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Story: Takes place a few years after Nora and George's wedding.


Derek Venturi was just an everyday teenager. He went to high school, had a brother, Edwin, a little sister, Marti, and to his dismay a step-mother, Nora and two step-sisters, Casey and Lizzie Macdonald.

One sunny morning as Derek walked home from a long day of school, he thought about his english paper assignment which was due the next day, then he thought about his thirteen year old step-sister, Lizzie. What she had said the other day lingered in his mind. He heard her exact words, "No matter what, Derek... If life suddenly becomes too much, never be angry with God." Why she said that to him, he didn't know, but it had him thinking. He really didn't know where he stood as far as religion goes. He guessed he believed that there was an all powerful beingout there somewhere.

The seventeen year old boy soon arrived infront of a fairly large two-story house. It was painted white and had a white trim. He walked into the structure he called home. Into the nicely decorated livingroom he walked in and came to realize no one was yet home. Not his father, step-mother, no one. Where was everybody? Usually they were home by the time he arrive home. This boggled his mind very much. He sighed tiredly, and felt a bit depressed as he walked up the staircase and into his small messy room. Maybe it just looked small because it was so messy.

All of a sudden he heard the front door open, then close after a moment. Then his name was called by his father, "Derek, come down here please!"

He quickly walked down into the cozy country decorated livingroom. There he saw his Nora, George, and Edwin sitting on the sofa. Casey was standing embracing Lizzie tightly, and Marti sat on Georges lap. They all seemed anxious. Uh-oh, this can't be good, he thought worriedly.

"What's wrong?" He asked concernly.

Lizzie replied, "It's me."

Derek was confused. "What?"

"I'm sick," She stated sadly.

He froze worriedly. His mind suddenly went blank.

"I have Leuchemia," Lizzie stated gazing straight into her step-brothers eyes.

Derek just stood there by the staircase, thoughts suddenly flooding his mind. No, this can't happen to Lizzie. The Lizzie I taught how to play Hockey. What's gonna happen now? He asked himself. Why is this happening to her?

"Don't worry, Der," Lizzie stated.

"Why shouldn't I?" He exclaimed indignantly.

"Because, everything's going to be okay." She replied.

He crossed his arms. "Can you guarantee that?"

"No." Lizzie sighed sadly.

Derek glanced at his black haired father, who seemed anxious as Nora was. He glanced back at Lizzie and said, "Then don't say 'everything's going to be okay'." He walked upstairs into his room and closed the door.

George stood up and said, "He's upset, I'll go talk to him."

"No, I will, George," Casey said abruptly.

Lizzie had tears in her eyes as she looked at her older sister. "I shouldn't have told him, Case."

"Oh, Liz, don't blame yourself for his reaction. I know you two have gotten close in the past years, but he'll be fine." Casey added, "I'm gonna go talk to him, okay?"

Lizzie nodded and gave her sister a brief hug before Casey walked up to Derek's room.

Derek felt scared, angry, and saddened all at the same time. Scared to lose Lizzie, angry cause he couldn't do anything to help her, and sad... He didn't want to see her suffer through all those treatments.

He was trying to be strong. his eyes welled up in tears, but he would

not let them drop down his cheeks. The tears became too much for him to hold in and they unintentionally flowed down his cheeks like a river of sorrow.

"Derek?" He suddenly heard.

Quickly, he wiped the tears from his eyes and cheeks and replied, "Come in."

His door opened and in came Casey. "Have you been crying?" She asked, even though she knew he would never admit it.

He lied, "No." He refused to let her know he shed a tear. "It's visine, my allergies are acting up again."

Casey sat beside him and gripped his hand. "Tell me what you're thinking."

"I want to help her so bad." He went on, "I wish there was something I could do."

She gently let go of his hand and just stared at him. She never knew he cared this much about Lizzie. Casey wondered if he cared about her that much also.

"I hate this, Case. I hate feeling helpless..." He looked like he was about to cry again.

She sighed and wrapped her arms around him, embracing him. "I know, Derek, I know..."

Meanwhile Lizzie and Edwin played with Marti in her room. They were having a tea party. Little Marti had taken out her good tea set for Lizzie.

As the three sat around the small round table, Edwin asked Lizzie, "Are you scared of dying?"

Marti looked at Edwin then back at Lizzie. She was still young but she knew what her brother was talking about.

"No," Lizzie said as bravely as she could. "But I don't want to leave you guys yet."

Edwin grinned and picked up his little tea cup and pretended to take a sip. "My tea is cold, Marti," he complained to his little sister.

"I'm sorry, if you two would drink it right away, it wouldn't be so cold," Marti said with a smile gracing her innocent little features.

Lizzie and Edwin laughed. The three continued to play together and although she didn't admit it, Lizzie was afraid of dying.

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