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I'm so sorry that it has to be this way,

I've tried to think of what to say,

I've looked for you in the mirror, but just couldn't see,

How you thought we ought to be...

Inuyasha walks up to the clearing where he sees Kikyo waiting. Waiting for him.

Inuyasha has killed Naraku and the Shikon Jewel is now whole once again. Now he knows that he must fulfill his promise to Kikyo and go to hell with her, even though his heart belongs to another miko.

"Inuyasha? What has taken you so long?" Kikyo questions.

Inuyasha's heart stings at the memory of saying good-bye to Kagome. It shattered his heart to see her cry and beg him not to leave.

Kikyo frowns and replies, "Forget that girl Inuyasha! Remember your promise to me…"

Inuyasha looks up and his eyes connect with Kikyo's and suddenly, it hits him.

Her eyes are cold and deathly. Unlike Kagome's which are alive and warm. His heart knows what he must do.

"I can't go with you Kikyo…" Inuyasha casts his eyes down, afraid of her reaction.

"You hate me that much?" Kikyo questions.

"No! I don't hate you!" Inuyasha replies quickly.

"Well…" Kikyo whispers.

"I love…Kagome…I'm sorry Kikyo…" Inuyasha replies as he leaves Kikyo to herself and her loneliness like she has done to him countless times before.

I've dug deep down,

But the love can't be found,

Loving me won't do you any good,

Cause I can't love back,

You've misunderstood…

Kagome is sitting on the edge of the well, trying to push herself in.

But she can't, because she knows that if she does…it is all over. She can never come back. And that brings more tears to her troubled eyes.

Her grip on the wood tightens as she remembers Inuyasha leaving to go with Kikyo…his love.

"Kagome?" A voice says softly from behind.

She slowly turns her head and is surprised to find Inuyasha looking right at her.

His eyes are filled with so many emotions. Pain and sadness, but not only that, but love, passion, and dare she say it….desire.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha asks again. "I need you…I need you to fix me…"

I've looked for you at night,

Dreaming endless dreams,

Fighting endless fights,

But it isn't what is seems,

I'm broken and need to be fixed,

And you are the one to heal…

"What? What about Kikyo?" Kagome asks as she stands shakily.

Inuyasha takes a step toward her and replies, "I didn't go…"

"But…I don't understand…" Kagome says unsurely, thinking that this is all just a dream that she will wake up from in any second.

"I…I love you," Inuyasha stutters. "And I'm sorry I hurt you for so long…"

I'm so sorry you thought wrong,

I know you've waited for so long,

Please understand me,

Please don't leave…

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asks.

Suddenly, Inuyasha sweeps Kagome into his arms and embraces her tightly, never wanting to let go.

"I love you…" He says again.

"I love you too…" Kagome whispers into his chest as tears of joy trickle down her face.

I've dug deep down,

The love can be found,

Loving me won't do you any good,

Cause I'm not worth it,

You've misunderstood…

The End

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