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The day had finally come... Okay, Venturi. This is it. He stood infront of the mirror, fixing his bow-tie and straighting his black coat. Casey Mcdonald was finally going to be his forever, after everything they had gone through in the past eight years. Derek Venturi had no doubts about marrying her, not after almost losing her. He knew she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

"Hey, D, it's almost time," Sam walked into the small room, followed by Edwin.

"How do I look?" Derek asked the two.

Edwin gave his brother a thumbs up and Sam told him he was looking sharp. After taking one last glance at himself in the mirror he walked out.

The ceremony soon began and Derek Venturi stood at the altar waiting anxiously for his future bride to walk down the aisle. Time seemed to have passed slowly. Come on... He thought impatiently. But then he saw her, standing there at the end of the aisle, all in white and a veil covering her beautiful features. She carried a very lovely, fragrant bouquet of flowers as she began to gradually make her way down the aisle.

Derek smiled happily as he watched her walk upto him. He felt a tear of joy roll down his cheek as George gave her away and they faced the priest, hand-in-hand. From there the ceremony went at a regular pace and they soon passed the "I do's".

Nothing could explain the feeling Derek was feeling when the priest said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife." He kissed her before the priest said, "You may now kiss the bride". Everyone witnessed it. Nora, George, Edwin, Lizzie, Marti, Sam, Emily and all of their loved ones. They all applauded as Mr. and Mrs. Derek Venturi rode off in a white limosine.

"I guess it's our turn, huh, Liz?" An older Edwin said as he put his arm around Lizzie.

She just smiled as Nora and George looked at eachother in dread.

"Here we go again," Marti stated sheepishly as she rolled her eyes.


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