurologist live? And other various questions. He got answers like: Leon McCallistor went missing six days ago. Margret Jenkins the Neurologist has been gone for four days. And Eric Foreman has been gone for only two days. Margret lived on seventh and Willow, house number 1538."

Shawn went to Margrets house, saw that she lived alone, and her security system was up. He started to leave when his cell phone rang. "Hello"


"Oh, hi Juliet."

"I have a proposition for you."

"Really? Like what?"

"Could we share information on the case?"

"I'll have to ask my client."

"Just tell me anything."

"Sorry, I can't tell."

"Could you ask you client?"

"If he agrees do you promise to share information? Would Lassiter agree to this?"

"Somehow I doubt it."

"I'll call up my client and ask for permission."

"Thank you Shawn."

"I'll be in touch."


"Bye." Shawn hung up the phone and called the hospital. "Can I speak to Gregory House?" He asked a nurse. After a while house came on.

"What have you got for me?" House asked from the other line.

"From what I can tell, there's a two day waiting period between each doctor. That means I only hve five days to find Foreman."

"You called for that?"

"Actually, one of my contacts in the police department is wanting information. And in return I'll receive my fair share. I was just wandering if you were ok with that."

"Sure I don't care what you o, as long as you bring him back, alive."

"Alright, see ya later." Shawn said and hung up again. "Come on Gus, we're going to see Juliet."

They drove up to the police department and met up with Juliet. "What have you got for me?" He asked her.

"Not much, he was very clean and presice. He left no fingerprints, and he used the victims scalple. The only real clue was the message he left." She said giving him an evidance bag with a peice of paper in it.

It read: They will go two by two untill you find me. Search well, your time runs out at midnight on the second."

"What dose it mean two by two?" Juliet asked. "There was only one victim."

"Alright, here's what I got." Shawn said. "He will kill them in two day inevals. The next victim is Margret Jenkins. She is a neurologist. Have someone constantly watch her house. She lives alone, so if you see anyone poking around, cheak them out. After her, there is Eric Foreman, also a neurologist. His clock runs out in four days. He is the one that I am hired to save, but I want to save Margret too."

"We'll call you if we find out anything else. I promise." Juliet said.

"Where's Lassiter?" Shawn asked

"He's still at the crime scean trying to find any thing we may have missed."

"Ok, I'll be seeing you." Shawn said and he and Gus left.

For the next day Shawn poked around looking for clues , not showing how worried he was. On the day the murder was supposed to happen, he searched all over town for anywhere that the murderer may be hiding, but with no avail. Once darkness fell he went to the victims house and staked out in the bushes, he had a feeling that the murderer would appear here tonight. Unfortunatly for him he had exausted himself earlier, and he fell asleep around eleven.

He was awoken by a high pitched scream and two loud thumps followed by an eerie cracking sound. He saw someone exit the house and walk onto the lawn. Shawn darted out of the bushes and ran toward the figure. The person saw Shawn running at him and ran towards the back of the house. As Shawn rounded the corner he was hit hard in the face with what hie figured was a shovel. He fell back and landed with a thud on the ground.

The man loomed over him. "Welcome Shawn Spencer, I thank you for playing my game thus far. I do hope you enjoy the next round." He said. He then chuckled and knocked Shawn out with the shovel.